Who’s Soul?

There was a time when a vast library containing mostly, spiritual texts written by contemporary authors and turn of the century, western esoteric pioneers who attempted to shine light on the process of spiritual evolution or spiritual aspects of the multilayered human system filled the bookcases of my room. This library was my love and something cherished and held onto tightly. A passionate seeker who desperately wanted to know and understand, this was the focus of my daily attention and energy.

For most of my life, I have explored what is soul, or who is soul. So many different terms are used across the various authors and teachers that it has been challenging to grasp true clarity on the matter. It doesn’t help that many write about the subject who have had no experience in realizing finer, more subtle aspects that play through this magnificent human vehicle nor the exquisite, higher states of consciousness possible.

Even time spent diving deep into complicated, man-made systems designed to unravel the mind, discover purpose and define the personality could not enlighten, transform or speak of true wisdom with accuracy or cosmic awareness. There are many clever minds that prey on those who are easily influenced, ignorant minds with the intention to earn a dime, as they are driven by greed and seeking attention or fame.

It isn’t until one tastes the reality of the relationship between the body, mind and spirit does the understanding become apparent and clear as to what is soul, who is soul and what does soul do. For that reason, most of the books in the library of my abode have been given away, tossed aside and left behind as I turn my attention towards a more reliable source of wisdom to guide the expansion of awareness. After some time, it becomes obvious in the first page or two of any book if the author is a reliable source for gaining insight, awareness or a formidable shift in consciousness. Even the contemporary astrological systems of clever minds lose their appeal and quickly become a waste of time and effort.

It’s astonishing how accurate, how true, how pragmatic and incredibly current ancient teachings are even in these so called modern times. Still, the teachings can be applied and used to define the nature of being human. And with the transmission comes golden nuggets dropped into the mind that is open, embracing, humble and ready. Each time I read a passage, and then read it again, I am transported, transformed while reading a fresh, new perspective beyond the previous time I read the same passage. Truly, it is humbling and an extraordinary encounter to drink in the wisdom of teachings transmitted from a cosmic source. All other teachers, writers, authors and clever communicators pale and drift into oblivion with their feeble attempts to be the source of truth.

In the teachings of the ancients, the Sanskrit language eloquently and mysteriously conveys the riddle of complexities and reveals only what one is able to grasp in each moment in accordance to the expansion and humility of the nature. It is not easy to unravel, and perhaps, it is not meant to be unraveled, only to be experienced.

Keeping it simple, short and concise, using a modest channel through an obscure portal, we shall explore obtaining clarity on who is soul, what is soul and where is soul.

First, we must address the primal layer of the multiplex human form in order to determine exactly who is soul.

In accordance with the ancient texts, Vedas and Agamas and the exquisite Upanishads, we find that there are four main parts to the human form in a process that is working towards union of body, mind and spirit and achieving greater states of awareness in the process. Easily, the part that is dominant, controlling the life force, can be identified through how one is breathing.

On the mundane, ordinary plane of existence there are four basic parts of the human form experiencing and translating reality through the five senses with the foundation of the five elements: fire, water, earth, air, and space (also referred to as ether). We see this relationship vividly through the science of astrology in the placement of planets and their activations that create the life story and the patterns that are experienced moment to moment, creating experiences.

Within the story written by the astrological placements and the context of elements we find the karmic seeds that impact perception and behavior providing the lessons for growth and coloring the perception of reality. We also see the maturation story and the path of the Soul. The first path, that of the emotional desire mind holds a frequency of color, sound and smell of the lower nature, as seen in a dramatic interplay through the right and left nostrils as one moves about throughout the day.

On this mundane plane of existence there is the physical body, the emotional mind and the senses driving the life experiences causing reactions motivated by pressures in accordance to the placement of planets and their design. For instance, if one’s Moon is in the eighth house and in the sign of Capricorn then one can tend to be in a selfish mood, lazy, feeling attached to family and tradition or suddenly in a mean spirit; one may even express a slightly higher level of intelligence too. Within twenty-four to thirty-six hours or more, the Moon moves into the ninth house and into the constellation of Aquarius. Suddenly, the nature becomes diplomatic or more emotionally reactive, possibly a stronger intuition and feeling more spiritual. There may even be a lighter, more joyful expression as though the sadness and depression has lifted for a moment or the anger has subsided.

It may sound far fetched, however I watch people change in behavior and attitude from one day to the next, acting out the biorhythm of their design in accordance to placements and activations of planets. The forces of the Moon and its movement through the constellations changes approximately every two days. With the Moons fast movement, so comes the fast changing behaviors from happy to sadness to exhilaration, laughter, hunger, greed, lying or desire to care. Moment to moment can be extreme in the Maya governed by the forces of the Moon and the body that is tuned to its influence.

At the level of the Moon influence the “dimmer switch” on the vehicle is turned on low, simmering slowly the process of maturation. Most people are living at this level of operation, oblivious to a higher frequency available for a more fulfilling reality. They are also missing some juicy activations in their design for getting opportunities to move up to a higher quality of life. Its astonishing to read a colorful life story full of possibilities and watch people ignore chances for positive change. Humans get very attached to people and places and locked deeply into defeating habits.

At the root of all human existence is the yearning to know one’s self, to understand one’s life purpose and to taste the fullness of one’s own talents and abilities. However, many hardly get close to the full expression of what is possible. Many humans stay in a space of emotional ups and downs, crisis, confusion and often, despair because of the extreme experiences that come with an emotional reality. In this space and at this level of existence, the breath is usually, fast, short, shallow and often, filled with heavy, occasional sighs.

Most of the daily habits and patterns foster short, quick, shallow breathing and breed the sadness, frustration or depression that cause the heavy sighs that are unconsciously expressed; an indication that something is missing and natural desires are unfulfilled.

This is what life is like when soul is being ignored, rejected and not given the opportunity to live out its expression through the body it has incarnated into to accomplish the opportunities written in the life design.

Inside each person is a life story with a unique identity yearning to be expressed and experienced. This unique identity is the Soul. Dialing in the Soul with its purpose, surfing and overcoming the karmic seeds, bypassing the emotional imprints and the challenges of the imbalances of elements is the journey that is written by the stars. It is very difficult to find and tap into when the emotional nature is driving the life through its patterns and habits that foster the short, quick shallow breathing and the activities that block the right and left nostrils repeatedly. You can watch this happen throughout the day in accordance to the food that you eat and the company that you keep. Watch the influences impact how you breathe as you move about and choose what to do next. You will find that it is a constant back and forth, as rarely are both nostrils open and breathing deep and slowly.

