Will Arrogance

When the student is ready, the teacher comes

This becomes an obvious truth when you read something once, twice and maybe three times and then later, when you read it again, something entirely new surfaces into your awareness impacting you greatly.

Throughout the years, perhaps over thirty years, I have watched this happen inside of my own being in relation to different spiritual and intellectual studies. It has become obvious that we naturally censor what we are reading and absorb in accordance to our level of awareness and receptivity to truth and transformation.

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The Divided Self

“For centuries the society has been using that strategy to destroy the integrity of the individual. It gives you ideals, it tells you how you should be. It never allows you to love yourself as you are. It creates division: you are one thing, the society says you have to be something else; you become two. Your ideal self creates a constant tension in you. Your real self also becomes a burden because you don’t want it; the society says that it is worthless: Drop it. The real is denied and the unreal is imposed. Now this is the whole misery of man: how can one ever be in bliss if the real is denied, rejected, condemned, and the unreal is appreciated, valued? “ ~ OSHO

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