OJAS ~ Life Force

From CHAKRA Course

The Life force known as OJAS is the subtle vehicle of consciousness, which enters the heart, the circulatory channels and is fed and improved through food, purity, cheer and hope. It also supplies the body with fine material for building the senses. It is the part of the brain that operates in memory, intelligence and willpower.

At the first formation of the embryo inside the mother’s womb, OJAS begins working with the tissues and fluids inside the womb immediately after conception to create the form and subtle body, the chakras. By the third month, once the heart organ is fully developed, a spark of OJAS enters into the growing infants heart and positions itself to hold consciousness in form and to live out a life destiny. By the fourth month the hands, feet, tongue, nose, ears and internal organs are fully formed.

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For the Love of Lymph

One of the most amazing components of the human body is the lymphatic system. Modern scientists are still learning and discovering what the lymph system is and how it functions and relates to other organs in the body. For instance, just recently in 2017, researchers discovered that the brain has lymphatic vessels.

A couple of years earlier in 2015, scientist discovered “a previously unknown lymphatic system that linked to the central nervous system and the brain”. In that same year, researchers said that the “lymphatic system may help the heart to recover after a cardiac arrest.” This is the twenty-first century and still, scientists are seeking to understand this obscure system. It has remained a mystery for the mundane mind since the beginning of time.

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Spiritual Cleansing Shower

Much emphasis is given in our day-to-day life for maintaining the physical body. Some of the most powerful daily habits for serving the physical body are unconsciously practiced through food. The second most prominent daily physical habit is the shower or bath and the third is physical activity. There are many exercise and work-out salons, as well as yoga studios in metropolitan areas indicating the fascination and dedication to maintaining the physical body. Even more so are the number of restaurants and grocery stores providing an array of food or food-like substances for maintaining the physical body.

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Lotus and Sannyasin

✣… The lotus is the symbol of the ultimate unfolding of consciousness. It is the most beautiful flower in the East, the most fragrant, and it has become the symbol of ultimate awakening, ultimate awareness. It has become the symbol for certain reasons.

One is that it grows out of dirty mud. It is such a revolution — to see the mud, and the lotus growing out of it — it is unbelievable, it is a miracle. One cannot believe that such dirty mud can create such a beautiful flower.

The second important thing about the lotus is that it grows out of dirty mud and floats in water. It is a water flower, but the miracle is that the water never touches its petals. Even if it rains there will be drops of water on the petals but they will be separate. You can see them resting like pearls. The lotus is so velvety that they don’t touch it, it remains untouched; hence it has become the symbol of sannyas.

A sannyasin is one who lives in the world but remains untouched by it, who remains with all kinds of unconscious people — one has to remain with these people, there are no other kind — but who remains untouched, unaffected. One remains absolutely still, restful, cool, as if nothing is happening anywhere. One remains in time and yet beyond time, in the world yet not of the world.✣

~ Osho