This is why Pranayama is so important, the art of learning how to breathe deep and slowly, becoming mindful of how one is impacted by environments, patterns and the people coming and going. Pranayama also assists greatly in clearing so that unfriendly influences are removed from the body and nervous system, making space for Soul to come forward. When there is space for the Soul to be and express there is more calmness, deeper, slower breathing and a wonderful sense of satisfaction inside one’s being.

This higher level of intelligence ruled by the Soul also gives the ability to override the senses and their tendency to drive the life. Often, the senses in control cause great confusion or discomfort in some way. For example, eating when not hungry because one is feeling sad or pushed by taste, becomes a habit which can create becoming overweight. Another example is smoking tobacco, using the habit to control the sadness, boredom or broken heart or drinking coffee to wake up and stimulate the body into action, which eventually causes blown adrenals and exhaustion. Most people turn to coffee for waking up only because they are not getting enough oxygen. This can happen through not spending enough time outside, sleeping with closed windows and in a space filled with wifi energy, electrical currents running through the walls and around the bed. This considerably zaps energy and vitality.

As my Guru recently pointed out, if there are cobwebs in the bedroom, then most likely one is suffering from stomach pain and poor digestion. If the house is not clean then one may be suffering with ulcers. This proves how greatly we are impacted by our environment and how much habits influence the measure of what one is perceiving or what they are aware of.

Conscious intelligence says,”no, the results of this action are not good, I must do this”. Or it may push self to do the right thing such as get out of bed, stretch the body and be mindful of what it chooses next for fuel.

This is will persistence in action applying higher intelligence.

Operating from this place of intelligence actually adds time and years to one’s life while fostering good health. It also gives the ability to handle life events. Conscious intelligence fosters enthusiasm for activities, inspiration for what comes next in the day and provides the ability to see objectively.

When one knows who they are, the life story that has been written with strengths and talents, purpose and direction and decides with all their willpower to live out that destiny, then the Soul has appeared and is in control, driving the life.

Applying Pranayama on a daily basis provides new grooves in the brain, gives strength to willpower and causes one to be more receptive to new ideas, inspiration and fabulous opportunities. It also provides the key to open the door so that Soul can enter and settle into the drivers seat. Suddenly, there is more time, more energy, more vitality, and consciousness can grow rapidly.

The Dance of Body and Mind

It is a fact that human nature is driven by desire. 

Desire stems out of the emotional, lower mind, usually neglecting the true needs and requirements of the physical body as it responds to the senses and the influences of the environment. The physical part of our system actually suffers greatly at the hands of the emotional desire body, operating with the three lower chakras and the grey matter positioned behind the pancreas.

Most of the time when we choose to eat it is prompted by smell or taste, and not because we are truly hungry. Taste is the trickiest sense of all because when it looks at food or smells the aroma of food, the mouth begins watering as the taste buds recall the flavor. This sensation of taste tricks and motivates the body into eating food. Even if there are no hunger pains, the mouth will water and prompt the hands to reach out and take the food and place it in the mouth. If only the body could speak for itself and say, “not now, please”. Truly it functions as a slave to the desires and emotions of the lower mind and suffers greatly because of it.

Notice the next time your mouth begins to water prompted by the smell or sight or even thought of food.  Instead of responding to the stimulation of the senses, take time to let them pass.You will see that the body is not really hungry and you will feel better physically choosing to give the body a rest.

You will also notice that when you respond to the sense of taste and decide to eat the food that your energy level plummets, causing you to slow down or become sleepy. You will also notice your breathing change and maybe block an air passageway in one of the nostrils. On the contrary, choosing not to eat and waiting for faux hunger pains to diminish and fade, the body moves into greater vitality and energy. The body loves it when the digestion process is given a rest, refusing to respond to the senses on every whim.

When you do decide to dine on food, watch how the body responds. Eating according to blood type, one can watch the body respond with delight when eating at the right time, the correct type of food for the physical body and the correct amount ~ not too much food at once. Stopping just before the feeling of fullness gives a clear impression of what is correct and working for the internal system as one enjoys more vitality after eating.

Over-eating actually stops the process of nutrifying and turns food into toxins. It does much more harm to the internal organs and nervous system than people realize. It makes the body vulnerable to disease and unfriendly, vital forces. Usually, it is depression or the greed of taste that causes this tendency to consume more than what the body needs, which demonstrates how emotions, desire and the senses are at the root of many self-defeating patterns and habits.

It takes approximately three days to move all the contents out of the body leftover from one large meal, from consumption to digestion to assimilation to elimination. After three days, the body expresses authentic hunger and begins to yearn for real nutrition. Humans eat so much more than what is required to maintain vital energy in the body and to enjoy good health.

The body loves conscious willpower applied in all activity concerning its use, especially with food. Truly, it does have a voice, it is very subtle and not easily seen by the busy, distracted lower mind that is using the senses to drive the life. This is the purpose of the fifth rung on the ladder of Yoga, Pratayahara, the control of senses and desires. As one masters the practice of daily asana’s (hatha yoga) and learns how to control breath, then one becomes conscious of how their senses are driving the life, using intelligence to navigate life. This is the next step.

For the majority of humans, the main intellect is the emotional body using the senses to perceive, classify, recall and judge. The person determines what it likes and dislikes, creates boundaries and preferences as it is moving through life experiencing and encountering events and people. All perception, judgment, preferences, projections and ideas are based on the state of relationship of the emotional, lower mind and the senses.

When our senses drive our life, we lose ability to consciously observe our physical body and intelligently control our emotions. For instance, coffee over-stimulates the nervous system. This is one food item that is easy to identify its influence on our emotions and energy. Often, people are pushed way beyond their natural rhythm into a fast-paced, overwhelming energy that is not calm nor centered and it has a terrible impact on the physical body damaging internal organs and stressing the nerves when used in a habitual way. At the same time, it causes one to become short-tempered, easily triggered into anger, impatient and overwhelmed. Coffee tends to become a compulsive habit fostered by the emotional desire body to stimulate false vitality. Including, shortness of breath and quick short breaths often happen as a result of drinking coffee, which stimulates greed and desire in the emotional body. It has many subtle effects that often go unnoticed by the unconscious, unaware mind.

Sugar has an equal impact in throwing the chemistry off balance inside the body causing sadness, depression, anger, over-stimulated nerves and so on. This is how unconscious, habitual, compulsive behavior driven by the senses runs the life.

Cravings, addictions, habitual, unconscious behavior causes our mind to become confused and cut-off from intelligent navigation. When this happens, we lose connection with the subtle cues from the body for directing life purpose and manifesting positive events.

