Death, Reincarnation, Liberation

When a person dies, the very first thing that happens is the breath leaves the body. A small hole is created for air to exit the physical body and aura as it ushers the transition of life into afterlife. We can see the reverse in action with the element of air when the infant inhales its first breath at time of birth. With this first breath, life begins on the physical plane, animating the life plan set in place by the cosmos. Without breath, there is no life.

Next, the sun makes a hole in the aura and consciousness moves out, returning to its source. It may leave through the eyes, the top of the head, the heart or another place on the body, dependent upon the nature and quality of the form and quality of the aura at time of death. If a person is focused on seeing things such as attraction, then life exits through the eyes. If a person is focused on taste and food, then they exit through the mouth. If one is centered on spiritual consciousness and an avid meditator, then they exit through the crown. 

Immediately after consciousness leaves, the subtle body and force of the internal organs quickly make their way towards the moon as it draws them up and completely out of the dying physical form. Once they have returned to the atmosphere of the moon, the organs and aura begin scouting for a new body to continue expressing through. This process of reincarnation continues through the orchestration of the moon where it conducts its recycle program of the human experience on planet earth: death, rebirth, death and birth again.

According to ancient scriptures, the internal organs have their own force, working in tandem with the emotional aura, continuously moving within the reincarnation process of evolution. Hence, the necessity to be mindful of what one eats and to practice ongoing purification for creating a pristine internal environment for consciousness to operate, just as we do with the emotional nature, stilling and calming the desire body.

As the subtle body and organs are passing through the layers and making their way to the Moon, the entire life experience is played out in fast forward. All important, significant life scenes are played back in color while the mundane events are played in black and white. Samadhi, blissful, relaxed moments are played back in full color and are the most prevalent experience in this life review while the rest fade into the background.  



The three-fold human form is made up of the following parts:

1) physical body and the chakras as one part

2) the subtle body, which is the aura and includes the senses and the mind 

3) spirit, also known as consciousness. 

All three of these parts are held together and orchestrated by the subtle nerves working through the Heart organ. These nerves create a net-like covering that emanates hues of color, which is determined by the condition and combination of air (breath), bile (digestive fluid secreted by the liver and stored in gallbladder) and phlegm.

The color of this net-like aura is a combination of white, blue, brown, green and red and represents the health and state of the nerves. Together, these colors blend and create an amber hue that is rich in protein and assists in maintaining the body’s immune system. The aura also perceives and translates reality according to the state of breath, bile and phlegm. 

Hence the importance of routine purification rituals, so that one can accurately perceive reality without rose-colored glasses or a cloudy veneer. As pointed out in previous articles, if one does not cleanse the internal organs, specifically the intestines, fecal residue circulates throughout the blood and brain, weakening one’s ability for correctly perceiving and orchestrating life events in a positive direction. This is probably where the saying: “shit for brains” comes from and used for conveying stupidity. When this happens in the body, depression naturally sets in and causes life force to retract and weaken while fostering tremendous confusion and doubt. Constipation is a very serious matter that tremendously, powerfully impacts one’s experience of reality.

In this combination of colors, we find the subtle body that is transparent yet, a repository of impressions and sensory perceptions creating the hue based on level of purity. It is the subtle body where nerves are first experienced and influenced and then, the physical body. 

Kundalini energy is an advanced expression of the nervous system and operates in a completely different way than the system that is operating from the senses and emotional reactions. When the kundalini is turned on and animating in a body that is clean and purified through proper daily habits, reality is perceived very differently and the mode for directing life events changes dramatically. 

Through the combination of elements: air, water, earth, fire and ether, merged with the internal organs, we have the complete human form animating a life story in accordance to a cosmic plan. It is the combination of the elements and the internal organs that ultimately create and dictate the incarnation for the next life coming up based on past life events and quality of thoughts. They literally build the new body based on the previous life experiences and the state of mind that was fostered and entertained, particularly right before the final breath at death.

Whatever desires have been the focus, whatever dreams have been sought become the tone of the next life and influence the experiences that will be lived out. In fact, desire alone is the one single factor that creates the continuous cycle of birth, death and re-birth. If one is focused on achieving a particular result such as attaining wealth, fame, romantic love, a large, beautiful home with a swimming pool or a fancy, expensive luxury automobile or similar, then these thoughts with desires create the tone and condition of the reincarnating body accordingly. 

Even a single deed impacts the quality of reincarnation into the next life as well as the habits that one entertains daily, reinforcing the nature of the personality. It is this force of desire that perpetuates virtuous or non-virtuous behavior and keeps one locked in this cycle of life that gathers the elements and internal organs for creating the next life experience life after life, after life cycle. 

