For the Love of Lymph

One of the most amazing components of the human body is the lymphatic system. Modern scientists are still learning and discovering what the lymph system is and how it functions and relates to other organs in the body. For instance, just recently in 2017, researchers discovered that the brain has lymphatic vessels.

A couple of years before that in 2015, scientist discovered “a previously unknown lymphatic system that linked it to the central nervous system (CNS) and the brain” and in that same year, researchers said that the “lymphatic system may help the heart to recover after a cardiac arrest.” This is the twenty-first century and still, scientists are seeking to understand this obscure system. It has remained a mystery for the mundane mind since the beginning of time.

Thank heavens for the ancient teachings, Vedas and Agamas, Upanishads and my magnificent Guru


First, it is important to understand how the Spleen works before exploring the Lymphatic system.  The main function of the Spleen organ is to produce immune cells to fight antigens, toxins and bacteria and viral intrusions, to remove aged blood cells and release platelets for healing wounds or cuts. It also serves to produce blood cells during the fetal life in the mothers womb and can be stimulated into creating new cells in times of health issues. After birth, the bone marrow becomes the sole manufacturer and supplier of the red blood cells. The spleen continues, however, to store a supply of red blood cells and lymphocytes for healing emergencies as it extracts energy from food and sends it to the heart, where it mixes with kidney energy to form blood.



We find powerful disease-fighting cells in three primary organs of the body: the spleen, lymph nodes and the thymus. The tonsils also contain these type of cells working with the digestive system fighting bacteria and pathogens ingested through food, air and drink.

Working with the lymph system the spleen removes all the unnecessary, harmful, disease causing pathogens resting inside the body.

The third component of this defense system is the Thymus gland. From the bone marrow T cells (white blood cells) are produced and sent to the Thymus gland to develop further. Developed, mature T cells move from the Thymus and join B cells working to search out pathogens and destroy disease in the body. B cells come from bone marrow too, however, from the bone marrow they are sent into the circulatory system to join with the spleen or lymph nodes in search of pathogens, immediately.

A good portion of the disease-fighting T cells are sent to the Thymus gland yet, for some reason the Thymus begins to shut down and stop working before a human matures into an adult. At the moment of birth, the Thymus gland begins to increase in size throughout puberty and then in the late teens, it regresses, closes down and stops working. This action causes tremendous susceptibility to infection and disease for the remainder of life.

If the Thymus is working, the mature T cells move to interact with epithelial, gut cells for digestion and assimilation of good stuff and evacuation of harmful toxins and waste. However, once the Thymus enters into atrophy, it is replaced by an inactive, infertile tissue and no longer functions producing the powerful healing cells designed for assimilation of nutrition and enhanced immunity.

Disease-fighting B cells continue to circulate throughout the body and lymph system until they find a specific antigen or virus to fight and destroy.


The Lymphatic system is an extensive network of vessels that pass through the body’s tissue moving lymph fluid, just like blood. Throughout this lymph system there are over 600 nodes that are working to keep the blood clean and the body healthy.

There are three main functions of the lymphatic system: maintains balance between blood and tissue fluids (homeostasis), defends body against bacteria and pathogens, and absorbs fat nutrients in the digestive system. The small vessels of the lymph system work with the blood capillaries in the small intestines and then push nutrients into the bloodstream. The difference between the lymph system and the circulatory system is that fluid is squeezed through the system when using muscles, not pumped through the heart like blood. Hence the importance of the morning routine, Hatha Yoga, as the postures are designed to push fluid through the body and into the right places to further eliminate toxins, keeping the lymph system in good working order and immunity high and vital.

If the lymph system becomes blocked, infection, inflammation or cancer begins occurring inside the physical body. This is usually a secondary reaction to a greater problem deeper in the body such as a tumor in the breast.  There can be numerous conditions for creating swollen lymph glands and fatigue is often, evident of a viral infection inside the lymph system.

The Lymph system can be considered a physical manifestation of the nerve forces and expression of the subtle chakras. Chakras, located at each major gland are the ganglia for the nervous system and redistribute the lymph fluid which is carried to various parts of the body through the blood. A healthy lymph system is the manifestation of prana, life-force and vitality moving through these nerve channels and chakras.

Blood is the carrier for the lymph in the physical plane and the heart is the organ for the blood. The diaphragm is the organ of the lymph system carrying the nerve force.

Thought-forms are manufactured through the state of the lower three chakras and are a product of the lymph system, expressing karma and life experiences in the environment where one resides.  This proves why mindful practice of Yamas and Niyamas are critical for maintaining good health as well as the continuing practice of completion. Certainly, it makes conscious community living paramount towards gaining the highest quality  life experience.


Looking at the  lymph system and its connection with prana, we find a direct correlation for good health and immunity greatly impacted by sexuality. Through daily emotional reactions, stress, impulses on desires, and interacting in response to the senses, the lymph system becomes overly-taxed and begins to deplete.

Sexuality impacts the lymph system through drawing on the spleen organ as lovers remain connected through the spleen, attached 24 hours a day /7 days a week, no matter where they are in the world and no matter the distance in separation.

Sexuality in excess, even fantasy, can draw on the heart organ as well, impacting the circulatory system. Even worse are the emotional reactions from dramatic incidences occurring in love relationships. This type of stress can cause enlarging of the heart, weakening of the lungs, cancer, disease of the membranes and so on. This excessive tendency draws upon the vital forces to the extent that they can no longer respond to germs, viruses, disease attacks nor vital forces intending harm. A good reason for choosing celibacy. When two merge as one so does their nervous and lymph system taxing both lovers sometimes, one more than the other while one feeds on the weak. In this case, usually, the stronger partner is perverted sexually and is fantasizing of others or having illicit, secret love affairs while the other is intuitively aware of the indiscretion, suppressing the knowledge and dying as the other is thriving.


Coupled with the exploration of the Lymphatic system is grasping how viruses operate. 

There are many, many types of viruses floating through the air, on the astral plane not seen by the physical eyes.  30% of the human system has virus-like components designed for maturation such as in chromosomal reorganization. This is the constructive type of virus that gives the ability for the human system to adapt to changes in the environment and the flux of activities. These types of viruses are related to evolution on the subtle level. This is how the program works providing virus-like elements that develop the human organism to evolve and mature.

Then, there are killer viruses that damage cell nucleus working to over-ride the body’s natural defense system and are activated only under certain conditions, such as how bacteria operates. As long as the human system is operating in a particular way the virus is not activated and sits dormant in the body.

When one enters into an unfavorable environment, such as a stressful relationship or job then, the bacteria moves into the cell-destroying stage creating disease. This proves that all disease is manufactured by environmental factors and the components within it. Added to the environment causing disease are the poisons: tobacco, alcohol, vaccinations, fluoridated water, food preservatives and additives as well as heavy metal toxins and chemotherapy.


For centuries, ancient Hindu teachings have demonstrated how the lymphatic system operates working in tandem with prana, merging matter with spirit. 

Next, it is important to understand how the lymph system works with the brain. As we read earlier, modern-day scientist have recently discovered lymph vessels in the brain. Ancient sciences have been demonstrating this connection through the knowledge of Ida and Pingala, the nerve channels connected to the senses and as an expression of the emotional state of the lower mind.