This is why Yoga science is designed with the eight rungs in ascending order. Until one has purified the physical body and has learned to apply the Yamas and Niyamas for refinement of character, adopts a daily morning ritual of stretching the body and learns to become conscious of breath through Pranayama, it is impossible to step into the practice of Pratyahara, conscious sense-withdrawal and intelligent, conscious life navigation.  One step at a time is the way to get past the mind.


Following are exercises for using intelligence over emotions and senses while becoming more conscious of the body/mind relationship.


Love Letter to the Body

Take a moment to evaluate your minds relationship with your body.

Pen down a love letter to your body expressing your gratitude for how it carries you through the day. Acknowledge its willingness to heed your minds desires and commands. Recognize its receptivity for maturing, growing and expanding in awareness. Request that it speaks to you and guides you into the best actions for meeting its needs. Make a promise to offer it what is correct for maintaining good health, promise to be mindful of how your mind and emotions are impacting its health and promise to apply more awareness for managing a greater peaceful mental space so that the body can relax.

Now you are gaining conscious control over your senses and desires. If you are mindful of your body and how it feels, grateful for its continuing performance to carry you through life, surely, you will be more mindful not to overeat, consume junk food or put toxins into your system.



Mental Chatter Control

In a comfortable place, where you spend time relaxing and meditating, undisturbed, sit quietly and watch the thoughts run through your mind, one by one.

Notice each thought that enters and then say to yourself, “I am not this thought” or “I see myself having this thought yet, it is not me”.  Allow the mind to entertain all the thoughts that pass through. Through applying this exercise you are becoming aware of what is mind and discovering what is the core of you beneath the noisy mental chatter.

The mind is a receptacle of thoughts, it does not produce thoughts. They enter according to desire and inclinations, the environment where one is residing and the company within it. Applying conscious intelligence gives one the ability to exercise willpower and control over the emotional mind as it filters the quality of thought-currents one entertains. Through the practice of Pratayahara, detaching from thoughts and controlling responses to senses, one moves from a human response machine to a divine conscious being.

Even in an environment where there are lots of people, one can learn how to stop the thoughts from entering into one’s system, reducing the impact and influence of others through conscious awareness.

If you practice this daily for one week, you will be amazed by the awareness that is gained and the ability that is acquired to control one’s thought-field, creating greater peace of mind.


~ Kashi Stone, 2019 January


How to Rejuvenate the System through conquering Desire for Food and the sense of Taste

*  TYAGA ~ living life with an attitude of prayer and reverence aligned with the laws of the cosmos. TYAGA strengthens self-confidence, willpower, assists in overcoming the “ups and downs” of the Maya and gives the power to move through life consciously. Through practicing TYAGA, one chooses consciousness to rule life and becomes the catalyst for transforming the chemical balance of the body, brain and etheric system beyond mundane existence, overcoming the passions of the senses and animal nature creating a divine being.

Tyāga means – sacrifice, renunciation, abandonment, resignation, donation, forsaking, liberality, withdrawal – “giving up with generosity what one could probably have kept”.[6] – wikipedia.  








Sri Aurobindo



Spiritual Cleansing Shower

Much emphasis is given in our day-to-day life for maintaining the physical body. Some of the most powerful daily habits for serving the physical body are unconsciously practiced through food. The second most prominent daily physical habit is the shower or bath and the third is physical activity. There are many exercise and work-out salons, as well as yoga studios in metropolitan areas indicating the fascination and dedication to maintaining the physical body. Even more so are the number of restaurants and grocery stores providing an array of food or food-like substances for maintaining the physical body.

It is surprising that such little attention is given to the emotional body when, equally, it is experiencing the same daily impact of the physical plane and is the energy source of matter. Thoughts, emotions and feelings are responsible for how one functions and lives.

Through raising anti-matter (emotions) to a higher level of existence matter (physical body) naturally follows.  Creating a state of balance in the emotions and the physical body brings a higher form of existence, truly.

Quality of life is not only about how we take care of our physical body, it is also about the air that we breathe in the space where we reside and the emotions and feelings that are a result of breathing in that atmosphere.

Who we are breathing with, who we are eating with and who’s food we are eating matters significantly. “What or who” we take in and then, breathe out as a result becomes our character. Therefore, it matters greatly who is in our space and what we are absorbing in each environment.

The emotional, vital forces are actually strengthened through the process of eating food. Fasting or reducing food intake reduces thought-currents and keeps one protected from others’ thoughts or vital/ emotional forces while sharing the same breathing space. Meditation before dining is also helpful for preparing a clear space inside of one’s being before taking in food and helpful afterwards to clear “extra” energy passed on.

The human body is like an open-market place that easily takes in the thought-currents and moods of everyone near. It doesn’t matter if one knows a person or if a complete stranger is seated near such as in a restaurant. We take in the thought-currents of every human and animal positioned in close proximity, breathing and sharing the same air.

Breath is a natural barometer of the quality of company in the environment. 

One can witness a depressed person by the heavy sighs that accompany the
out-breath. If someone near is breathing out heavy sighs, they are sharing their depression and soon, the same thoughts may be running through one’s mind causing depression, sadness or regret or guilt. The same goes for lust, sensuous desires, greed, anger and insecurity. Whatever a person is entertaining in their mind colors the quality of air that others breathe and the thoughts that run through the mind of everyone in the space.

Equally important with the understanding of breathing space is grasping the fact that breath is directly related to the health of the circulatory and respiratory system. Through the circulatory system, digestion, quality of blood and condition of the heart organ are impacted. The respiratory system impacts ears, lungs, diaphragm and ribs. A person who is ill in any of these organs or body parts is sharing their illness with others through their breath and the thought-currents that are creating disease.

Stress has a big impact on how one breathes, blocking the flow of life energy that is required for healing and rejuvenation. Stress also impacts how digestion operates and the state of internal organs, especially the intestines; again, blocking flow and causing indigestion and constipation. It is impossible to reach higher states of consciousness when the intestines are blocked and suffering from stress.

The breath is the place where all desires are stored. If there is a conflict in desires it creates shallow breathing which fosters tiredness. If there is confusion in one’s thought-process, then there is short breathing and tremendous frustration. If one is expressing contradictions in desires, then there is chaotic, short-breathing with heavy sighs causing boredom. There is no way anything positive can be manifested when there is a contradiction in one’s desires.

If the breath is deep, long and calm, there is an expanded space inside of one’s being that is overflowing with love for life, experiencing good health and events flow effortlessly. Relaxing and slowing down into deep breathing is liberating and assists greatly in breaking defeating patterns.

It benefits tremendously gaining understanding in how to manage and control breathing.


