Soul Design University facilitates the process of integration: uniting through applying ancient Hindu spiritual sciences and the process of initiation while
working with natural, cosmic laws.

Through its educational program the emphasis remains on the intention behind actions that determine the success and progress of a successful transformation
and stable maturation process



Director of SDU and Facilitator

Astrological Profile:
Kashi has been born with an unusual intellect and ability to share awareness with others as a teacher whose natural understanding of the human condition and high level of intuition imparts astrological and spiritual wisdom. Under the appropriate influence and through the ability to transfer clear concepts while utilizing the capacity to gather together a community environment, higher principles for everyday living are imparted.



History and Professional Background:
80’s: Licensed Investment Analyst
90’s: Teacher and Student of Eastern Studies and Kundalini Yogini
2000’s +:Teacher and Student of Eastern Studies, Kundalini Yogini, ECO Fashion Designer, Festival and Event Producer, Human Design student and teacher

Kashi is a devotee of H.D.H. Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam and is a student of Nithyananda University, a school for learning ancient principles for gaining enlightenment. Kashi represents as acharya (teacher of ancient Hindu sciences)  for SDU and the Nithyananda gurukul program, a Vedic school of ancient sciences for daily application of principles leading to conscious living through the oldest living stream of transformational science in the world today. 

Nithyananda Gurukul program is an educational centric platform that provides a family-like environment, free of judgement, where students are guided to explore, discover, expand and invent in their own unique process of learning Sanatana Hindu Dharma studies, fully supported to excel beyond teacher in skills, knowledge and potential when naturally predisposed.

Sanatana Hindu Dharma is the cultivation and refinement of eternal power which upholds the universe and society in accordance with the principles of harmony, compassion, Truth, higher knowledge, spiritual philosophy, order and universal laws with an emphasis on integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching.