A Magical New Years Resolution


Usually, we make New Year resolutions around this time however, rarely do we articulate in great detail what we truly desire to happen in our life. There may be a declaration to reduce alcohol drinking, lose weight, stop smoking, start going to the gym or something of this nature. Yet, often, we take life as it dishes out and don’t consider that we may have the innate power to create exactly what we truly love and desire to happen in our life or the outcome that is most fulfilling – on a comprehensive level and in great detail. 

We also tend to give up our power for the benefit of a relationship or someone else’s desire or will, such as in love, focused on keeping it together out of fear of losing love. It may be that parents who have shaped one’s mind to focus on a career yet, it feels like something is missing deep inside and one is not in the right place, for instance.

In this exercise, try to move beyond that tendency or habit to give away your potential and make this your very own personal will-power calendar created from the depth of your heart – just for you. You can keep this exercise to yourself and you don’t have to show it to anyone. You can even destroy it after the exercise, if necessary. However, I do hope that you move beyond anything that is blocking you or constraining your ability to enjoy life and truly manifest your hearts desire.

Suggesting that you maintain this exercise as your calling card for manifesting your ideal life expression and activity, is my wish for you.


Recently, while in satsang, Swamiji, suggested this powerful exercise for creating life the way we would like to have it for this new year. It is a powerful process that can generate immediate results, if conducted sincerely. I was pleasantly surprised as I was in process and watched things unfold immediately, before I even finished the exercise. 



This exercises is conducted in two-parts and requires upmost honesty and trust for it to work effectively. For creating a space of encouragement for the exercise, visit article links below to read and prepare you for the process.


1) take one large sheet of paper or twelve separate sheets and create a calendar for this upcoming year with enough space to write an agenda for each month.

As you create your annual calendar, specify in each month exactly what you would like to create and see happen during that month.

Be very clear, precise and aligned with your true inner space, regardless of outer conditions. Take your time and fully complete the calendar, step by step. Try to refrain from hesitating or falling back on excuses. Let those thoughts be placed in the area created for part two.


2) This second step is the most important part.

The magical component of this second step is this:

As you are writing in the things you want to create this year on your calendar, pay very close attention to the mental tapes that are softly whispering in the background of your mind. You will discover that the mental tapes coming up as you write in the goals and dreams for this new year are the very things that tend to work against your ability to manifest.

Immediately write these mental tapes on a separate sheet of paper as they come up during this exercise. This is an essential key to having the ability to create what you want, truly. Pay close attention to what you hear in the background of your mind while you create this vision calendar and make sure you write down exactly what you hear. Drop all fears or hesitations in writing what you hear because writing down the negative mental tapes that are coming up as you create this vision calendar are the very things blocking you. Writing them down is actually a way of clearing them out of your system and subconscious mind and moving them out of the way.


As I wrote down what I wanted to create during this exercise and the accompanying tapes blocking my ability, immediately the phone started ringing with news for support in what I had written on my calendar, in that moment, before I finished the exercise.

Identifying the mental tapes blocking me, took away the thoughts that I’m not good enough nor adequate to the task. Upon clearing this mental tape through writing it down, bliss started rippling through my body indicating that I can actually manifest the vision that I wrote on my calendar.

Use the guidelines that I have outlined in this collection of articles below to remind you, empower you, bring clarity and inspire greatness. 

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