Consciously working with the breath causes nerve currents to change into a form of electricity. When the entire body is aligned using the science of Yoga, a gigantic battery of willpower is created to manifest reality. This is the purpose behind the importance of learning how to breathe properly through the practice of Pranayama. Through the Ida and Pingala, the sensory and motor fibers, electrical energy of willpower moves and manifests positive desires and life purpose.

Most do not realize that when positive things happen in their life in alignment with what they desire, it is a manifestation occurring out of one’s own nature influenced by breath.

Through applying specific breathing exercises astral channels can be cleared of emotional blocks allowing for one to access prana, vital, primordial energy and life force absorbed by the mucus membrane tissues moving through the nervous system and blood. Oxygen is absorbed by tiny air sacs in the lungs and is not the same as the life-force current of prana. Prana expands life, increases vitality, improves intellect, creativity and memory retention as well as provides the momentum for spiritual progress. It is the key to manifesting the unique “miracle-like” happenings in our life.

The first step in gaining awareness of breath and access to prana is through control of the motion of the lungs.  Once we learn how to control our breathing consciously, we bring more life and vitality into our body and direct our life with conscious willpower. This is very different than how the ordinary human lives life, being tossed to and fro by the emotional currents of pain and desire.

Provided in this article are a few exercises to begin learning how to control breath. Breathing in a measured way harmonizes the system and brings a wonderful state of peacefulness. After some time spent in practice, you will notice a softening in the voice, a gentle mindfulness in the delivery of words, a difference in how the lungs function with prana and a natural state of calmness that enters into the nervous system while life flows effortlessly and in the direction of more satisfaction.

Certainly, the exercises are worth a try.

After taking a shower in the morning and applying stretching and bending exercises so that life-energy can flow through the body, practice a short exercise of Pranayama. Just one quick session is all you need in order to see positive changes occur in the way you feel inside your body and mind. You can also apply Pranayama exercises throughout the day while in your car or outside walking in nature alone. Burning natural incense in your alone space provides a lovely effect in how the exercise clears and impacts the mental body, too.

It is best if one creates a space in the home that can be considered the “holy room” where you can visit with the intention of conducting these exercises for spiritual transformation.

Make sure that the area is clean and orderly, that you have showered or bathed before entering, a vase of fresh flowers grace the environment, pictures of your guru or saints are placed about, incense is burnt frequently and that anger, quarreling or harsh interaction is avoided. Only allow those who share the same thought-currents and intentions as you do to enter into the special environment created for your daily spiritual shower. Use this special room or corner space for practicing Hatha asanas, reflection on spiritual teachings, Pranayama and meditation.

Exercise ONE

If you are in a space where you can crouch down and sit on your heels, place your hands on your hips and breath chaotically for twenty to forty seconds.

This chaotic breathing radically, quickly changes the breathing pattern that you hold consistently in your system. By starting with this short exercise, one becomes hollow inside and prepared for a new way of breathing. It also assists with changing thought-currents quickly, too, if you find that you are inundated with nagging mental tapes.

*Avoid doing this exercise if you are having pre-existing lung problems, heart disorders or complications with high blood pressure. 

Exercise TWO

This exercise is best practiced at early morning sunrise and again in the early evening during sunset. Even better if you practice this technique during midday and before going to bed, in addition to the sunrise and sunset practice. Always conduct this exercise before you eat as it is ineffective if applied while body is digesting.


Close right nostril with your thumb and breathe in through left nostril, slowly, very slowly.

Then, close your left nostril with your forefinger.

Hold your breath for as long as you can.

Next, release your thumb and breathe out the right nostril, very slowly while continuing to hold the left nostril closed.

Once you have exhaled completely, hold this space of emptiness for as long as you can before taking in another breath.

With the left nostril remaining closed, breathe in through the right nostril, slowly.

Hold the breath as long as you can with both nostrils closed.

Then, remove forefinger and breathe out the left nostril slowly while holding the right nostril closed with thumb.

Breathe in through left nostril again, while holding right nostril closed with thumb.

Continue exercise, back and forth from exhalation to inhalation through each nostril as outlined above.

* Be sure to stand up while practicing this exercise with feet spread approximately three-feet apart, knees relaxed and eyes closed for maximum results. 


Repeat this exercise four times during each practice session. Gradually, over time, you can increase the number of breaths and extend the holding time for maximum results. You can enhance this exercise through chanting OM while breathing. Do attempt to inhale and exhale as slowly as possible and hold in breath and empty breath for as long as possible. This is the key to this practice.

Applying this exercise four times a day, approximately every four hours, and within a fifteen to thirty day period of daily practice the nervous system is completely purified, the emotional nature changed and a mature way of reacting to life events is set in place.

*Avoid doing this exercise if you are having pre-existing lung problems, heart disorders or complications with high blood pressure. 


Exercise THREE

The Yamas and Niyamas are a great place to begin the process for cleansing the subtle astral channels. Through this practice, one easily gains conscious control of life direction and growth in awareness.

Each night before going to sleep, review the events of the day and observe how you reacted or non-reacted to situations. Then, compare your actions to the principles of Yama and Niyama (rungs one and two on the ladder of Yoga) to gauge your maturation process.

To the degree that we apply the disciplines of Yoga is the degree of chaos or the extent of peaceful interaction with others in our daily activities. You will discover this truth over time through keen observation.


Sitting quietly in an uninterrupted, calm space while breathing slowly and deeply, imagine and visualize the kind of person that you would like to be.

Hold the vision of your highest ideals in your minds eye of how you would like to live your life and be perceived by others. Include the attributes and qualities that you would like to experience in your character.

Once you have gained a clear picture in your mind of what you consider to be your “perfect” self, compare with the Yamas and Niyamas and see how close or far you have experienced these spiritual principles in all your interactions and events for the day.


1) Abstaining from causing injury to self or others (non-violence)
2) practicing truthfulness, (thoughts match speech, match actions)
3) abstaining from stealing
4) abstaining from sensuality (celibacy)
5) abstaining from greed


1) Purity (external and internal)
2) Contentment
3) Austerity (Character) (*tamasik, rajaisik and satwik)
4) Study of Scriptures
5) Attunement to higher forces

As you apply this visualization exercise daily, higher principles are impressed upon the sub-conscious mind and become a natural part of one’s character. Through your ability to manage your own aura and state of being you naturally gain the ability to influence others positively.

If others feel joyful breathing your space, then you naturally become more blissful.  Bliss begets more bliss.

Clearing and moving patterns out of the subconscious realm of one’s identity makes room for a more divine-like substance to rest inside the being and brings the correct desires into manifestation. Once the currents of the nervous system calm and expand, the mind enters into superconscious state of awareness.

