Environment and Imprints

Discovering how last weeks newsletter had been written is what has spurred the subject for this week: Environment and Imprints.

A few days after publishing last weeks newsletter, the article was reviewed and questions began mounting in my mind, “How did this happen that it was written in this way?” and “Who wrote this article???” The article did not sound familiar to me, at all. This caused me to reflect on last weeks activities, which brought back memories of a visit to a busy, nearby coffee shop and the experiences that were had while sitting and writing the article on the “G”. 

Immediately upon reviewing the article, efforts were applied in editing, revising and cleaning it up so that it flowed comprehensibly and presented exactly what was meant to be stated, in a graceful way.  Customarily, it takes several days for me to write an article. However, this last article was written in a busy, public environment, under four hours and with not enough time to refine the delivery. It was apparent to me that the article was written with a variety of aura’s influencing the process. 

Several times, during that day at the coffee shop, a change in seats and a move from table to table, to outside and then back inside was the experience of the environment while attempting to write. It was an environment filled with people and lots of distractions.

The Experiment

A few months ago a decision was made to enter into a radical experiment: this experiment is focused on staying in constant movement, visiting different environments, experiencing different people and gaining understanding in how to hold the integrity of my own aura. After all, life is designed to be in constant movement and change. In that space, one can naturally align in a beautiful way, if they are clear and in a state of wonder and surrender, which naturally fosters unending bliss. This is my goal.

The experience with last weeks newsletter is a quintessential example of what can happen when we mix our aura in environments with other living bodies: we become something very different than our core nature and express according to who is in the environment adding to the chemistry of “we”, which proves why cognition is critical for quality of life. Cognition means how our senses perceive and ultimately create our reality through decision-making, proving that purification and spiritual edification for refining the nature of our being is essential in gaining the best that life has to offer in experiences, companions and environment. 

An ever-changing experience with people, places, pets and food demonstrates how much we are impacted by the company of others and the environment. This is one the reasons why Indian sadhus leave for the Himalayans and avoid mixing with the public. The human aura is like a sponge and constantly changing in accordance to who is near and most of the time, it has an undercurrent of unpleasant influences. The core of the individual remains, no matter what, however, the environment provides the “outfit”, you could say, for the moment where one is residing.

Beginning a New Flow

This journey began with spending time with an acquaintance who is aging and falling slowly into dementia. She needed some assistance with her home so the desire to serve directed the start of a new life flow. The experiment began there and my, oh my, what an initiation it was entering into this space of expansion, movement and new environments and their influences. 

The two-month visit with this female friend included the imprint of a very, very busy mind that speaks out loud everything that she is thinking and feeling. And if there was an opportunity to get attention, her hooks would reach out and plug directly into my Solar Plexus. It was interesting to watch this astral activity occur between our two bodies. With each encounter beyond three minutes, hooks or tendrils would wave out from her body and plug directly into my Solar Plexus, leaving me with a busy mind and a body filled with the aches and pains for days. It’s very unpleasant, indeed, since this person complains constantly of how uncomfortable she is with the overwhelming pain that she endures, which transferred to me with each encounter.

These astral body imprints do not go away easily, especially if one is living in the same environment ongoing. One must fast, meditate and be quiet, stay alone and be in a space that is free from other auras if they desire any kind of relief from the hooks and the transference of body pain, thought-currents, illnesses and karma that can happen when we live with someone or near others, such as in an apartment dwelling or with housemates or loved ones. It can take a long period of fasting and meditation to clear, with diligent intention and the right tools. Having an enlightened guru who has the ability to clear energy out of the aura is immensely helpful too and assists greatly with speeding up the process. Or one can just go to the mountains. For the majority of people this is simply too radically different or highly impractical if one is not designed for it. 

The vision of a place where people live in bliss, where the members encourage empowerment for each other and absent is the behavior of jealousy, comparison or intimidation; realizing a level of success as the people who live in the community express their true life design, skills and talents, this vision waves through my mind daily. To be in bliss everyday, all day long is a wonderful vision to hope for and the core inspiration for this experiment. Truly curious if there is such a place where people are healthy and content, taking care of the body and mind while edifying their spiritual connection  and enjoying an unending state of bliss because they are so full and have no need. 

After leaving this woman’s environment, the trajectory of movement suddenly led me to the home of a close family member. Actually, a vacation home is where the invitation took me and to an apartment, not a single dwelling environment. It’s ok though, for this is demonstrating what it is like to have someone above, below, on each side, right and left and behind too, just like a hotel, condominium or track home. Wow….how much it imprints and impacts the health, the psychology, the body and the ability to express one’s true nature clearly and effectively. Truly, it becomes a challenge, almost impossible. 

Even the local coffee shop is absent of reprieve because everywhere we go, people are curious and needing attention as their tendrils reach out to hook into the Solar Plexus of another, and even more so when there is eye contact. Another obvious fact is that people are not feeling very good in their bodies. Many people are ill to some degree, taking pharmaceuticals in some fashion and existing on things that have no nutritional value or little contribution to vitality and health, such as tobacco, coffee, beer and wine, sugar drinks, meat and flour products. Just standing in line at a grocery store validates this to be true. Most people are sniffling, coughing, sneezing and farting their way through life, it seems and feeding a colony of disease causing parasites; hosting astral entities, exuding body odors and radiating the nature of their intentions too, all expressed in a very subtle way. 

Hence, the need to move from table to table at the coffee shop on that day spent writing the article on the “G” because it is so unpleasant to share the same breathing space while sensing what is happening in body and mind of those surrounding.  

Most people do not realize how much they are being imprinted by others. Many take on illness and karmic imprints, unnecessarily. Headaches, body aches, diseases, parasites, astral entities, thoughts – they all come from our environment and often, someone else’s astrological, karmic imprint, radically changing the nature and character of the being. It works both ways, of course, which is why living with a group of people who are living in bliss sounds so delightful and motivates this journey of seeking.

Even now, while sitting at Whole Foods and writing this article in quiet space for the past few hours, someone literally, just now “plopped” down beside me and is trying desperately to get my attention and make eye contact; tendrils reaching out and attempting to hook into the Solar Plexus are waving in the air and many glances in this direction indicate a need to connect and hopefully, make eye contact.

Humans seem to lose a sparkle of life when they become stuck in one place inside one relationship. Surely, this is the reason why Facebook, twitter and online dating are so popular, providing a means to connect with others with minimum filters and little chance of rejection while avoiding change. Many prefer to remain nestled in their space of comfort avoiding the fear of the unknown.


More bliss please!