Growing Enlightenment

How one chooses to grow in spirituality depends greatly upon how one approaches the object of their devotion. Often, one approaches a divine being through their desire to have things or through petition in prayer for better health. Fear is a motivation too, for connecting with a Higher Power as one seeks protection for one’s self or for the wellbeing of a loved one.

There are many reason why humans seek out a superior power and many similar approaches. Hence the purpose behind religions and the tendency to gather in social settings such as churches, synagogues, temples and mosques. Continue reading “Growing Enlightenment”

The Power of Sound

Hindu Spiritual Alchemy

Out of all five senses, hearing holds an extraordinary position in the human body. 

Hearing is the last sense to leave the body at the time of death. Hence, the practice of chanting mantras or soothing music as one is dying, as seen in many ancient cultures familiar with this truth. Even a softly spoken story, while seated near the dying one, moving from one dimensions into another, the ease of passing is facilitated in a loving, fluid way.

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Cliques and the State of Oneness

Do you remember attending junior high school and the experience of group formations? 

Junior high is the most earliest environment for fostering cliques and determining who belongs with who. From those two years of early adult experience, many personalities are conditioned to align with what they think is correct or they learn to cultivate a behavior that adapts so that they will be included, even in the wrong group or special clique.  Continue reading “Cliques and the State of Oneness”