HD versus Vedic

whats the difference?

A great question presented by a SOUL LETTER reader 


In the past, when I taught HD and used it for a reading, I was following a template with standard knowledge for reading the image. HD is purely a logical teaching. One can simply go to a book, read what has been imparted about a gate, a channel, or a type and share from that basic context. It’s super easy and doesn’t take much talent to share the knowledge. Including, all of the knowledge imparted through HD, including higher levels, relates to the three lower chakras. Most of humanity operates from this lower mental state, which is why it resonates for so many when sharing the interpretations.

Regardless of the body graph chart, TYPE and gates and channels, psychically, I experience all humans in accordance to their mental state stemming from the condition of the Solar Plexus, the Sacral and Root Chakras – not the body graph definitions and centers as they are presented.

This proves that the HD teachings demonstrate a drastic misrepresentation of what a
nine-centered being truly is.


Yet, what a fascinating toy for the mind, yes?


In HD, the strategy to push away, wait awhile and allow the “other” to pursue is terribly misleading as to how life really works. I can assure you, the “other” is not aware that the emotional one is negotiating and will misinterpret what the mind of the emotional being is strategizing. I watched it happen every time I played the situation with this mentally strategic game.

No matter how we are designed, we are meant to live life in the moment. Our biology can respond without getting a strategy involved and guarantee a much better outcome. I have had ripples of ecstasy waving through my body in response to a situation and then watch my mind try to apply the strategy of pushing away.

Ecstasy rippling through the body is indicating, “YES, this is it, now”.

However,  I was so intent on “operating correctly through applying my strategy and inner authority”, as they say in the HD world, that my mind got in the way. Because of that “strategy and authority”,  I lost some great opportunities.

Whatever influences are streaming in from the planets causing events to happen, are happening in the moment. Great opportunities do not hang around, lingering in the background waiting to be discovered; they soon pass on by.


The disciplines, the purification and the methods, the surrender, devotion, humility and truth of ancient sciences apply, no matter what. Vedic astrology combined with the spiritual teachings are a holistic approach for transforming into a fully conscious, nine-chakra activated, super-human being. That is how it has always been and obviously still is, in my experience.


Throughout the 90’s and up to mid- 2000’s, I was deeply immersed in the eastern spiritual teachings that I impart now. During that period of my life I was experiencing kundalini risings as a result of my strict yoga disciplines and daily meditations, prompted by the initiation of my guru at that time, Swami Rama. Once I decided to enter back into society, drop my disciplines and step into fun and play in a worldly way, I lost all of the blessed psychic abilities that comes with an awakened kundalini. Teaching HD was not the highest potential for my life destiny.  Had I known astrology years ago, Vedic astrology, in the way I understand and use it now, I would have possibly chosen another track through life and maintained the beautiful space of ecstasy that I had landed in. This is why I am on fire for imparting what I know to this audience through sharing this ancient science and the principles for guiding a true transformational experience. If you gain understanding about the nature of who you are, what you’re life path has to offer for achieving great things, there is a chance that you will make some good decisions and avoid some mistakes. This is my hope.




Since the decision to study Vedic astrology (working with a Sidereal Astrologer/-teacher beginning 2004) and the application of spiritual disciplines again (beginning 2014), ecstasy has re-entered into my being. It did not happen using the tools of HD. I had to lay that knowledge aside and begin an exploration back into the eastern studies, revisit my daily meditation practice and purify my body again while dropping some nasty habits like drinking champagne and smoking. Disgusting, nasty, stinking habits, I must say. HD did nothing to deliver me from my self-destruction. Instead, it fostered my bad habits through avoiding an emphasis on virtuous living, which has the power to lift one into higher conscious reality. Maybe it was because Ra Uru Hu, founder of HD, loved to smoke and drink, too. He was not enlightened nor expressing a divine presence that could heal, clear and initiate higher Chakras into expression, like the Avatar can. Nay, he was such a genius, clever man.





Truly, Vedic astrology is in complete alignment with spiritual principles and the goal for achieving enlightenment. Therefore, together: Vedic astrology with the Vedas and Agamas, and shastras – and with the guidance of my Guru, they become a major part of my daily activities and process towards integration. In this combination of forces is the support required for the nine-chakra awareness to grow inside a being.


Bringing this full circle, what is different now is the ability to see your system psychically: physically and emotionally and what is out of balance, while looking at the facts revealed in the astrological chart. Together, we look at the natural tendencies inherent in your astrological design that are sabotaging your efforts to gain real empowerment and then, how to lessen their impact. We also look at possibilities that are there for you to achieve and how to manage your chemistry so that you can enjoy those possibilities. We discover what kinds of physical ailments are coded into your DNA and then find the antidote to lessen their influence on your body. And, if the timing is right, you are initiated for activating your higher chakras so that you can too, see what is happening inside of you. Some of this deeper research and activity is conducted in the expanded work that we may do together through the long-term course: Astro & Cosmo.

If it feels correct, the Astrology and Cosmology, one-on-one course brings a deeper investigation and more serious, long-lasting spiritual transformational process. In this highly personal venture you gain substantial skills in translating astrological information according to the methods that I teach while uncovering vast knowledge about your own chemistry and life path. 

It is no longer a strictly logical, mental process when in a reading with me. Now, it is a multi-dimensional, spiritual experience with real ability to transform you quickly while expanding and elevating your state of awareness. We all have this ability. All that is needed is a guiding hand to turn it on, activate the system and orient the direction of the mind. In turn, you will be able to do the same for others. 


With the mutation happening on our planet at this time, consciousness is activated through group participation in much greater capacity than as a solo, individual in its own process. This is the real distinction of these times. The guru is still pivotal and essential in the process of awakening because of the depth of apathy and enervation that humanity endures in this age, mostly because of our educational system, including university education conditioning the human mind for the workplace –
not self-realization.

We are a highly homogenized, conditioned species and have yet to gain the elevated state of intelligence truly inherent in our form for expressing a nine-chakra, enlightened state. Most people are operating out of a three-chakra activation, not even seven chakras. Nine-chakra form is still far from the experience of many individuals traversing the path of self-realization, which is why initiation is so important and the necessity to work with someone who is not heavily conditioned and cultivated for the program, yet has achieved a certain level of expansion in their being.

Psychically, I watch profound shifts happen in each of our bodies immediately, when a group gathers. You are encouraged to remain open and consider positive opportunities to gather with like-minded seekers to empower your own unfolding, whether you enjoy groups or not. It is significant in our maturation process.

This group formation for transformation and initiation has been the main purpose behind the online gatherings that are offered here. Through this group, one is given a chance to work with the support of others who are seeking the same, within the context of what is outlined above.  You are encouraged to enroll and experience the profundity of this important sharing. Do keep in mind that the internet functions exactly as if one was attending in person. This is true in all instances when using the internet to connect with others.




Please be informed, if you decide to work with me, there can be no alcohol drinking of any kind, at any time. If someone is drinking while we are working together, including over the internet – and off, I will become very ill for two to three days, busy expelling the spirit. It is true, alcohol is a spirit and I don’t want to be put to the task of removing it from your system. The same goes for tobacco or any other addictive substance such as pharmaceuticals. There is a certain level of responsibility that naturally occurs when sharing spiritual truths with others. Only those who are serious about transformation should enroll with me.