The Mystery of the G

One of the most intriguing components of this 21st century teaching, HUMAN DESIGN is the presentation of the “G” Center. Heavily shrouded in mystery and an elusive translation of what it is exactly, through the ancient Tantra teachings, a deeper investigation reveals the secrets behind the “G”.

Enlightened mystics and Hindu rishis maintained careful guard of this ancient secret and golden key, which is why it has remained a mystery and is difficult to define. It’s not meant for mainstream nor easy to grasp by the common man


For thousands of years, the mystery of this G has been kept secret by siddhi masters of the ancient Hindu science of Yoga because humanity has not been ready to receive its teaching nor has the human mind had the ability to grasp its magnitude. However, slowly it is coming to the forefront of spiritual possibilities in the human experience as a few masters begin to reveal exactly what this mystical space is and how it operates. Humanity is now ready as the mutation descends upon the planet and all living creatures.

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design is the foremost, significant voice of contemporary times for sharing what the ” G” is, where it resides in the body, how it operates and how to use it.

A mystical space inside the human form and traditionally reserved for the guru, an initiator has brought forth the expanding process for achieving enlightenment to the masses through his dispensation of the ancient mysteries.


Uru, a part of the founders name is a term derived from Tantra,  the ancient Hindu teachings for gaining enlightenment, connected to Lord Shiva. Translated through the ancient shastras, Ra is the destroyer, god of destruction.

Uru is a sage and guru mentioned in the ancient Indian texts who received a powerful teaching from Indra, a Vedic, Hindu deity and king of the Hindu gods as well as, guardian of the highest knowledge. Indra imparted the teachings known as the Agamas. The Agamas are the powerful Hindu spiritual sciences given by Lord Shiva and widely shared around the world including by my Guru, the living avatar Sri Baghwan Nithyananda Paramashivam.

Ra Uru Hu  even declares that Tantra is a seven-centered science, which is not true at all. Tantra actually reveals two more chakras activated through the achievement of a higher state of conscious awareness, leading to nine chakras orchestrating the evolved life form.

What Ra Uru Hu refers to as the “G” center, is exactly what the ancient teachings share in regards to another center becoming activated in this heightened state of awareness. For the goal of Tantra is to graduate from seven to nine chakras as one evolves out of delusion and into higher intelligence living a fully integrated being operating with conscious awareness. This state of enlightened integration is referred to as “JivanMukti” in the ancient scriptures.


Where did HD come?

Once while in class with Ra Uru Hu, the founder of HD, I mentioned that the HD teachings were very similar to another body of work that I had been studying for almost thirty years, religiously – the Theosophical teachings and primarily Alice Baileys work. Ra Uru Hu affirmed that he got the idea for the HD teachings from one of Alice Bailey’s books, the one that I had mentioned in the conversation with him and what seemed like another version of the same teaching.

Madame Blavatsky

After some investigation, one will find that the work of Alice Bailey is a watered-down dispensation of the teachings of Madame Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society. It is difficult to imagine Alice’s work as “watered-down’ because Madame B was a very creative writer with a very active imagination that could sensationalize even the most mundane fact and Alice is close behind her with the same skill.

Madame B was an avid visitor of southern India and loved to spend time with Hindu sadhus, gleaming as much as she could from them. After a visit, she would return to Europe and write her many volumes of highly complex, difficult to grasp, nonsense, or so it seems.  A thorough investigation of her life reveals that she never embraced the guru-disciple relationship absent of the important initiations that fosters a unique ability to impart spiritual truths for transforming spiritual seekers, as traditionally practiced for thousands of years.

Einstein & Schroginger both read the Vedas & Upanishads, ancient HINDU teachings, as well as many other scientist and theosophists, including Annie Bessant, Leadbetter, Rudolph Steiner, and so on.

All of these authors gained their knowledge reading ancient teachings, and mostly, Blavatsky’s books and then wrote their own interpretations.

Yes, initiation is necessary for the interpretation to be accurate. Only those who experience what the teachings impart have the ability to transmit the truth that is being revealed.


Where is the G?

For those who dapple in the HD teachings, the G center is real, indeed.

However, the interpretation of the G center is terrifically distorted.

Ra was asked many times, “What does the G center stand for?” He could not answer, he did not know.

Buried deep in one of Alice’s volumes she translates the G center to mean: “God Geometrizes”. She is close yet, still, its not a correct translation and even more evident is that she does not understand how it works nor what it is exactly as you read her words.

Ancient teachings reveal that the G center is not a chakra, nor is it connected to the liver organ as it is presented in HD nor is it located in the center of the chest as the body graph shows with channels running in between the centers and connected to it through the astral body. The channels in HD are actually, the subtle nerve meridians of the emotional body, traditionally recognized as NADIS in the ancient yoga science and the centers are not chakras as the body graph center names allude. More specifically, the NADIS (HD Channels) are components of the three lower chakras and lower mind situated behind the pancreas.

The “G” is something more mystical and certainly not a part of the emotional body and aura nor a part of the digestion process, which qualifies TYPE in Human Design. It is something very unique outside of the nerve channels and chakras and in a different layer of the human system activated in a very auspicious way.

The ancient teachings actually indicate the importance of keeping the science of the “G” guarded and amongst those who can truly understand what it is and honor it with great respect.

As the teachings reveal, if the information regarding this significant component of the human system is released into the hands of unqualified people, it becomes a nuisance as they attempt to break the students mind.

For that reason, it is only meant to be in the hands of enlightened beings – actually, that is the only way it becomes activated and operating – through the initiation of higher conscious awareness. For in this space the DNA is restructured entirely and that requires great wisdom and profound awareness to grasp and orchestrate.

In closing, yes the “G” is considered the 8th chakra in the ancient sciences yet, it is not an official chakra as it has no physical counterpart as the seven major chakras have with the primary glands, which is why the 7 chakra model counts as a major part of the human experience coupled with the 2 chakras activated in conscious awakening.  The ninth chakra activated in this fully self-realized being is what could be considered the “tool” of the activated 8th Chakra, the “G” while the 7 major continue to animate physical life form.

The potential is there for every human to achieve this blessed state of higher conscious awareness, yet, first, the qualities of divinity: calmness, equanimity, trust, grace and higher knowledge must be cultivated with a teacher who has reached the state of full enlightenment to assist in the process and initiate the gradual unfolding.

This is how it is explained in the ancient teachings that provide the wisdom for understanding the complex human system and how it unfolds towards achieving full self-realization with an alive, humming, buzzing “G”, as it is called in HD.

Growing Enlightenment

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The Power of Sound

Hindu Spiritual Alchemy

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Hearing is the last sense to leave the body at the time of death. Hence, the practice of chanting mantras or soothing music as one is dying, as seen in many ancient cultures familiar with this truth. Even a softly spoken story, while seated near the dying one, moving from one dimensions into another, the ease of passing is facilitated in a loving, fluid way.

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