At the time of death, the elements: air, water, fire, and earth work with the internal organs to immediately begin seeking out the frequency for incarnating the pattern that has been set in place ~ at the time of death. Once it is found, the organs resume their seat in the new body and begin shaping the physical body in the womb under the same state of intelligence that was there before death. The elements work in a similar way as the internal organs yet they surround the form and build based on the past actions, state of mind, habits nurtured and quality of virtue while the organs create the internal atmosphere and overall health of the body and karmic diseases or physical handicaps or strengths. 

It is one’s past work, past behavior and desires that determines the level of consciousness that enters into the human form for the new life expression. 

Death and rebirth can be described like when we lay down to go to sleep and enter into the dreamworld. When we sleep at night we actually change bodies and not aware that this is happening. Whatever is our last thought as we drift into sleep affects our first thoughts when we wake up and rise to the activity of the day. It is this same exact experience that happens with death.

Once the human awakes from sleeping, then, consciousness goes into activity in some way dependent on the state of integration that one has inside their being. Consciousness can be the driver or it stays quietly in the background, watching, if it is not exercised as the main operating force for life expression. Regardless, consciousness is always working to merge with universal consciousness through matter and continually works to achieve this process through each lifetime. 

Until a level of integration is reached, the human form remains within this multi-colored aura, with the condition of the organs, the results of actions carried out prompted by desires and a busy thought-field, which is subtly, unconsciously creating one’s reality in the current life and in preparation for the next life. In the larger scheme of the cosmos, each human lifetime is much like an inhalation and an exhalation, that is all.

For the ordinary human, the sole purpose of the senses is used merely, on behalf of the desire body. The human physical form is utterly at the whim of how these senses are operating, perceiving reality and dictating experiences such as habits, moods, consequences based on uncontrolled desires and choices for environment, work activity and companionship. You can witness desires driving the life through choosing to eat when not hungry. One is prompted to eat only because of taste, curiosity, socially or out of habit because it is breakfast, lunch or dinner hour.

It is important to understand that actions do not obtain liberation. It is the realization of the Self that liberates, which is why anything or any person that one chooses to worship is fine for being used in the development of surrender and expression of devotion. For whatever assists one in realizing the higher, more virtuous Self, becomes the key for one’s personal liberation, whether the object of worship is enlightened or not. The idea of one god and one track to liberation, “one size fits all”, is a fabrication for the benefit of using religion to control the masses.

The conduit for enlightenment is highly personal and unique to each individual. The object of worship can be one’s mother, father, grandfather or grandmother, a tree, a deity or doll or statue of some sort, or even a celebrity, for instance. Of course, the quality can influence the nature of a being, however, it is sincerity and devotion that are the vehicles of transformation to a higher plane of existence. These are the qualities combined with spiritual surrender that take a person to the next level of their state of virtue and state of unclutching, which ultimately, brings one into a state of liberation.

Within the nine-chakra form, the senses become the instruments for the one manifesting “shakti’s”, which are spiritual powers turned on inside the one who has surrendered to a spirit driven life. An entirely different way of operating takes place inside the one who has applied higher principles in some way, leading to a virtuous state. 

When a human reaches this state of enlightenment, the organs and the elements no longer go out searching for a new body when the death experience occurs. Instead, the spark of consciousness completes its process of evolution, resides in Moksha, liberated from the reincarnating process of the Moon and it’s path of suffering, struggle and delusion.




One way that we can tell if someone is enlightened and liberated from the path of ‘ups and downs” is through their contribution to humanity and how they carry themselves through life. 

An enlightened being is recognized through their ability to impart instructions as a teacher. There will be no diversity or contradictions in their teachings no matter how many years have passed. I have witnessed this over and over with my Guru. I can watch a video recorded over ten years ago and the message will be the same today. The words may vary slightly, however the core message is always the same. It’s fascinating to witness this gift of expression and a delight to learn from an enlightened stream of consciousness. 

Teaching is a natural expression that is gradually cultivated in the seeker who is growing in spiritual maturation. Through their process of sharing spiritual truths and teachings, others naturally align and receive inspiration for their process. However, the tendency is there for the message to change as they change and evolve. Yet, this is a necessary attribute for growing conscious, self-realization, the pursuit and expression of spiritual understanding. This is another reason why so many present themselves as spiritual teachers today, such as life coaches, analysts, spiritual artists and so on.  

The enlightened one speaks from a place of pure intelligence with no strategies or planning. A pure stream of consciousness flows through their being as they sit and share, teach and initiate the student into a higher level of existence, naturally while in their presence. In this place, they have transcended the cycle of death and rebirth, and the process of growth, change, and decay and remain in a place of purity in body and mind and as a channel of spiritual, divine forces.

As one is becoming enlightened, a natural flow in choices, action and direction take over the life experience and what was once lived as an ordinary life becomes a new way of moving through the world. The evolving enlightened being has an extraordinary state of calmness in their presence, they practice powerful self-control, possess tremendous fortitude and intense concentration while they apply renunciation. Of course, this is all in measure according to their level of spiritual maturation.