The nerves are the positive channel and the blood vessels are the negative channel operating as a shadow of the nervous system. Wherever nerves and blood vessels intersect we find “nadis”, components of Ida and Pingala. One set of nadi’s operate for the Heart Chakra system and another set operates for the Crown Chakra, indicating a shift in how the body operates in accordance to consciousness.

This is why practicing mediation is so important as part of a daily discipline.

Through the daily practice of meditation one enters an exceptional place of calmness and peacefulness while operating the life. This impacts the state of the senses, the Thymus, Heart Chakra, the Solar Plexus and the nervous system, hence the importance of Pranayama and Pratayahara, rungs four and five of the eight rung ladder of the Yoga science.

Meditation coupled with the other areas of Yoga, one develops a new way of perceiving reality, which brings tremendous balance into the human form. One moves form an excessively thought-current ridden animal living in a state of confusion and desire into a centered, aware, intelligent human. This, in turn, causes all internal organs to undergo a transformation improving the way they function and operate life force. In this exalted, improved state of being one no longer thinks in a linear way, rather, one expands in all directions, widening perception and embracing change and the maturation process.

Thank heavens, when in practice of meditation there is an abundance of lymph surging through the blood carrying calm and controlled nerve force throughout the sympathetic nervous system, rebuilding the pathways. Once again, the lymph fluid flows to the brain and increases the intake of prana, vital life force energy. The Thymus must be activated in order to create this enlightened new state, which is why the entire science of yoga is so critical in bringing better health physically, mentally and spiritually into one’s life.

For the same reason, the Hindu tradition considers cows as sacred beings. A trip to India, one finds cows wandering the streets, decorated and relaxing on the patio of a storefront.

Some homes are focused entirely on their cows well-being even to the point of worshiping and singing to them while draping them with flower garlands. Through consuming cow milk, lymph plasma is shared and dispensed into the human body. The more healthy, gentle and loving the cow, the higher the quality of lymph passed through their milk.

And I would never consider drinking the milk of a cow penned in one of the western feed lots designed for commercial milk production or slaughter. Those type of environments hold tremendous negativity and certainly, they are not decorating their cows nor singing to them. The vibration of milk and trace of lymph is hardly an antidote for one’s own body

Discipline per the yogic sciences, coupled with the guidance and initiation from an enlightened Guru turns the Thymus back on and carries lymph to the brain once more as one enjoys breathing in prana, vital life-force and a healthy immune system keeping disease away and out of the body.

We are born enlightened yet, shut down by living in an unconscious reality that brings tremendous stress and emotional tension into our lives. However, we can turn back on and rise into full self-empowerment again through applying the golden secrets of the ancients, thank heavens.

The body is an amazing machine.

The Dance of Body and Mind

It is a fact that human nature is driven by desire. 

Desire stems out of the emotional, lower mind, usually neglecting the true needs and requirements of the physical body as it responds to the senses and the influences of the environment. The physical part of our system actually suffers greatly at the hands of the emotional desire body, operating with the three lower chakras and the grey matter positioned behind the pancreas.

Most of the time when we choose to eat it is prompted by smell or taste, and not because we are truly hungry. Taste is the trickiest sense of all because when it looks at food or smells the aroma of food, the mouth begins watering as the taste buds recall the flavor. This sensation of taste tricks and motivates the body into eating food. Even if there are no hunger pains, the mouth will water and prompt the hands to reach out and take the food and place it in the mouth. If only the body could speak for itself and say, “not now, please”. Truly it functions as a slave to the desires and emotions of the lower mind and suffers greatly because of it.

Notice the next time your mouth begins to water prompted by the smell or sight or even thought of food.  Instead of responding to the stimulation of the senses, take time to let them pass.You will see that the body is not really hungry and you will feel better physically choosing to give the body a rest.

You will also notice that when you respond to the sense of taste and decide to eat the food that your energy level plummets, causing you to slow down or become sleepy. You will also notice your breathing change and maybe block an air passageway in one of the nostrils. On the contrary, choosing not to eat and waiting for faux hunger pains to diminish and fade, the body moves into greater vitality and energy. The body loves it when the digestion process is given a rest, refusing to respond to the senses on every whim.

When you do decide to dine on food, watch how the body responds. Eating according to blood type, one can watch the body respond with delight when eating at the right time, the correct type of food for the physical body and the correct amount ~ not too much food at once. Stopping just before the feeling of fullness gives a clear impression of what is correct and working for the internal system as one enjoys more vitality after eating.

Over-eating actually stops the process of nutrifying and turns food into toxins. It does much more harm to the internal organs and nervous system than people realize. It makes the body vulnerable to disease and unfriendly, vital forces. Usually, it is depression or the greed of taste that causes this tendency to consume more than what the body needs, which demonstrates how emotions, desire and the senses are at the root of many self-defeating patterns and habits.

It takes approximately three days to move all the contents out of the body leftover from one large meal, from consumption to digestion to assimilation to elimination. After three days, the body expresses authentic hunger and begins to yearn for real nutrition. Humans eat so much more than what is required to maintain vital energy in the body and to enjoy good health.

The body loves conscious willpower applied in all activity concerning its use, especially with food. Truly, it does have a voice, it is very subtle and not easily seen by the busy, distracted lower mind that is using the senses to drive the life. This is the purpose of the fifth rung on the ladder of Yoga, Pratayahara, the control of senses and desires. As one masters the practice of daily asana’s (hatha yoga) and learns how to control breath, then one becomes conscious of how their senses are driving the life, using intelligence to navigate life. This is the next step.

For the majority of humans, the main intellect is the emotional body using the senses to perceive, classify, recall and judge. The person determines what it likes and dislikes, creates boundaries and preferences as it is moving through life experiencing and encountering events and people. All perception, judgment, preferences, projections and ideas are based on the state of relationship of the emotional, lower mind and the senses.

When our senses drive our life, we lose ability to consciously observe our physical body and intelligently control our emotions. For instance, coffee over-stimulates the nervous system. This is one food item that is easy to identify its influence on our emotions and energy. Often, people are pushed way beyond their natural rhythm into a fast-paced, overwhelming energy that is not calm nor centered and it has a terrible impact on the physical body damaging internal organs and stressing the nerves when used in a habitual way. At the same time, it causes one to become short-tempered, easily triggered into anger, impatient and overwhelmed. Coffee tends to become a compulsive habit fostered by the emotional desire body to stimulate false vitality. Including, shortness of breath and quick short breaths often happen as a result of drinking coffee, which stimulates greed and desire in the emotional body. It has many subtle effects that often go unnoticed by the unconscious, unaware mind.

Sugar has an equal impact in throwing the chemistry off balance inside the body causing sadness, depression, anger, over-stimulated nerves and so on. This is how unconscious, habitual, compulsive behavior driven by the senses runs the life.

Cravings, addictions, habitual, unconscious behavior causes our mind to become confused and cut-off from intelligent navigation. When this happens, we lose connection with the subtle cues from the body for directing life purpose and manifesting positive events.

This is why Yoga science is designed with the eight rungs in ascending order. Until one has purified the physical body and has learned to apply the Yamas and Niyamas for refinement of character, adopts a daily morning ritual of stretching the body and learns to become conscious of breath through Pranayama, it is impossible to step into the practice of Pratyahara, conscious sense-withdrawal and intelligent, conscious life navigation.  One step at a time is the way to get past the mind.