This is the way to apply a spiritual cleansing shower. 



~ Kashi, December 2018


* Quality of nature: tamasik: inert, rajaisik: active, satwick: harmonious



My Guru: H.D.H. Paramahamsa Bhagwaan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam
~ Living Enlightenment
Swami Vivkenanda: Raja Yoga 
Goswami Kriyananda: The Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga


Brahma Muhurta

There is a very special time of the day, each day that is recognized as the “Creators Hour”, which takes place in the early morning hours right before the sun rises. Exactly one hour and thirty-six minutes before sunrise.

This special time of the day is known as Brahma Muhurta, which translates as the auspicious time of Brahma and “muhurta”, which is a forty-eight minute time period. During this time there are two muhurta’s, one beginning an hour and thirty-six minutes before sunrise and the second ending forty-eight minutes before sunrise. Since the time of sunrises varies throughout the year and according to geographic location, so does the timing of Brahma Muhurta vary.

For example, if the sunrise is scheduled to take place at 7:00 am, then the Brahma Muhurta begins at 5:24 am. If sunrise scheduled for 6 am, then Brahma Muhurta begins at 4:24 am.

In the Hatha Yoga tradition, the popular asana routine, the Sun Salutation is designed especially for this ritual. Many yoga practitioners first learn this simple, traditional set of postures at the beginning of their tutelage. Through practicing these postures with a pranayama routine one learns to calm the mind and prepare for the practice of meditation.

According to Aryurveda science, the Brahma Muhurta occurs during the dosa of Vata, which are the morning hours between 2:00 am and 6:00am. The Vata hours are considered the best time to meditate with the mind at its most still, quiet state and conducive to deep meditation.


It was a quiet moment in the car as we traveled down the busy, afternoon highway. The silence provided an opportunity for me to drop deep, inside myself. Meditative and contemplative, sitting in the passenger side, I was free from the concern of cars, direction or speed.

In this expanded space, I heard a voice quietly say to me, “Intensity”. The word echoed through my mind and drifted by as it dropped seeds of awareness. I repeated the words and spoke out softly in a whisper, “hmmm, intensity”.

Looking out the window in that moment towards the eastern horizon, as we passed by a busy industrial area with tall buildings and large office plazas, to the right, in large letters across the tallest and widest building, was the word: INTENSITY.

I was tuning into a frequency, a message, a chance to connect and be taken to the next level of my understanding.

Growing up, throughout the years, I remember my mother would look at me and say, “Don’t be so intense”. Obviously, she was uncomfortable with my natural passionate, desire to know, discover and realize truth.

I wasn’t sure how to “not be so intense”.

Fortunately, I never stopped being intense. As a matter of fact, as I grew older, I became more intense. And today, as a mature woman with deep intensity, I rest in the message and teachings of the SHIVA sutras.

Humans operate their body-system from three different levels:

1) Fear
2) Greed
3) Prana

When we move our source of energy away from fear and greed into prana, then our physical body is in a state of pleasure and has no pain.

Did you know that pain in the body, pain in the muscles, joints, tiredness, lethargy and stiffness often, is an indication that one is in the wrong place?

Most people reach for pain medication, aspirin or a drink of alcohol to deaden the pain they are feeling inside their body, in the environment where they have planted themselves and distracted their life-force energy.

If one is not moving towards fulfillment of one’s life calling, nor living in a state of deep intensity related to spiritual seeking, one becomes full of discontent, blaming others for their misery and loss of fulfillment; one brews in fear, grasps to appease the ego. This state of restless, displeasure is an uneasy place to sit and experience life.

When we use our intelligent willpower, we can choose to move away from fear or greed, and into a place of pleasure and vitalizing prana, also known as life-force. When we are breathing in prana, we are more productive in our work and in our contribution to the world. When this happens, we reach tremendous fulfillment in life.

Prana, life path activities, right place and right people all come together through the intensity of spiritual seeking. When we land in the fertile stream of life that is a result of right place and time, we become alive and we rejuvenate as we breathe prana, deeply.

If one is alive in their system, they do not think about others in such a way that they are cursing or feeling suspicion about the other; nor blaming, nor needing. On the contrary,  the one who is intensely seeking, single-pointed in their unfolding process of awareness, beauty becomes the mind’s occupation, creativity is the motivation and laughter fills the day, starting with the first chirps of the mornings’ songbirds. It is that magical in the stream of intensity.


How does one discover intensity?

If you do not spend time in creative projects, nor enjoy playing like a child, then, it is challenging to access prana, immediately. First, one must jump-start the system and get it moving towards life, again.

To jump-start, one must find a charity or social service that does not bring fame or status or money to one’s efforts or participation. Through your commitment and dedication that has no reward or response to greed or fear, the nature of the being slowly changes from discontent to gratitude.

Secondly, if you have been playful, creative and laughing, you can reach prana, fairly easy.

SHIVA SUTRAS teach us that there is a slight trembling that is constantly happening in the body as we move about throughout the day. If one holds their body tight, in the way that stress tends to cause, there is less flow and more constriction with this natural vibration of life-force.

For children, this flow of life happens naturally inside a playful, happy body. They are not dulled by their mind nor the tendency to measure and calculate, like adults, so vitality and prana flow freely and with glee. This is the Thymus gland activated and the Thyroid humming, the two glands that usually, shut down as humans mature into adults and lose the two powerful components of an aware being.

To start prana happening in your system, begin moving your body for no reason. You can do things such as, walking, dancing, rocking while sitting, working, moving, laughing or just enjoying.

Next, try sitting as though you are swinging, allowing body to move in its own way in invisible circles, with a slight movement.

Inside the body, this slight movement is always happening. Allow that movement to happen and just be with it. When you meditate here, in this space of quiet humming, gentle circling, lightly rocking, you realize that you are not a solid body. You become aware that you are flowing energy.

This is the kiss of bliss.



Om Nama Shivaya


The Art of Completion

Clearing the Emotional Body

In a previous newsletter, we addressed physical purification to clear mucus that has built up from eating food with toxins or through eating an unhealthy diet. Poor eating habits, such as eating when not hungry or too much at one time can be very damaging to the physical body and over all health, too.

As it has been relayed there are two types of mucus that build up in the body: physical and emotional. Fasting and purification, correction of diet and pure foods address and clear mucus that have built up in the physical body. The practice of completion clears blocked emotions that are trapped in the nerve channels, also knowns as the “nadis”, creating the root cause of illness. The physical and emotional parts of our being work hand-in-hand in how we experience life and both parts can become clogged and bogged down by phlegm.

The emotional body governs the senses, therefore, it is in control of how we are perceiving and experiencing life events and people. Blocked emotions caused by trauma can clog how the senses are operating and perceiving reality.

