Competition, Copying and Comparison

As we grow from a small child into an adult, we spend most of our time in an institution where the tendency to compare is fostered and competition encouraged. Each student is graded in mathematical ability, science aptitude, artistic skills, athletic abilities, musical talents and so on, across the board under one model of evaluation. Through this method of evaluation the child attempts to understand himself and what he has to contribute to life. Continue reading “Competition, Copying and Comparison”

The Golden Age


Mutation Happening with Humanity

Humanity has entered into the “Golden Age” as we move out of the constellation of Pisces and into the forces of Aquarius. Truly, it is the dawning of a new era embracing the next octave of human existence.

An intensification of light energies are being applied into the chemistry of all life forms on this planet. As consciousness increases so does humanity’s connection with Mother Nature while cultivating a state of unity that is experienced in group interaction and through acts of loving service.

Each new generation reincarnates at a higher state of consciousness moving towards the journey of self-realization.

In this new age, humanity embraces meditation, the disciplines and principles of ancient truths associated with developing and increasing conscious awareness and the knowledge and nurturance of the multi-part, multi-dimensional human system. Dormant, psychic energies are naturally awakened in those who are prepared and aware as potent chakras activate and higher forces begin to make their impression on the human form.

Teachers of ancient knowledge reveal, initiate and educate as forces dispense immense power for transmutation of the human system. Some teachers specialize in Hatha Yoga, some specialize in diet or nutrition, some in acupuncture, and some in Ayurveda; others specialize in healing arts and some even perform miracles. Blessed are those who are found by the Avatar. The list is long yet deeply familiar to the life-long seeker.

This new era creates a powerful mission to ignite the inner spark that is held deep within the soul and the heart of each person.


Cultivate and Expand the Capacity to Perceive

Nothing feels more “yummy” than positive fractal connections.

A positive fractal connection is the coming together of souls who are aligned for sharing creative efforts towards the good of humanity, in some way. It is not a romantic connection like the hot electromagentics or DNA impulse of “opposites attract” nor is it a “sticky” type of relationship that tradition brings. Nay, it is the coming together of like-ness at the core of the being. Fractal connecting is very cool in nature yet, strikingly, vividly hotter than the sensation of warmth produced by the effect of “opposites”.  This is the reason why it can easily become the main impulse that attracts one to another, if given the chance.  Continue reading “Cultivate and Expand the Capacity to Perceive”

Mutation 101

Taught in ESOTERICS 101

A Mutating Universe

~ If you start tasting the possibilities of existence beyond the five senses and the mind, means conscious mutation has started in you….in a very limited way you experience only five senses – seeing, listening, tasting, touching, smelling. […] When the Third Eye is awakened, beyond all these six – five perception and permutation, combination; processing – of the mind; beyond all these six, you start tasting the possibility of existence. Means, the conscious mutation starts in you. Understand.”

~ H.D.H. Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam 

Continue reading “Mutation 101”