Following are exercises for using intelligence over emotions and senses while becoming more conscious of the body/mind relationship.


Love Letter to the Body

Take a moment to evaluate your minds relationship with your body.

Pen down a love letter to your body expressing your gratitude for how it carries you through the day. Acknowledge its willingness to heed your minds desires and commands. Recognize its receptivity for maturing, growing and expanding in awareness. Request that it speaks to you and guides you into the best actions for meeting its needs. Make a promise to offer it what is correct for maintaining good health, promise to be mindful of how your mind and emotions are impacting its health and promise to apply more awareness for managing a greater peaceful mental space so that the body can relax.

Now you are gaining conscious control over your senses and desires. If you are mindful of your body and how it feels, grateful for its continuing performance to carry you through life, surely, you will be more mindful not to overeat, consume junk food or put toxins into your system.



Mental Chatter Control

In a comfortable place, where you spend time relaxing and meditating, undisturbed, sit quietly and watch the thoughts run through your mind, one by one.

Notice each thought that enters and then say to yourself, “I am not this thought” or “I see myself having this thought yet, it is not me”.  Allow the mind to entertain all the thoughts that pass through. Through applying this exercise you are becoming aware of what is mind and discovering what is the core of you beneath the noisy mental chatter.

The mind is a receptacle of thoughts, it does not produce thoughts. They enter according to desire and inclinations, the environment where one is residing and the company within it. Applying conscious intelligence gives one the ability to exercise willpower and control over the emotional mind as it filters the quality of thought-currents one entertains. Through the practice of Pratayahara, detaching from thoughts and controlling responses to senses, one moves from a human response machine to a divine conscious being.

Even in an environment where there are lots of people, one can learn how to stop the thoughts from entering into one’s system, reducing the impact and influence of others through conscious awareness.

If you practice this daily for one week, you will be amazed by the awareness that is gained and the ability that is acquired to control one’s thought-field, creating greater peace of mind.


~ Kashi Stone, 2019 January


How to Rejuvenate the System through conquering Desire for Food and the sense of Taste

*  TYAGA ~ living life with an attitude of prayer and reverence aligned with the laws of the cosmos. TYAGA strengthens self-confidence, willpower, assists in overcoming the “ups and downs” of the Maya and gives the power to move through life consciously. Through practicing TYAGA, one chooses consciousness to rule life and becomes the catalyst for transforming the chemical balance of the body, brain and etheric system beyond mundane existence, overcoming the passions of the senses and animal nature creating a divine being.

Tyāga means – sacrifice, renunciation, abandonment, resignation, donation, forsaking, liberality, withdrawal – “giving up with generosity what one could probably have kept”.[6] – wikipedia.  








Sri Aurobindo



Spiritual Cleansing Shower

Much emphasis is given in our day-to-day life for maintaining the physical body. Some of the most powerful daily habits for serving the physical body are unconsciously practiced through food. The second most prominent daily physical habit is the shower or bath and the third is physical activity. There are many exercise and work-out salons, as well as yoga studios in metropolitan areas indicating the fascination and dedication to maintaining the physical body. Even more so are the number of restaurants and grocery stores providing an array of food or food-like substances for maintaining the physical body.

It is surprising that such little attention is given to the emotional body when, equally, it is experiencing the same daily impact of the physical plane and is the energy source of matter. Thoughts, emotions and feelings are responsible for how one functions and lives.

Through raising anti-matter (emotions) to a higher level of existence matter (physical body) naturally follows.  Creating a state of balance in the emotions and the physical body brings a higher form of existence, truly.

Quality of life is not only about how we take care of our physical body, it is also about the air that we breathe in the space where we reside and the emotions and feelings that are a result of breathing in that atmosphere.

Who we are breathing with, who we are eating with and who’s food we are eating matters significantly. “What or who” we take in and then, breathe out as a result becomes our character. Therefore, it matters greatly who is in our space and what we are absorbing in each environment.

The emotional, vital forces are actually strengthened through the process of eating food. Fasting or reducing food intake reduces thought-currents and keeps one protected from others’ thoughts or vital/ emotional forces while sharing the same breathing space. Meditation before dining is also helpful for preparing a clear space inside of one’s being before taking in food and helpful afterwards to clear “extra” energy passed on.

The human body is like an open-market place that easily takes in the thought-currents and moods of everyone near. It doesn’t matter if one knows a person or if a complete stranger is seated near such as in a restaurant. We take in the thought-currents of every human and animal positioned in close proximity, breathing and sharing the same air.

Breath is a natural barometer of the quality of company in the environment. 

One can witness a depressed person by the heavy sighs that accompany the
out-breath. If someone near is breathing out heavy sighs, they are sharing their depression and soon, the same thoughts may be running through one’s mind causing depression, sadness or regret or guilt. The same goes for lust, sensuous desires, greed, anger and insecurity. Whatever a person is entertaining in their mind colors the quality of air that others breathe and the thoughts that run through the mind of everyone in the space.

Equally important with the understanding of breathing space is grasping the fact that breath is directly related to the health of the circulatory and respiratory system. Through the circulatory system, digestion, quality of blood and condition of the heart organ are impacted. The respiratory system impacts ears, lungs, diaphragm and ribs. A person who is ill in any of these organs or body parts is sharing their illness with others through their breath and the thought-currents that are creating disease.

Stress has a big impact on how one breathes, blocking the flow of life energy that is required for healing and rejuvenation. Stress also impacts how digestion operates and the state of internal organs, especially the intestines; again, blocking flow and causing indigestion and constipation. It is impossible to reach higher states of consciousness when the intestines are blocked and suffering from stress.

The breath is the place where all desires are stored. If there is a conflict in desires it creates shallow breathing which fosters tiredness. If there is confusion in one’s thought-process, then there is short breathing and tremendous frustration. If one is expressing contradictions in desires, then there is chaotic, short-breathing with heavy sighs causing boredom. There is no way anything positive can be manifested when there is a contradiction in one’s desires.

If the breath is deep, long and calm, there is an expanded space inside of one’s being that is overflowing with love for life, experiencing good health and events flow effortlessly. Relaxing and slowing down into deep breathing is liberating and assists greatly in breaking defeating patterns.

It benefits tremendously gaining understanding in how to manage and control breathing.


Consciously working with the breath causes nerve currents to change into a form of electricity. When the entire body is aligned using the science of Yoga, a gigantic battery of willpower is created to manifest reality. This is the purpose behind the importance of learning how to breathe properly through the practice of Pranayama. Through the Ida and Pingala, the sensory and motor fibers, electrical energy of willpower moves and manifests positive desires and life purpose.

Most do not realize that when positive things happen in their life in alignment with what they desire, it is a manifestation occurring out of one’s own nature influenced by breath.

Through applying specific breathing exercises astral channels can be cleared of emotional blocks allowing for one to access prana, vital, primordial energy and life force absorbed by the mucus membrane tissues moving through the nervous system and blood. Oxygen is absorbed by tiny air sacs in the lungs and is not the same as the life-force current of prana. Prana expands life, increases vitality, improves intellect, creativity and memory retention as well as provides the momentum for spiritual progress. It is the key to manifesting the unique “miracle-like” happenings in our life.