These emotions that block the senses place tremendous pressure on internal physical organs, causing illness or disease. If one is under great stress, emotional pain or anguish, feeling extreme anger or deep bouts of depression, a disease is guaranteed to form in the body at some point in time.

For this reason, it is critical to address all negative emotions that have been generated from crisis or life experiences since birth. If an incident has happened that has caused tremendous grief and it has not been addressed through the process of completion, then it is sitting inside the astral body, the nervous system, festering away and stressing an internal organ.

For instance, if an infant was not fed when it was hungry and left to cry, then, most likely there are problems with the digestion area, occurring in the stomach, intestines or pancreas as an adult. In the same way, if someone is terribly hurt from a failing love relationship, often, problems develop in the reproductive organs, lungs or heart organ from a “broken-heart”.

Emotions that cause disease and blocks in the nervous system are anger, frustration, fear, neediness, jealousy, possession and control, bitterness, depression, disappointment and victimization, self-importance, prideful arrogance, lust and confusion; anxiety, irritation and the worst: worry.

Following are a list of organs that are impacted by emotions and the disease that can manifest if one has not cleared emotional phlegm.

Anger, frustration, jealousy and envy 
Organs impacted: Liver, Eyes, & Gall bladder
Impaired digestion, liver unable to detoxify

Organs impacted: Kidney, Ears and Bladder
Symptoms: Low sexual energy, low life force, nervous system disorder, acidic body, knot in stomach

Hate, Cruelty, Impatience
Organs impacted: Heart and Small Intestine
Symptoms: High blood pressure, chest pain, heart palpitations 

Worry, Anxiety and Mistrust 
Organs impacted: Spleen, Stomach and Pancreas
Symptoms: Digestion difficulties, elimination problems 

Sadness, Depression 
Organs impacted: Lungs, Skin and Large Intestine
Symptoms: Breathing problems, decreased oxygen, constipation 

Notice if you are having health problems in any of the areas mentioned above. Are you experiencing emotions that fit as an interpretation for what you may be experiencing physically? Sometimes, it takes time to actually see how one is being impacted or to even notice such things as depression. One can be very depressed and assume that it is an ordinary, common way of feeling as it becomes a life habit. Short shallow breathing is a sign that one is depressed. Deep, wide, long breaths are an indication that one is filled with love and life is overflowing. This is why the yoga practice of Pranayama, learning how to correctly breathe to get the most of out of life is so important.

When the emotions generated from frightening or shocking experiences or deep disappointment with life events or an overly prideful and arrogant ego get lodged inside the body, an enneagram is created that creates an imbalance causing one to react to stressful situations with fear, greed, or anger and suffer the struggle that comes from expressing these defeating emotional patterns. Often, fear is spoken as a life-defeating prophecy and gets fulfilled in some way thwarting one’s ability to thrive or enjoy life. Even one word spoken can trigger these engrams into action or a negative prophecy for one’s life direction.

In the ancient Yoga system, there are a few effective ways to address emotional phlegm trapped inside the “nadi’s”, the channels of the nervous system where seeds of karma and emotional debris take lodge and fester inside the system, causing an overload of nagging thought-currents, disease and emotional unrest.



A quick way to clear the emotional blocks is to use the power of words to transform one’s self immediately. Convince the self positively and behave as though one is healed. This can be challenging to apply since most humans hold a host of thought-currents, emotions from past experiences and seeds of karma. However, if one knows who they are then it can be very effective. Most people do not know who they are until they have applied a life-long study of their personality and life purpose.



If there are disagreements with someone, it is paramount to never allow one’s perceived enemy into one’s inner space, or occupy one’s mind and become the cause of actions, decisions, words or explanations. This is a powerful test as to how centered one is and grounded in their own being.  Often, the energy from a disagreement appears much greater than it really is and causes one to react in a defeating way.

If one ignores their enemy there is no anxiety and if completion is applied, the opportunity for peaceful awareness can be achieved and enjoyed. One must be absolutely empty of any enmity towards another in order to be free, not allowing one to become weak nor poisoned by the influence.

Non-duality, also known as Advaita reduces anxiety as one brushes aside all potential problems or possibilities of enemies. By taking time away from an aggravated, potential enemy, sleeping off the possibility, for instance, for any occurrence to rise, eighty percent of the problems vanish and disappear avoiding the potential of incompletion and the creation of an enemy. The space of completion is to not react. Usually, this causes enemies to disappear gradually, naturally.

Concentrate on how one can enrich the world and divert one’s attention in another direction. Just be YOU for the world as one is designed to be for the world. Turn your attention toward those things that you enjoy doing that bring you tremendous satisfaction, contentment or joy.



Another way to clear phlegm from the emotional body is to make affirmative decisions without rationalizing for why one is not following through. Many people commit to things hoping to be loved, accepted, needed or wanted and never follow through on their word, causing them to rationalize their lack of integrity while strengthening their opposing reality.

By being aware of how one is committing to things and following through on one’s word, duality that is causing a deep split in the personality is removed while challenges and struggles are cleared. Duality in one’s being can be very dis-empowering and cause a host of problems with relationships. Better to be mindful of what one agrees to do, follow through on commitments and be honest about ability to show up.



The most effective and simplest way to clear emotional phlegm from the nervous system is through the process of completion. Through conducting this simple exercise several times, one gradually empties their astral body of defeating, emotional patterns and the seeds of karma waiting to sprout.

When one is in a state of completion they enjoy liberated thinking, which allows great creativity and imagination to flow through one’s being.

Through the technique of completion, one revisits memories held within the mind that create reoccurring experiences or cause one to feel fear, worry, anger or similar emotions. Looking back in one’s life, review the earliest, childhood memories to see where the root of one’s emotional nature has been fostered and repeating reactive behavior. With full integrity, write down every memory you can think of related to the repeating emotion that resurface in life events. Write down specifically the entire experience that is causing you to react emotionally.

Through this writing down, it is symbolic to the subconscious mind as an emptying process and gives the indication that the memory has been cleared as well as the emotion associated with it, giving the impression that you are not going to react to that type of problem anymore. This takes the incident, the memory and the emotional reaction out of the subconscious mind. It is very simple yet, highly effective.

Next, take what you have written and burn the piece of paper so no one else will read it. Writing down such memories and having them around can cause problems to rise again or the memory to resurface. Sometimes, things are written that can be hurtful or too aggressive for another to read or understand when you are emptying your emotional body of this phlegm. It is important to be as honest as possible in this exercise for it to work effectively. Again, this translates to the subconscious mind that you have released these memories forever. The burning of the paper containing the written memory creates a fabulous finality to the clearing ritual.

