Identity Crisis

3 kinds of Identity Crisis:

Major Life Cycles
Relationship Bonding
Spiritual Awakening

There are three major life cycles that every human being experiences as they live out a life design: Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition and Kiron (Chiron) Return. Each of these three major life cycles bring a radical change into a person’s life, so much so, that one begins to feel as though they are entering into an identity crisis. 

The most painful and upsetting major life cycle is the Uranus Opposition that occurs around the age of forty because it challenges the identity that one has diligently built throughout their early adult life and suddenly, with the advent of this new cycle comes tremendous confusion challenging one’s efforts to establish a fixed identity used for sustaining life and for creating financial security. 







Most people attempt to determine what their life calling is, their trade or skill for supporting their needs by the time they are twenty-five years old.

We can witness this through the pressure to make a decision concerning the college degree one would like to achieve or the certification for learning a specific skill. By the time a person reaches mid-twenties, they have chosen their life career.

This is how the mainstream educational system operates and how society conditions each of us to align with its program. Before we have had a chance to live life with some sense of freedom to explore what resonates with the core of our being, the life trajectory is locked into place, regardless of who we truly are. 


By the time an individual reaches the “forty” year mark, when the Uranus Opposition takes place, a desire to express one’s individuality becomes prevalent in their psychology. We can liken this to how a man who married at the age of twenty-eight, works for many years supporting a family and then, suddenly, around the age of forty, purchases a fancy sports car and begins to act out a little more independently, desperately attempting to express his individuality. This is a very broad example, however, you can witness this happening easily, around you and in most marriages. Someone in the long-term marriage is striking out and provoking change in some way. Many extra-marital affairs occurring during this phase, as well.  

A very similar thing happens with the Saturn Return (ages 27-33) and again with the Kiron Return (ages 48-53)

All of the sudden, one’s mind is perceiving, relating and interpreting vastly different than it did a few months ago. However, the Saturn Return seems less painful in comparison because one is more resilient and feels a sense of invincibility as it surfs change. The Kiron Return can be devastating because it is during this major life cycle that one begins to flourish in their life expression or enter into a stage of atrophy for the remainder of their life. Many people become ill and terribly depressed at this juncture. However, the Uranus Opposition is the most confusing because one is still vital and hopeful yet lost.





This is exactly how these major life cycles play out in a person’s life. Suddenly, life changes dramatically in many ways: emotionally, mentally and even physically. The reason for this is that the life process is coaching one into a new direction to expand and mature spiritually, in some way. After all, the purpose behind human existence is to experience the process of merging matter with Spirit. 

Society cultivates humans to marry at a young age, settle down with one person and birth a family. For some, this is a very natural process. For many, this is a challenging experience because at the core of the human design there is the yearning for growth, change, evolution and creative expression, which is not in alignment with locking a person into one place, with one person for an extended period of time. This core design demands change and fresh experiences to cause maturation of consciousness and for developing innate wisdom.

For some, this path of matrimony with one person until death is perfectly suited for their design. For many, it can be especially challenging at this period of time on this planet because of the mutation that is happening, which is stimulating and activating many people towards a new direction. The intensity of this influence naturally creates confusion about who one is, why they are here and makes them wonder what in the hell is happening now – more than ever. Another type of Identity Crisis. 



How do we gracefully surf through these powerful life changes?



For me, the most helpful antidote for understanding change is having the ability to interpret astrological sign posts that are indicating fierce changes occurring in my life path, my career or my psychology. Even health concerns can be seen and the possibility of an emotional crisis that can happen if one does not know their cosmic life design. 

In 2016, astrology revealed that my career was about to change, radically. What I once believed in: one man’s interpretation, would soon be questioned, challenged and suddenly, I would gain an understanding that something was amiss. Had this not been revealed to me, I may have had an identity crisis and suffered terribly with attempts to build my career on blocks made of sand. The planets also showed me that sharing the news of this understanding would not be received very well by the community yet, many would see, in time, that what I was imparting was actually true. 

Through that bit of information revealed by the planets, I gained the courage to continue on the path that was opening up before me. The planets also indicated that I would step into a new life expression: Spiritual teachings and Vedic astrology. Knowing this bit of information made it super easy to transition and remain with a sense of confidence necessary to thrive. 

At the same time, it was revealed that I would withdraw and work with a smaller group of students. It was obvious that I would enter into a period of gestation, which would lead to a new role and new perspective to share with others. This new role begins to enter into greater expression this coming year, 2020, yet not fully until the following year, 2021.

Life moves incredibly slow and commands tremendous patience, it is true. It took three years of gestating before I would be able to express a new position and new personality, transformed and re-invented and still, it is not time to fully express my role and what I have to share with others. For during this time of gestation, my Guru, my Master, is pivotal in my maturation process for how I am being shaped. Another reason why I do not hesitate to embrace this powerful Guru-disciple relationship. I don’t care at all, what others say about it.