The first step in gaining awareness of breath and access to prana is through control of the motion of the lungs.  Once we learn how to control our breathing consciously, we bring more life and vitality into our body and direct our life with conscious willpower. This is very different than how the ordinary human lives life, being tossed to and fro by the emotional currents of pain and desire.

Provided in this article are a few exercises to begin learning how to control breath. Breathing in a measured way harmonizes the system and brings a wonderful state of peacefulness. After some time spent in practice, you will notice a softening in the voice, a gentle mindfulness in the delivery of words, a difference in how the lungs function with prana and a natural state of calmness that enters into the nervous system while life flows effortlessly and in the direction of more satisfaction.

Certainly, the exercises are worth a try.

After taking a shower in the morning and applying stretching and bending exercises so that life-energy can flow through the body, practice a short exercise of Pranayama. Just one quick session is all you need in order to see positive changes occur in the way you feel inside your body and mind. You can also apply Pranayama exercises throughout the day while in your car or outside walking in nature alone. Burning natural incense in your alone space provides a lovely effect in how the exercise clears and impacts the mental body, too.

It is best if one creates a space in the home that can be considered the “holy room” where you can visit with the intention of conducting these exercises for spiritual transformation.

Make sure that the area is clean and orderly, that you have showered or bathed before entering, a vase of fresh flowers grace the environment, pictures of your guru or saints are placed about, incense is burnt frequently and that anger, quarreling or harsh interaction is avoided. Only allow those who share the same thought-currents and intentions as you do to enter into the special environment created for your daily spiritual shower. Use this special room or corner space for practicing Hatha asanas, reflection on spiritual teachings, Pranayama and meditation.

Exercise ONE

If you are in a space where you can crouch down and sit on your heels, place your hands on your hips and breath chaotically for twenty to forty seconds.

This chaotic breathing radically, quickly changes the breathing pattern that you hold consistently in your system. By starting with this short exercise, one becomes hollow inside and prepared for a new way of breathing. It also assists with changing thought-currents quickly, too, if you find that you are inundated with nagging mental tapes.

*Avoid doing this exercise if you are having pre-existing lung problems, heart disorders or complications with high blood pressure. 

Exercise TWO

This exercise is best practiced at early morning sunrise and again in the early evening during sunset. Even better if you practice this technique during midday and before going to bed, in addition to the sunrise and sunset practice. Always conduct this exercise before you eat as it is ineffective if applied while body is digesting.


Close right nostril with your thumb and breathe in through left nostril, slowly, very slowly.

Then, close your left nostril with your forefinger.

Hold your breath for as long as you can.

Next, release your thumb and breathe out the right nostril, very slowly while continuing to hold the left nostril closed.

Once you have exhaled completely, hold this space of emptiness for as long as you can before taking in another breath.

With the left nostril remaining closed, breathe in through the right nostril, slowly.

Hold the breath as long as you can with both nostrils closed.

Then, remove forefinger and breathe out the left nostril slowly while holding the right nostril closed with thumb.

Breathe in through left nostril again, while holding right nostril closed with thumb.

Continue exercise, back and forth from exhalation to inhalation through each nostril as outlined above.

* Be sure to stand up while practicing this exercise with feet spread approximately three-feet apart, knees relaxed and eyes closed for maximum results. 


Repeat this exercise four times during each practice session. Gradually, over time, you can increase the number of breaths and extend the holding time for maximum results. You can enhance this exercise through chanting OM while breathing. Do attempt to inhale and exhale as slowly as possible and hold in breath and empty breath for as long as possible. This is the key to this practice.

Applying this exercise four times a day, approximately every four hours, and within a fifteen to thirty day period of daily practice the nervous system is completely purified, the emotional nature changed and a mature way of reacting to life events is set in place.

*Avoid doing this exercise if you are having pre-existing lung problems, heart disorders or complications with high blood pressure. 


Exercise THREE

The Yamas and Niyamas are a great place to begin the process for cleansing the subtle astral channels. Through this practice, one easily gains conscious control of life direction and growth in awareness.

Each night before going to sleep, review the events of the day and observe how you reacted or non-reacted to situations. Then, compare your actions to the principles of Yama and Niyama (rungs one and two on the ladder of Yoga) to gauge your maturation process.

To the degree that we apply the disciplines of Yoga is the degree of chaos or the extent of peaceful interaction with others in our daily activities. You will discover this truth over time through keen observation.


Sitting quietly in an uninterrupted, calm space while breathing slowly and deeply, imagine and visualize the kind of person that you would like to be.

Hold the vision of your highest ideals in your minds eye of how you would like to live your life and be perceived by others. Include the attributes and qualities that you would like to experience in your character.

Once you have gained a clear picture in your mind of what you consider to be your “perfect” self, compare with the Yamas and Niyamas and see how close or far you have experienced these spiritual principles in all your interactions and events for the day.


1) Abstaining from causing injury to self or others (non-violence)
2) practicing truthfulness, (thoughts match speech, match actions)
3) abstaining from stealing
4) abstaining from sensuality (celibacy)
5) abstaining from greed


1) Purity (external and internal)
2) Contentment
3) Austerity (Character) (*tamasik, rajaisik and satwik)
4) Study of Scriptures
5) Attunement to higher forces

As you apply this visualization exercise daily, higher principles are impressed upon the sub-conscious mind and become a natural part of one’s character. Through your ability to manage your own aura and state of being you naturally gain the ability to influence others positively.

If others feel joyful breathing your space, then you naturally become more blissful.  Bliss begets more bliss.

Clearing and moving patterns out of the subconscious realm of one’s identity makes room for a more divine-like substance to rest inside the being and brings the correct desires into manifestation. Once the currents of the nervous system calm and expand, the mind enters into superconscious state of awareness.

This is the way to apply a spiritual cleansing shower. 



~ Kashi, December 2018


* Quality of nature: tamasik: inert, rajaisik: active, satwick: harmonious



My Guru: H.D.H. Paramahamsa Bhagwaan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam
~ Living Enlightenment
Swami Vivkenanda: Raja Yoga 
Goswami Kriyananda: The Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga


Lotus and Sannyasin

✣… The lotus is the symbol of the ultimate unfolding of consciousness. It is the most beautiful flower in the East, the most fragrant, and it has become the symbol of ultimate awakening, ultimate awareness. It has become the symbol for certain reasons.

One is that it grows out of dirty mud. It is such a revolution — to see the mud, and the lotus growing out of it — it is unbelievable, it is a miracle. One cannot believe that such dirty mud can create such a beautiful flower.

The second important thing about the lotus is that it grows out of dirty mud and floats in water. It is a water flower, but the miracle is that the water never touches its petals. Even if it rains there will be drops of water on the petals but they will be separate. You can see them resting like pearls. The lotus is so velvety that they don’t touch it, it remains untouched; hence it has become the symbol of sannyas.