More often, the one who has transcended the grip of desires is silent and spends quiet time alone as they understand that more words spoken the more energy is spent, exhausting the body. Therefore, few words are imparted in the delivery of a message or the transmission of a teaching. Time is managed while in public and short periods of time are spent with others as they chose silent time alone to rejuvenate and bathe in the sweet, deep, relaxed space of samadhi where internal organs rejuvenate, the form youthens, the mind is quiet and the subtle body is clear, transparent and free of astral debris while the form and nerves are enjoying bliss.

To build the pathway towards enlightenment, one must read sacred scriptures everyday and allow them to gently transform the nature of one’s character, which naturally transforms the physical body. Starting the morning with a moment immersed in the teachings does tremendous things to one’s inner being and certainly speeds up the process of spiritual evolution. Sacred texts and spiritual teachings written by an enlightened being naturally transmits a spiritual power that transforms the inner being.

Through practicing kind acts of charity, meditating often, giving up worldly affairs conducted out of strategy to achieve, dropping the desires that are naturally associated with living a common life, entering into service surrendered and directed by divine forces, in a state of fearlessness, free from doubt and invincible, indestructible fortitude with the ability to burn up evil or impurities, one becomes the enlightened being animating form in divine orchestration. 


1) Gods

2) Men

3) Demons

Humans that are considered gods are the ones who practice self control and do not allow desire or the senses to drive their life or make their decisions nor rule their mind. Their intelligence operates from the space and place of multi-dimensional logic and sees all of life as divine and in a state of beauty, in some way.

These people are independent, full of energy, they are engaging, heroic and persevering. They enjoy reading spiritual scriptures, refrain from emotional reaction and are not easily confused; they are talented, content, forgiving, good-natured, charitable, fearless, peaceful and abstain from spending too much time in society while they strive for virtue, and tend to be liberal-minded. The god-like human has the inherent possibility of achieving its highest potential within three years of diligent practice and study, while acquiring a deep state of humility and a silent, calm inner being.

Men, group 2, are those who are driven by greed, fear, desire, fame, wealth, sensual pleasure, lust and all worldly achievements and who’s thinking principle operates on the premise of binary logic. In this space, often, one can only cognize one god as they are pressured to compete, compare, feel jealous, fearful or inferior and insecure as they respond to life from an immediate, emotionally reactive space. The one who is traveling this path has the inherent possibility of a six year process to transform, radically, intensely and sincerely in their spiritual maturation.

In the group of “men”, we have a secondary group who experience illness, find faults with others, especially teachers and tend to have a critical spirit. Often, they are motivated to couple, attached to a partner and not independent or sovereign in their movement through life. They are oblivious to the actual truths of reality and riddled in delusion, most of the time. They can be cruel, fickle-minded, timid, and often, greedy. This type of human travels a twelve year cycle for achieving some state of liberation and spiritual maturation.

Demons, group 3, are those who are aggressively cruel and unkind with ill intention and have virtually no sensitivity to life. When one is operating from this space of ignorance and vastly separated from divine impulse they travel to a place which could be called “hell” upon the last breath and entering into the process of death. In this space of hell, one must reside for a period of time or until the spark of existence dwindles. 


Through the practice of meditation, one realizes a personal divine expression that is truly god, in human form. This realization of “one with source” continues throughout the waking part of the day and the same throughout deep sleep, which is absent of dreaming, an expression of the un-evolved desire body. The identity that recognizes that it is god, is free of desires and the delusions of worldly pleasure while it enjoys a wonderful relationship between form and consciousness, manifesting and creating for the benefit of humanity and nurtured by bliss.

The god-like human with nine chakras activated, demonstrates spiritual powers for the expression of Divine Will, exudes a sweet, beautiful presence with a lovely fragrance and a naturally sweet taste on the tongue; the skin shines, the eyes are bright and glossy, even the nails are in perfect condition and shine: feet and toes, on the one who has achieved the blessed state of union and resides in bliss with consciousness and form integrated and whole, operating as one.

“Those who worship the deities will take birth among the deities; those who worship ghosts and spirits will take birth amongst such beings; those who worship ancestors go to the ancestors; those who worship Me will be with Me.

Whoever offers to Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept and consume what is offered by the pure-hearted. 

Oh son of Kunti, all that you do, all that you eat, all that you offer and give away, as well as the austerities that you may perform, give them as an offering to Me. 

You will be freed from all reactions to good and evil deeds by this renunciation, you will be liberated and come to Me.”

