Cycles & Changes

From Astrology and Cosmology Course

The human tendency is to settle comfortably into a predictable, habitual way of life. For instance, many have a morning routine that includes stopping at their favorite coffee shop to get their favorite morning coffee drink on their way to work. This is why Starbucks is so successful. And there are those who include a stop at the gym for half an hour exercise or the yoga class. Some choose to have toast with butter and jam every morning and a tall glass of orange juice. There is also the same road traveled each morning on the way to work or to school. Life develops into routines and consistent patterns that hold one fixed in a somewhat dull, predictable reality fixed and with little change.

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The Characters in Our Movie

From Astrology and Cosmology Course

Often, when we have difficult experiences with others, the tendency is to say, “They must be here to teach me a lesson”.  Bypassing the responsibility onto another, one tends to overlook the life lessons intended and unique for one’s own personal growth. Including, the Divine does not use lower base energies inside of another human to teach us lessons. When there is conflict between two people, there are two lessons being played out according to each person’s life trajectory and maturation with the magnetic pull of planets. Usually, our life lesson has nothing to do with the other person. It is the experience for growth and maturation, individually, influenced by the magnetism of planets in the interaction between two people.

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