A sannyasin is one who lives in the world but remains untouched by it, who remains with all kinds of unconscious people — one has to remain with these people, there are no other kind — but who remains untouched, unaffected. One remains absolutely still, restful, cool, as if nothing is happening anywhere. One remains in time and yet beyond time, in the world yet not of the world.✣

~ Osho

Sun and Moon, Odic and Actinic


Odic and Actinic Forces

In mystic cosmology, there are seven upper worlds, corresponding to the higher chakras and seen lower worlds corresponding to the lower chakras. Through this correlation, man is microcosm of the macrocosm. The spine is recognized as the axis of the being and the fourteen chakras are the portals into the fourteen worlds or regions of consciousness.

When the forces of Ida and Pingala are balanced, the current that runs up and down the sushumna is very powerfully activated and driving the life- force. The shushumna is the central column that runs up the spine creating what is known as the Kundalini rising.

When the kundalini is activated the anahata chakra
(HEART) and visuddha chakra (THROAT) are
spinning and vibrating, activated and turned on. In
this state of activation one experiences super-
consciousness and the Ida and Pingala form a circle meeting energies while simultaneously activating the pituitary and pineal glands. This meeting of energies causes Samadhi, the deep state of bliss. First, the pituitary gland awakens stimulating the pineal gland. The pineal gland shoots a spark into the pituitary and an opening happens to higher consciousness. At the same time, the sushumna force also merges with these higher forces, causing the kundalini energy to dance up and down the spine, as heat rises inside the body.

The Ida is pink in color and represents the passive, feminine nature. The Pingala is blue and represents the aggressive masculine-like energy. The Ida and Pingala spiral around the sushumna and cross at the third and the fifth chakras meeting at the sahasrara chakra (Crown). When this happens inside the body-system, there is great inner balance in the manipura chakra (Solar Plexus) and in the universal love chakra, the HEART or Anahata chakra and the sahasrara chakra.

The sushumna channel where the kundalini energy flows is white in color and is a cool energy. This can only happen when humility has taken control of the ego and allows the form to become an instrument for the Divine. Through meditation and hatha yoga combined with pranayama, the Ida and Pingala currents come into balance allowing for this merging and transformation to take place. When this balancing occurs inside, all chakras are spinning at the same velocity and the thinking, mental tapes cease allowing for observation to occur through the “third eye”, the Ajna Chakra.


When the kundalini energy flows through the left sympathetic nervous system, it is flowing through Ida on the left side of the spine and fragmented into smaller, more sensitive nerve currents connected to the organs of the body. This produces heat inside what would be a cool network. This causes one to become overly emotional, feminine in nature, talking a lot, often has hurt feelings, cries at the least provocation and engages in other emotional behavior patterns. Such people always want to help others, but rarely follow through. This heat is felt in the Solar Plexus region and is astral in nature. It is quick to anger and quick to defend one’s self.

When the energy flows through the right side of the body, the Pingala channel, the person becomes overly intellectual, very masculine in nature, talks very little, has steel nerves, and enjoys intellectual debates with others. This activation causes one to be silent for long periods of time, holding in emotions and secret patterns of behavior to satisfy base desires. They are not open, smiling nor friendly.

In this case, when the Ida and Pingala are moving these base energies, the kundalini energy only rises to the visuddha (Throat) chakra and no farther. Growing food with the practice of hands in the dirt allows for the energies to redirect properly in the system. If not corrected, these mis- directed currents of energy can cause disease, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

The use of drugs pushes the kundalini energy into higher and lower chakras simultaneously causing jealousy, fear, selfishness, confusion and malice, activated by lower chakra stimulation. Mood swings are also an indication of imbalance caused by drugs forcing energy currents unnaturally.

The upper chakras spin clockwise and exude the qualities of peace, divine love, joy and unity. The lower chakras (Solar Plexus and lower) spin counter-clockwise and generate an inner turmoil. If one has been unnaturally forced open in higher chakras such as in the use of drugs, chakras spin in two different direction with the higher and lower activated. This is what causes great mood swings, depression, elation, self-adulation and self-condemnation.

For this reason, the muladhara is sealed off so that it becomes impossible for fear, hatred, jealous or anger to rise. When energy rises and flows through the anahata and visuddha chakras, the point of view changes inside of a being, seeing all primal energy inside and outside and all around.


Each of the chakras vibrate in accordance to the planets, indicating how one is being influenced and the nature of a person developed. Through the understanding of how the planets influence chakras, one can understand the point of consciousness within and inside of others.


Generally, those who gather together are flowing through the same predominant chakra. Therefore, they are thinking alike and share the same perspective. In the same way, these currents flowing through the nerve ganglia are also directly impacting the internal organs. Only when the psychic being has come down fully into the form can it close of the currents, influence and activations of the lower chakras. Through practicing right thought, right speech and right action and showing remorse for wrongful acts committed and performing regular worship the closing of lower centers and opening of higher centers are possible.

Spiritual awakening is not a process of opening higher chakras, it is a closing of lower chakras from the muldahara (Solar Plexus) and down. Once this happens, then the higher consciousness takes over, expanding one’s reality. The only thing that keeps lower chakras closed is the practice of regular sadhana, japa, worship and working within oneself. Through the guidance and blessing of a guru, this transformation takes place and one reaches higher levels of awareness in the everyday reality.

Odic and Actinic

There are two basic forces in the universe: Odic and Actinic. Odic is magnetic and is the force of collective energies that make up things such as trees, chairs, tables, houses and the physical body. It is the material world and is dense and heavy. The aura surrounding the physical body and the forces of nature which govern life on the planet earth are odic forces.

Actinic force is the pure life force coming from the central source deep within through the nervous system. But as soon as mingles with astral atoms and physical body atoms, it becomes odic force. The sahasrara chakra, ajna chakra and visudhha chakra (Crown, Ajna and Throat) are primarily actinic forces, super-consciousness. The anahata chakra (Heart) is primarily a mixture of odic and actinic forces, allowing us to look at internal and external realities. This is called actinodic force. However, the three lower chakras, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root are primarily odic force chakras. They are the forces that make up the world or the “Program”. The Ida and Pingala are primarily odic forces. When the odic force is drawn into actinic substance, we lose complete awareness of the external world. This is how one enters into deep meditation without thought-currents. Prana binds the two forces.

When we are in actinic forces, we are in harmony, we have peace in our external life and everything goes right, everyone sees eye to eye and finds points of agreement in their interaction with each other. There are no arguments, no disagreements and no confusion. When we are in odic force, we have inharmonious conditions to life in. No one sees eye to eye nor is there unity of any kind. There are arguments and there is contention. One thinks in a certain way in accordance to how the energy currents are flowing in the body through the chakras. Awareness of how energy is moving is evident through the spine.

When the nerves register the mixture of actinic and odic forces, the body begins to throw off a color, a sound and the wheels are spinning.

With the blessing of a guru, a sound is transmitted to the devotee which overrides and lifts the energy currents flowing inside of one’s being. This smooths out karmas, keeps one inspired and on the path, strengthening psychic protection and personal field, as well as all loved ones connected, regardless of their connection with the guru. This process is ancient and an advanced form or communication, known as Soul Communication and has a golden appearance. One can become a scholar of languages, mathematics and all other knowledge through this connection.

A guru-disciple relationship may form years in advance of a physical meeting and before training takes place. Once the actinic forces are activated in the same frequency as the guru, teachings are conveyed, as long as guru and disciple are in harmony. This hastens karmic experiences in an orderly fashion.