Emotions and experiences are lodged in layers, therefore, you may have to conduct this exercise several times to completely clear your being. Welcome them and do not fear or reject them when the emotions rise. Rather, allow them to surface and be cleared again, through writing down what you are remembering and feeling each time it rises. Through this exercise, the memory may remain but the reaction is transformed and released, cleared and gone, avoiding the same problem to occur again one’s life.



The basic instinctive emotions of anger, hate, greed, jealousy, deceit and worry are the substance through which humans evolve. These same emotions are also what color our aura as seen on a subtle level, create the odor of our body and generate the tone or frequency of our being. As more control of the emotions and greater clearing takes place, the colors and smell of our being changes taking on a more refined hue with a naturally lightening effect and a sweeter fragrance.

Through the science of Raja Yoga and its disciplines, this refining process moves one through clearing the emotional body quickly. Applying Pranayama, healthy breathing techniques, one is given tremendous power over the subconscious mind and unconscious emotional reactions. Eventually, concentration leads you into conscious control of your emotional nature, how your react to life events and challenging personalities with the understanding of cause and effect.

Make a list of all negative emotions residing in your mind. As you write them down, honestly and thoroughly, all the forces that hold you captive to these thought-currents are released from your system. Admitting and then observing, awareness becomes the operating system of your realty.

Handling your life and your thought world in this way takes tremendous discipline, utilizing the application of Raja Yoga. If you are unable to think of a cause for a reaction, write the situation or experience down on paper. Write everything down that comes to mind about the reaction until it has been assimilated and understood. In this way, every reaction becomes a lesson of wisdom that adds vitality to your life.



“There can be no firm foundation in sadhana without equality, samata. Whatever the unpleasantness of circumstances, however disagreeable the conduct of others, you must learn to receive them with a perfect calm and without any disturbing reaction.

These things are the test of equality.

It is easy to be calm and equal when things go well and people and circumstances are pleasant; it is when they are opposite that the completeness of the calm, peace, equality can be tested, reinforced, made perfect.”    

~ Sri Aurobindo

Clearing the Root Pattern

It is important to realize that all defeating patterns, emotional or physical, stem from our relationship with food, first. How we react to others, how we choose to relate and how we move through life, is most influenced by our relationship with food at a very deep level.

The emotional body is comprised of five senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing and seeing. There is also a sixth sense, the mind, which uses the five senses to cognize reality. The senses are rooted in the Solar Plexus, pancreas, liver and spleen region and held within a small bit of grey matter on either side of the spine, behind the pancreas, exactly like the grey matter found in the skull area.

The senses are what create a person’s identity and the reality that they are living. How one perceives and makes decisions, and how one reacts in relating with others is colored by the condition of these senses. If the senses are clogged with phlegm, emotionally or physically, so is the relating and perceptions of reality.

At the time of birth, the root pattern of food is the first to be developed as an infant cries out when it is hungry, creating its initial unconscious pattern. This root pattern becomes the foundation for all other patterns related to existence: love, sexuality, worry and fear.

The response of the caretaker, mother or father addressing the newborn’s needs determine’s how one evolves and perceives life. If the child is swiftly lifted and given the correct type of nourishment for its body, held gently and lovingly by the mother, life is very beautiful. However, if the child is left to scream in pain from hunger, missing a tender, loving embrace, fed low-quality nutrition, surrounded by unkind, stressful thought-currents, life is something to be feared and challenging to trust.

Through deep introspective work, it is revealed how one chooses to eat dictates how one expresses love. Yearning for attention, depression, any kind of perverse attraction all stem from how one was fed, nourished and cared for during infancy. This root behavior is often imbalanced and highly disconnected to the core of one’s true identity. Typically, parents are not aware of the unique individuality of their child and tend to influence offspring according to their desires, neglecting the astrological imprint with a life destiny. This life“imprint” is irrespective of the parents wishes or understanding, causing the great disconnect inside most people’s being.

When there is a chasm between body and spirit and the true identity, there is a tendency to choose things that are out of alignment with the authentic nature. This misalignment can cause tremendous confusion as choices are based upon other’s ideas and suggestions and from the senses that are clogged, distorting the translation of reality.

Food becomes a part of the body through blood, bones, marrow, internal organs as well as the subtle body, creating the quality of thought-currents running through the mind, ultimately, creating one’s reality. If one is dining on food grown with pesticides, drinking fluoridated water and eating junk food, terrible phlegm builds up inside the body, distorting perception. If one is behaving reckless in relating and love, then tremendous phlegm builds up inside the emotional body, distorting relationships and the ability to love and enjoy a peaceful, quiet state of mind.

Along with the impure diet, thought-currents that are created by emotions become lodged in the nervous system, such as crisis or deep, hurtful experiences or troubled relationships that have not been resolved or completed. The phlegm that is created, emotional and physical, tends to create a state of depression, causing one to withdraw from life.

Both the physical phlegm and the emotional phlegm cause illness and disease in the body, restlessness, confusion and great distortion in thinking. This leads one farther and farther from life purpose and away from fulfillment and contentment. Despair, depression, confusion and a state of disempowerment drive the life.

With the emotional body rooted in the Solar Plexus region working through the pancreas, liver, spleen and intestines, one can determine how much they are living out their true identity and life purpose. If there are digestion issues such as, constipation, low immunity, sharp pains in the right side of torso or left side under the ribs or even in the middle, right above the navel, then, something is very wrong and most likely, one is in the wrong place or interacting with someone in the environment who is not an ally and who may be toxic, much like a parasite.

Each experience brings a taste in the throat, impacts how one is breathing and ultimately, impacts the intestines. The intestines play a vital role bridging body and mind; within 48 hours, one can see if they are in the right place with the right people doing the right thing, or not. Constipation, pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, all indicate something is terribly wrong with where one is and what they are doing. If there is agitation or irritation, the stomach region is the first to respond and indicate a problem. One can test all matters in life through the stomach and the intestines to understand what is correct and healthy, or not.

The only place where a person can realize their identity is through the senses. Therefore, a cleansing, a purification of the senses must take place in order to realize one’s true identity. This begins with choosing pure organic foods and then, managing when and how one is eating. The tendency often, is to choose food as a substitute for love, causing one to eat when not hungry, snacking throughout the day, and choosing foods that lack vitality or nutritional value. Supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants tend to offer GMO foods treated with pesticides and most homes run water with fluoride through the tap and shower. Packaged, convenient, quick snacks often, have no nutritional value, yet, many enjoy a bag of chips, a candy bar or a soda pop as an immediate way to abate hunger, often filled with lots of preservatives.