Understanding my life changes came through the ability to read the planets and stars using the Vedic astrological interpretations with a multi-dimensional, logical, abstract perspective. Interpreting in this way can only come from an inherent, natural talent as seen through astrological design and an initiation that expands one’s ability to read beyond the mundane, superficial plane. Each of us have our own unique strengths that are developed gradually over time and even more so, with a spiritual teacher lending a guiding hand.

LOVERS and Identity

One will also find that a major, secondary type of Identity Crisis occurs when one enters into a significant relationship, bonding as two becoming one, living in the same environment or spending close, intimate time together, sharing bodily fluids and meals.

Wherever we eat, we eat the aura of whoever is near us, neighbor, cat, dog, stranger at the next table in a restaurant or any place where others are sitting within approximately twenty feet – even through walls. However, when two lovers are intimate and dining together, they are becoming one, permanently, in a powerful way. 

When two become one, the aura and psychology changes drastically. With this merging comes another type of identity crisis that can cause tremendous confusion and often, is the root source of many arguments. When this identity crisis happens stemming from the fusion of auras, suddenly, one is experiencing thoughts, feelings, sensory perceptions, karma, bodily aches and pains, illnesses that are not theirs and cravings that are not natural, either. This can be terribly confusing for the one who once knew themselves and now, suddenly, have become very different as the perception of life is attuned to something far from their personal design. 

This is why an analysis of a partnership can be helpful. Working with a skilled, trained astrologer, one can see why the two have come together, what holds the couple in a love union and who they have become through the combined auras and life stories. When this understanding is gained, one settles into the awareness of why they are thinking a certain way, why their body feels the way it does or why they are suddenly dealing with karmic incidents that are new to their life experience. Then one knows how to navigate through life as a companion in events, environments, people and karmic happenings with understanding and with a bit of compassion. This level of understanding can bring tremendous harmony into a love union and even with parent and child relationships. 








With the planetary mutation causing a third type of Identity Crisis, very different types of energies are streaming onto the planet that are being experienced in a unique way.

One can sense these new energies if they are tuned into the subtle, quiet forces changing the way the human system experiences reality. The upsurge of interest in yoga, meditation and eastern sciences is one indicator of how humans are waking up and how these forces are effecting change in consciousness on a global level. The desire for a greater, fuller spiritual life involvement is another indication of these powerful, new forces. Many people are beginning to feel a strong desire for a more spiritual experience inside their being and in their life experiences. 


With these subtle energies comes radical changes in the way we have been living our life while providing the ability for humans to achieve a state of higher consciousness that brings the understanding and awareness that we are actually expressions of god in miniature form. 



Each individual holds within themselves the ability to create their own reality, manifest super-human powers, and live the fullest extent of what it means to be a divine being animating through physical form.

This is where the seven chakra system is activated into a nine chakra system as two more centers are activated into orchestrating life experiences.  Yes, these centers are activated in my form, on behalf of the Grace of my Guru and His initiations. As I write this article, these two additional chakras are spinning and highly active beyond any other chakras in my system, in this moment as I write. Thank you Swamiji for activating these centers inside and opening me up to higher conscious frequencies. 

As an analyst that shares information with others about their life design, I can say that most people are timid in response to these new energies and find it difficult to break out of the spell of sameness and the comforts of the mundane reality. Through denying higher forces, one also denies higher possibilities for the future. One becomes very comfortable living at the surface of a superficial reality while experiencing tremendous confusion and loss of great opportunities to shine as one was designed to shine.

These powerful life changes: three major life cycles, blending of auras and life karmas, the initiation of higher forces imprinting a new life expression all require humans to re-invent self and go beyond the superficial mind that tends to orchestrate life on the mundane plane while using strategies and manipulation to gain in some way, motivated by fear or greed or simply, confusion. 

It is not easy to do this alone and on your own. This is why there are spiritual teachers, gurus, astrologers and life coaches. When astrology is incorporated into the self-discovery process, understanding comes so easily and life moves much more effortlessly with the awareness of what is happening now and what to expect next.

When an enlightened being peers deeply into your soul and reads your akashic records, it understands where to take you next – beyond your comprehension, I might add.

Continuously, I am being refined and must “un-clutch” to allow consciousness to continue unfolding as the Master initiates me into greater heart expansion and conscious life navigation. It’s humbling, indeed. 




Surely, our true identity rests in the deeper part where consciousness remains ever full of power, grace and peace in the understanding of where one is and where one is going next.

Astrology is one tool for leading into this blessed space of relaxation upon realizing what is truly possible with an accurate perception of the core identity designed by the cosmos.