Females hold the power of the odic force field and males hold the power of the actinic force field. Between the sexual activity of the two, a chemicalization takes place birthing of a soul, physical body and emotional body of a newborn. For this reason, it is of upmost importance for resonance and harmony between male and female as they govern the life of the child until it reaches the age of twenty-one. Once the child has reached this age, inner forces dissolve from the family and the child is now governed by their own superconscious mind.

As one progresses in their spiritual process, they become more and more sensitive. This sensitivity is a wonderful thing as one graduates from one level to another, gaining an increase in abilities and super-powers. One learns to communicate with self through the nerve currents which extend out and around the physical body, physical nerve currents and psychic nerve currents. As this sensitivity develops we begin to see beyond the outer physical sheath of our body and hear our feelings. We begin to see sound, as many new faculties begin to manifest in our vehicle. We hear the meaning in what people are saying unlike before, which can bring disappointment at times in people and life events. Our dreams become more well defined.

For protection, a group that is traveling on the same path move forward at a particular rate of intensity, which is not broken, giving tremendous psychic protection, allowing only those who are resonate to align with their group. We can witness this same thing with a group of business men who only allow those who are aligned in the same way to enter and engage and share in their affairs. Likewise, a group of artist gather and align with those they share same frequency. This exclusivity is what creates the force field that offers protection for the group. If others were admitted, the group would fail in some way and the art would go chaotic. Friendships can be destroyed too, if other influences are allowed to enter into the collective minds of those who are resonate and aligned.

This is why it is important to align with people who share the same path and who are positive, uplifting and of good intention. It is best to avoid negative people who complain, have no relationship to what you are doing and who criticize. “One bad apple can turn the whole bushel rotten”, they say. This is why it is best to live amongst those who are virtuous, and those who share spiritual insights and similar seeking.

Through keeping an immaculate environment, one is protected, even painting a space after it has been inhabited by another is paramount in creating a protective area. Guests should be kept to a minimum and not beyond three days. Otherwise, lots of distractions come in and disrupt the atmosphere. Those who stay too long can break up homes, distracting and disturbing the nature of an environment. Keep your environment positive to maintain a content feeling and the home and altar radiant so that one is always uplifted.

Through the practice of higher awareness, absent of emotional reaction, one is able to move in great clarity, and lower forces are transcended.

Meditation builds this place of awareness and strength to maintain one’s environment in a peaceful, radiant state while surrounding oneself with people who can assist with stabilizing a positive force field. Protect yourself as a precious jewel, guarding against negative influences and enjoy the bliss of a pure, clear and undisturbed mind.


~ Kashi, Nov 2018

Brahma Muhurta

There is a very special time of the day, each day that is recognized as the “Creators Hour”, which takes place in the early morning hours right before the sun rises. Exactly one hour and thirty-six minutes before sunrise.

This special time of the day is known as Brahma Muhurta, which translates as the auspicious time of Brahma and “muhurta”, which is a forty-eight minute time period. During this time there are two muhurta’s, one beginning an hour and thirty-six minutes before sunrise and the second ending forty-eight minutes before sunrise. Since the time of sunrises varies throughout the year and according to geographic location, so does the timing of Brahma Muhurta vary.

For example, if the sunrise is scheduled to take place at 7:00 am, then the Brahma Muhurta begins at 5:24 am. If sunrise scheduled for 6 am, then Brahma Muhurta begins at 4:24 am.

In the Hatha Yoga tradition, the popular asana routine, the Sun Salutation is designed especially for this ritual. Many yoga practitioners first learn this simple, traditional set of postures at the beginning of their tutelage. Through practicing these postures with a pranayama routine one learns to calm the mind and prepare for the practice of meditation.

According to Aryurveda science, the Brahma Muhurta occurs during the dosa of Vata, which are the morning hours between 2:00 am and 6:00am. The Vata hours are considered the best time to meditate with the mind at its most still, quiet state and conducive to deep meditation.

The Romance of Ida & Pingala

There is probably no greater love affair than the dance between Ida and Pingala.

Who is Ida and who is Pingala?
Here is the story of their romance

There are two lovers that reside within the human form: Ida, is from the Moon. Pingala, is from the Sun; Ida is feminine and Pingala is masculine.

Together, these two lovers move towards a chance to flow, unimpeded, full of life and filled with the fragrance of a sweet environment.

Each of these two lovers work with a team of collaborators to live a life as one. In this blessed state of oneness, all disease is kept at bay; the blood is cleansed, phlegm is cleared and digestion is improved.

It is a blessed life when these two work in tandem for the improvement or betterment of a human life.

But, before these two lovers meet at their destination, they must first endure three unique passages on their journey upward:
1) Root Passage 2) Heart Passage 3) Ajna Passage.

And before Ida and Pingala can move unrestricted through these passages, karma and the nature of one’s own character must be addressed so that Ida and Pingala may dance and move without impediments or blocks.

Where do we find these two lovers that reside within form?

Ida sits on the left-hand side of the body and PIngala sits on the right. Both, maintain a position that is rooted in the testicles on men or in the ovaries, with women and move upwards towards the Ajna, eyes and nose of the human form. Ida promotes creativity, imagination and emotions. Pingala is focused on rational thinking with life events and planning of affairs. Together, their dance of love and yearning to be one, creates the heavenly expression of divine union wrapped around Sushumna, the central channel, entwined as a trinity of forces animating life purpose.

Sushumna is the manifestation of Soul in physical form. Seven major chakras sit along the spine and in a straight line from the pelvis to the top of the head, emanating Soul existence. Together, the physical glands and the chakras create one human form with a past life history, a karmic story to unravel and a future painted by the stars.

Ida & Pingala share home with Sushumna in the physiological qualities of the para-sympathetic nervous system, carrying vitality and life-force. Prana flows through this three-part system as the vehicle of higher forces and the impressions of the Higher Self, vitalizing life form.


What blocks Ida and Pingala from their union of love?

Karma holds energy blocks along the spinal column, also, one finds thought-currents or seeds of actions that need correction, from this life or a past life. These seeds are released at key moments in life and circulated throughout the astral body channels, seeking a fertile place to root and take hold, causing disease or antagonizing thought-currents to drive life experience.

Through the practice of Pranayama, the fourth step on the ladder of yoga, heat is generated in such a way that it burns through the karma seeds and destroys the possibility of growing and creating a block. Once this burning takes place, Ida flows, Pingala flows and Sushumna is radiating a heavenly connection with forces above.

You can easily observe Ida and Pingala through the condition of the sinuses. If there is a block, there is something in the body system that is causing it: thought currents, germs, karma, karma of another person who is sitting in the same environment or the illness of another person sitting in the same environment. Digestion plays a large role in how the sinuses are functioning, hence the importance of eating in accordance to one’s blood type for easy digestion and more efficient breathing.

Wherever we keep house and with who we keep house, brings life path and karma together as well as sickness and thought currents. Most people are not aware of how much energy is shared and passed around through breathing in the same environment nor how much they are living another person’s life story mixed in with their own.