Through pure foods, pure water and eating only when hungry, one begins to experience an automatic detoxification process. A certain quality of self-confidence begins to build naturally inside one’s being. Eating high-quality, super, nutritional food, the willpower becomes stronger and productivity increases ten-fold. Life changes dramatically as one settles into their unique individuality cultured through nutrition and the act of healthy self-love.

Through this natural alignment selecting organic foods and honoring the body, settling into one’s true identity, all other patterns are healed and transformed, bringing balance into the system and cultivating a clear, peaceful state of mind.


Integrity, Authenticity, Enriching and Responsibility / Causing
Purification physically through fasting combined with emotional purification conducted through the process of completion, coupled with higher principles: integrity, authenticity, enriching and responsibility, all diseases related to stomach are healed. The digestion process improves and the system opens to the force of prana, allowing vitality to flow through the body, elevating one’s reality, significantly while strengthening the immune system.

If one is practicing and applying the four higher principles, the stomach can digest any food easily. They are a safeguard to the quality of life experience one is having. Through truth, authenticity (thoughts, words and deeds match), enriching others in a positive way and practicing responsibility in all our actions, then, great peace comes into one’s being. An entirely different cognition comes into life that brings positive events through sensing what is correct, appropriate and healthy from a peaceful space governed by self-confidence.

Applying intermittent fasting and practicing celibacy is the fastest way to purify and heal the body,  and reduce thought-currents considerably.


Upon waking in the morning, decide “Let my body detox and come into tune with my true identity, removing patterns from my system”. Immediately go into a morning routine that provides the avenue for changing patterns and bringing alignment into your being.

While waking up in the morning, push the covers back, sit up on edge of bed and for three minutes, concentrate on this thought to give vitality to your conscious will and the ability to create the reality that you desire. Within 21 days of practicing a morning routine using hatha yoga, meditation, and spiritual edification combined with pure, organic food, an entire detoxification occurs allowing for a new reality.

Traditionally, there are five methods for detoxifying according to ancient science of Yoga:

1) Mud packs

2) Non-toxic foods ( no chemicals, no alcohol, only organic foods)

3) Ayurvedic energy medicine (herbs)

4) Exercises for balancing system

5) Minimum four-day fasting every three months (no solid foods)

Once the purification through pure foods and fasting is conducted, the next step towards greater clearing of one’s emotional phlegm is the process of completion. Purification of these two systems: physical and emotional go hand-in-hand.

Don’t delay, begin purifying today!



Will Arrogance

When the student is ready, the teacher comes

This becomes an obvious truth when you read something once, twice and maybe three times and then later, when you read it again, something entirely new surfaces into your awareness impacting you greatly.

Throughout the years, perhaps over thirty years, I have watched this happen inside of my own being in relation to different spiritual and intellectual studies. It has become obvious that we naturally censor what we are reading and absorb in accordance to our level of awareness and receptivity to truth and transformation.

Sometimes, I am shocked at the messages that I miss so easily because the ego is desperately coloring the message to make it work, somehow. “Will Arrogance” is the term that my teacher uses. I have heard him use this term many times but it never sank in, that is until recently. It would fly right over my head as I diligently interpreted his teachings to fit into my reality and support the decisions that I was making.

It wasn’t until recently that this term became obvious in the forefront of my mind and life experience. When it hit me, it was like a tsunami. I felt terribly embarrassed to be so arrogant and so foolish, at the same time. Since that awakening, this arrogant willpower has also become utterly obvious, not only in my own actions and speech but in those that I interact with. Until I was ready to see this characteristic, it was hidden behind a veil but not anymore. It is everywhere, I can see.

This same experience happening in those around me. A type of arrogance that thinks it is right, thinks it has the answers and cannot hear the truth of what the master is really sharing. It is a common human condition to think we have something to offer, something worthy and something that others can take on as their own truth. How wrong we are and yet, how innocent too.

The other day, I read something that has lingered in the back of my mind: “You too can become a millionaire with online sales”. Doesn’t this fool understand that each life is written with its own story and karma? Of course not, it is an arrogant statement to think that everyone can achieve the same. It is arrogant to assume that all can overcome the obstacles of a pre-written story and erase the seeds of karma that lay dormant in a physical and emotional system. But with enough motivation, the right type of wording and the right price to lure in the ignorant, he becomes a millionaire with online sales. Bless him.

Perhaps the greatest lesson that has evolved inside of me is the attitude of compassion. For no one truly understands how a life is written, what kinds of lessons are to be learned and the crossroads that one must approach at key moments in life like a life-long astrologer. Im speaking about an astrologer with ethics, not the power-hungry, money-driven astrologer who preys on others innocence or lack of understanding. There are many who practice astrology, understanding that if they communicate in a certain way, they can gain a person’s allegiance and trust, whether they are correct or not. Just like the person above, with the right wording and positioning, others fall prey in hopes that their story can be written as it is being sold.

It becomes obvious that this display of will arrogance is a cry for attention, for acceptance and for a reward securing one’s own position in life, good or bad. Ultimately, no one has the answers for all nor do they have the golden keys to unlock another’s destiny. Not until one has achieved a level of enlightenment do they have the power to see the seeds of karma laying dormant in a person’s system beginning to sprout or the path of destiny with crossroads that is inherent in the life trajectory.

To think that one can sell the possibilities of the same achievements to another is like an initiation into hell. Suddenly, one is spending all their time, money and energy to follow the same path as the one who is making millions with their online sales.  Or the one who is sharing a teaching that if you follow the road that they have taken, living in the system, working the same type of job, buying the same kind of house, ignoring one’s own gifts and life calling so that they can fit into the social system that holds many as prisoners, one achieves ultimate success in life and is considered a “good person”.

Again, will arrogance is an obvious cry for acceptance, recognition and attention. It is also a terrible state of mind that hides the truth and blinds one to the compassion so dearly needed in society today.

Beyond the state of will arrogance is the compassionate spirit that doesn’t compare, doesn’t expect and gently leads into understanding and harmonious communion. It takes a great amount of love and self-confidence to step into that role, I have found, thanks to my teacher who displays a magnificent amount of acceptance, love and wisdom. Thank heavens my teacher is enlightened and does not try to steer me in a direction that is utterly self-defeating, as many have done in the past, innocently I might add, and with tremendous will arrogance.

That is why I have given away most of my library and refuse to abide in the words of those who are not enlightened. When someone tries to steer me in the direction of their own will, I chuckle inside and end the conversation quickly. It has led me down an awful path of struggle, stupidity and embarrassing choices, wasted precious resources, time and money following the direction of unenlightened people.