~ Bhagavad Gita, 9.25-28


One of the most ancient and most important observance for transforming the being, practiced by enlightened sages and ancient spiritual teachers for thousands of years is the practice of the “begging bowl”. Even today, it is equally effective, if not more so, because of the state of greed in our world today. Through the process of “begging” that is applied in this technique, a unique quality of humility is instilled in the spiritual teacher that provides the ability to relate with all walks of life. Even Buddha practiced the method of the “begging bowl” to enrich his own spiritual process towards enlightenment, so that we could relate with his teachings. 

Understanding that the Universe is a type of intelligence, not a materialistic entity, provides tremendous relaxation for our being knowing that it responds to our thoughts, deeds and expression of consciousness. 

Through the method of offering something to the Divine such as when we perform puja worship or prayer, we express a desire to connect. This act is an invitation for the Divine to come into our private space and connect with the deepest part of our being. For this reason, whenever visiting the temple, honoring a deity or visiting a guru, never go empty handed, always bring something to give and share to what you are worshipping, just as it is instructed above in the excerpt from the Bhagavad Gita. 

Surrendering to what you are devoted to is the easiest way towards enlightenment. A living guru is even more easier when one surrenders completely because He/She takes you by the hand and works diligently beside you in the process of clearing, purifying and maturing into a conscious being. It is also impossible to trick or falsify actions or intentions with a living guru. A guru who is no longer alive is absent of getting your minds attention in such a way that you can become instantly transformed at the sudden declaration of what they are witnessing in your actions and thoughts. However, this may be the most difficult way because it works immediately with the ego and the ego is so very sensitive. 

There are three ways to surrender to a Divine Being or Universal Force:

1) Surrendering Actions

Krishna imparts through the verse above excerpted from the Bhagavad Gita, offer all your actions to Him, good or bad, and he will take care of it. This is difficult to grasp until you have experienced a living Master. The more one surrenders and the sincerity applied in devotion, the more the Master works for transformation inside of one’s being.

2) Surrender of Intellect and Mind

Compared to the first level, this may seem a little more difficult in comparison. The mind is not in our control, necessarily. It is driven by our desires and distorted state of senses. We can witness our actions however, the task of quieting the mind is the most difficult thing to do as it constantly analyzes and deduces reality. 

Even when truths are being spoken, the mind will analyze, doubt and question so much so, it enjoys this process greatly.

3) The most difficult act of surrender is that of the senses. If the Master speaks, “this is how it is” and the being surrenders, accepts and takes it as truth, then one has surpassed the control of the senses. In this space of surrender, the soul has achieved a state of oneness with the Divine. In this space, even greater care is demonstrated for ones life and well-being. Krishna informs us that every enlightened being makes this promise. The entire burden of this reality is lifted off of our shoulders as we are free from our actions, this is the promise here, in this state of surrender. What a blessed state of relaxation this can create.

My Guru, Swamiji, says often: “Don’t worry about money or your needs for that is my job. Just keep enriching others and continue in your activity and work for the Divine”. 

Truly, I continue to unclutch daily and allow Him to minister and orchestrate on my behalf. What a world of difference it creates inside of me to let go and allow Him to operate from this enlightened space of manifestation.  The quality of experiences that happen are way beyond my imagination and the strategy that I might apply for manifesting my reality. It’s a joy to watch and observe what he creates for me and gradually, I am learning to trust in that expression more and more.

When we surrender and allow existence to take of our needs, there is a great relief that happens inside of us and joy can easily flow. As Swamiji has pointed out often, we are all designed with what we can handle. Our life path does not bring to us the things we are not equipped to deal with. This truth is a cosmic law and anyone who knows and understands astrology well, can see this to be a fact. 

We think we are responsible for all that happens and for that reason, we feel misery when things don’t go the way we intend them to happen. 

The one who is enlightened surrenders to a higher force, no matter what happens and accepts it.

When I don’t get what I want in this space of reliance and surrender, I look to see what is behind my intentions: desire, greed, confusion or ignorance and let go. Surely, He knows better than I do what is best, next. This has been proven over and over again to me.

And when things happen, they happen beyond my wildest expectation or imagination and in a space of great play. 

Through experiencing this profound spiritual truth, it becomes a way of life filled with much bliss because it is not reliant on desires nor is it disappointed in what happens next. Nay is there frustration or sadness, the soul is in overflowing withlove and gratitude for the intercession and Divine Play, come what may.

This is the transformational quality and beauty of the ancient process of the “begging bowl”. 





Satsang message 2nd January 2020 by
His Divine Holiness, Sri Bhagwan Nithyananda Paramashivam, 
The Bhagavad Gita, demystified
by His Divine Holiness, Sri Bhagwan Nithyananda Paramashivam 
The Siva Sutras, The Yoga of Supreme Identity by Jaideva Singh
The Siva Samhita, translated by Rai Bahadur Chandra Vasu
The Brhadaranyaka Upanishad translated and published by
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