The Simple Mechanics of Breath

One of the major contributors to disease on this planet is mouth breathing. For the organ of respiration has a clever way of filtering germs through the nose, but the mouth has no filtering mechanism to protect the body from illnesses. The nostrils are two passage ways that are very narrow with bristly hairs designed to catch and repel germs and other unpleasant things that might enter the body, like tiny bugs or pollen or the unseen thought currents that float in the air.

Through the nose hairs, air is filtered and then what is not needed or wanted, is naturally expelled through the out breath, even the unwanted thought current. If the foreign, unpleasant matter enters the body, escaping the natural filter, or the air is too cold as it enters the body, a sneeze happens to expel what does not belong or to correct the temperature of air entering the body. Even the air entering the body is warmed by the nasal passages before oxygen enters internal organs, making it easier to assimilate.

Proper, conscious breathing is one of the very first things that one learns when they enter the spiritual practice of yoga. It is necessary to apply the breathing techniques to create the correct type of internal body environment for awakening, for awareness, for better health so that one can enjoy a peaceful reality.

Through applying rhythmic breathing exercises, one can clear the emotional body and bring the brain, as well as the entire body system into harmony, allowing for greater expression of the full capacity inherent in the human form.

Proper breathing brings Ida and Pingala towards the epitome of their romance as the sinuses are cleared, breath is flowing and disease and germs are expelled, as they should be.

Any blockage created by food or how one is taking in nutrition or how one is thinking is a block to the flow of Ida and Pingala and the central channel, Sushumna. For this reason, applying the knowledge and understanding of eating in accordance to one’s blood type, one gains tremendous vitality and health in the body, as well as longevity. Coupled with the practice of pranayama, health, peacefulness and vitality is ensured.

Awareness concerning environment and who one surrounds self with, the thought-currents entertained and the ideas in the mind behind the one who is preparing food, these are the habits of life that do best with mindful action in consideration of cause and effect.

May your Ida and Pingala dance in heavenly bliss



written by Kashi 2018, May. ~

Meditation & YOGA


When we consider the ancient spiritual science of Yoga, the original practice of meditation, we see that meditation is level seven out of eight levels. There are six different steps in the process of personal development before one is ready to approach the practice of meditation.

Most are unable to dive deep enough into meditation because of the immense noise of a busy mind, an over-stimulated ego and a confused mental process.

Following, are the eight steps that lead towards enlightenment and what yogi’s have traditionally followed for effective, long-lasting transformation and a blessed moment of meditation.

1. Purification (Yamas)

2. Spiritual teachings (Niyamas)

3. Asanas (Hatha Postures)

4. Pranayama (Breath)

5. Ego and Desires (Control of the senses)

6. Concentration

7. Meditation

8. Samadhi ~ a state of constant bliss

You can see that after purification, study, exercise and management of the thought field, emotional behavior and desires, and the ability to concentrate so that the mind is empty and quiet, that one is prepared for the practice of meditation.

Much emphasis is placed upon the practice of meditation before any of the preliminary steps are embraced and perfected. Learning to breathe, learning how to stretch properly and learning how to eat correctly are paramount before anyone is ready to sit and dive deep into true meditation.

Let’s review each of the steps of yoga from a casual perspective.

Purification is used when we need rest and must take time to nurture our body to heal. Purification practices such as fasting, moments of silence, nutritional supplement programs, massage, spinal adjustments, etc are all expressions of purification. Many practice this first level of Yoga without realizing they are participating in a transformational process.

Spiritual teachings include things such as astrology, a spiritual guru, an author that has appeal, music, poetry, I Ching, feng shui, etc. Spiritual teachings at this level are thought streams from spiritual masters that bring an expansion to one’s mind.

Asanas are the postures that most people refer to as “yoga”. The postures are one small part of the practice of Yoga, as you can see. Asana’s have a powerful connection to the seven chakras in the physical body system that directly correlate to the seven major glands, hence, the importance of stretching in certain ways. Through a daily practice of stretching the glands, vital juices are secreted into the blood system increasing vitality and strengthening the immune system, an important component to the process of greater awareness.

Pranayama is the art of breathing. You can tell a lot about a person in the way that they breathe. If one is anxious, fearful, or greedy, then the breathing is shallow and high in the chest. Short breaths with deep sighs are indications of sadness or depression. In Pranayama, one is taught the method of controlling breath. If one has control over their breath, then they have control over their thoughts, their emotional nature and ultimately, their reality. There is a big impact on the entire being when one learns to breath naturally, automatically, deeply and slowly, consciously.

Ego and Desires, are the demons, blessings, nightmares and karma. Most of humanity lives attached to their moods, their desires, their preferences, their attachments to people, judgments, jealousy, victimhood, competition, comparing and challenges with low self-esteem. It takes a long time to get past this level. It helps if you have a guru at this point of maturation.

Concentration, level number 6, requires one to completely stop everything and come to the present moment. It is the ability to sit with a quiet head, no thoughts; to be empty and feel completely peaceful inside. At this stage, one is detached from all outward motivations, such as desire, greed, fear and lust. This level of awareness goes beyond time and space. Life flows effortlessly and magically from this place of quiet concentration as it leads the way, clearly and confidently and magically serendipitously.

Meditation arrives when we have learned to release control and surrender to a higher, Divine force.

Bliss / Ecstasy / Samadhi  comes when a being has mastered the ability to sit in a constant state of meditation, quietly.  The ripples of ecstasy flow elevating one’s reality into the experience of joy in each moment, effortless movement combined with an equanimous state is how one relates. It’s very different from the way the rest of humanity moves through life.

Ahhhhhh, the golden path of Yoga.

There is nothing more powerful in leading one towards a divine life than the spiritual teachings of Yoga.






The Divided Self

“For centuries the society has been using that strategy to destroy the integrity of the individual. It gives you ideals, it tells you how you should be. It never allows you to love yourself as you are. It creates division: you are one thing, the society says you have to be something else; you become two. Your ideal self creates a constant tension in you. Your real self also becomes a burden because you don’t want it; the society says that it is worthless: Drop it. The real is denied and the unreal is imposed. Now this is the whole misery of man: how can one ever be in bliss if the real is denied, rejected, condemned, and the unreal is appreciated, valued? “ ~ OSHO

As Osho points out in his book, “The Sacred Yes”, in living this split life, there is a lack of wholeness. The only difference between people is the degree that they are split, which is a form of schizophrenia.  Society, school, religion and family teaches division, blocking the ability to live and celebrate one’s own uniqueness. We are urged to become something different than what we truly are. This creates what OSHO refers to as “TWO in one body”.  This split is often, the source of misery, depression and unhappiness.

We go on living out the expectations of parents and an educational system that falls short of designing independent uniqueness or self-expression. Rather, we are taught the skills that serve a system focused on particular functions to maintain its growth and increase in capitol. In this place of self-denial hovering above our head and hanging in the background of our mind and thoughts, a split is created inducing a mild form of insanity.

When we accept our totality, completely embracing our unique expression, all of our moods from sadness to happiness and joy to concern, we are integrated and whole. In this place of total wholeness, Osho states that miracles come into our life. A transcendence takes place that allows relaxation to come into the body, into the mind and ultimately into all of our life activities and relationships.

From an early age we learn to fight with others in order to have a voice, to be recognized or accepted. This split inside of our being keeps us in constant turmoil and frustration with life and relationships. From parents to teachers, from co-workers and the ranks of society, rules have been imposed that keep us in an unnatural place with existence and far from our natural expression. This struggle with imposed, unnatural rules becomes the trauma that we endure and the cause for the increasing division occurring in our being.

This is another reason why I love astrology. For some reason, religion has worked hard to discredit this amazing science, especially in the modern, western world. One can read in the Bible how astrology is considered evil. I must admit, I love it and can see how incredibly liberating it can be. To be validated, recognized and seen brings great confidence and relaxation into our system and opens the door to transformation.

However it is important to keep in mind that astrology is only the first step to gaining real wholeness. Until we have gone through the motions that actually heal the split and undo the mental tapes that foster the division do we taste the true essence of self. This can only be achieved by leaving the nature of mind in the Maya behind and apply the methods of transformation through ancient science of enlightenment and integration.

In our place of comfort and what we perceive as safety and security, we close down the possibilities of a higher existence. For in the place of moment to moment, the place of insecurity, joy is actually born. This is the place of surrender that fosters an awakening, a realization. Letting go of what society has created as normal or safe, jumping into the unknown and opening to divine influence is the beginning of an ecstatic dance with life.  Allowing one’s self to surpass knowledge and conventional life, stepping into an intuitive reality prepares one for tasting a deeper state of love that was hidden from view and certainly unaware. It is challenging to gain this power of intuition through the teachings of astrology or similar types of teachings. These are mental, logical methods for gaining understanding of the Maya and lack a liberating quality or method of surrender, which is the true gateway towards the Divine.

I appreciate how Osho conveys love to be synonymous with beauty and as a tool towards integration. It is true. In a beautiful environment, our heart is widened and expanded, feeling great joy and peace inside. When we create beauty in our immediate space through tidiness, fresh flowers on our altar and placing beautiful objects around us, we feel more love, more sacredness and more divine energy in our existence bringing greater self-confidence and contentment with life. They do go hand in hand. This is the start of bridging the division in our being and expanding our potential to experience greater love.

The formula that H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda uses in his retreats for transformation is magnificently powerful in bridging the disconnected parts of our being. Following the traditional teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, Vedas and Agamas, we find a split, a division in mind, thoughts and actions. It is this division that fosters all of our hardships and difficulties in life combined with blocked emotions. Do our thoughts match our words and do our words and thoughts match our actions? He conveys a method for bridging this division over a twenty-one day period, ultimately bringing cohesion into one’s system therefore, changing one’s reality, radically. As he points out, this is an essential on-going process that never ceases, to continuously clear blocked emotions through the practice of completion to bridge and align all parts of our being, clearing, healing and transforming.

Sri Aurobindo mentions that the practice of the ancient science of Yoga, is a practical psychology and method for bringing wholeness into our being. He points out that the nature of our being is two-fold: higher and lower. The lower nature acts through limitation and division, ignorance and the ego. The higher nature acts through unification and the transcendence of limitation ultimately, bringing a life divine. Yoga provides the passage from lower to higher through a transformational process.

In practical terms, this can be called a surrender of the ego, a challenging feat. Surrendering the ego calls for tremendous courage, unending patience and great faith in the process. Sri Aurobindo further points out that there are three stages for this transformation: the ego coming into contact with the Divine, (2) the laborious preparation of the lower nature while the Divine works to be received and the (3) eventual transformation that comes through this relationship perpetuated by one’s own will to change and evolve. This is the true workings of Yoga.

It can be daunting to follow strict methods to change and evolve, as often taught through the various teachings of the science of Yoga. However, Sri Aurobindo points out that there is “ ….sort of free, scattered and yet gradually intensive and purposeful working determined by the temperament of the individual in whom it operates, the helpful materials which his nature offers and the obstacles which it presents to purification and perfection.”

Ultimately, we have a unique process in our transformation from lower nature to higher allowing for variations in the type of path, beyond one commanded for all. There are many ways to find the Divine, yet utilizing the methods of the Yoga science that best suits one’s own nature is the best way to achieve this union within and without, from below and with above.

One will find that all experiences happening in life, in our environment are being used to shape us in some way towards the path of perfection. We see the Divine operating through the lower nature in all of our encounters, moods and reactions, obscurely through our unconscious being while in the higher nature, aware and conscious, our form becomes the instrument of the Divine’s hand.

As Sri Aurobindo poignantly points out, “All of life is Yoga of Nature seeking to manifest God within itself. Yoga marks the stage at which this effort becomes capable of self-awareness and therefore, right completion in the individual.” from Perspectives for a New Millennium, the Synthesis of Yoga by Sri Aurobindo

Truly, I appreciate this paragraph from the same book: “….what nature aims at for the masses in a slow evolution, Yoga effects for the individual by a rapid evolution. It works by a quickening of all her energies, a sublimation of all her faculties. While she develops the spiritual life with difficulty…..the concentrated method of Yoga can attain directly and carry with it the perception of mind and even, if she will, the perfection of body……Yoga goes beyond Nature to the Lord of Nature, beyond universe to the Transcendent…..”

Yoga is more than bending and stretching the body in specific ways, it is an entire body of work broken down into eight categories, practiced simultaneously but starting with purification of body and the reprogramming of mind through spiritual teachings. Then, we learn how to breathe as we stretch the body in specific ways for specific results. Starting from this place brings a true state of synthesis into the being, naturally, as move up the eight rung ladder of Yoga.

As J. Krishnamurti points out in his talk given in August of 1979, recorded on video, the exercise part of Yoga, called Hatha was developed during the 17th and 18th century to create a healthy body using discipline and control. The original, ancient Yoga is Raja Yoga, to lead a highly moral life, through ethical activity. Yoga translates as “to join” meaning lower with higher. Modern yoga offered in today’s world charges money to learn how to bend and stretch the body, yet never awakens a higher energy or even the kundalini. Certain experiences can happen with the exercises yet misses the true essence of kundalini. Only when the self has surrendered completely, a different kind of energy takes place. The lower mind is in constant conflict and opposition and struggle with life. As long as the struggle is happening, there is a waste of energy. When the struggle leaves and is gone, a totally different energy takes place. You will not find this state evolving in a conventional Hatha yoga studio. Surrendering to the Divine is a highly individual, personal experience that happens in a multi-fold way and is unique to each person and happens upon the initiation of an enlightened master – in ways unimaginable and often, outside of the physical plane.

The true teachings of Yoga is a full body of work designed to transform the entire being, bridging the lower with the higher and ultimately transforming the lower completely.  It is not just exercise, it is so much more.

Spending great amounts of time figuring out the mind through intellectual sciences is such a waste of energy. The mind is full of delusion and trickery, false assumptions and easily influenced by the environment where it is sitting. It’s an endless chase to try and understand nor can one even begin to grasp its wild nature, intellectually. If one is integrated, whole and undivided as the true teaching of Yoga provides through the art of surrender, then life has a blissful quality that leads one out of the shackles of Maya and into the flow of heaven. Surrender to the Divine is a highly intuitive path filled with joy.

It’s true that when we are seeking to understand the nature of a person, by looking at a few basic details in astrology, we find how one operates in the program. It’s very simple. When we are ready to leave the program behind and enter into a state of surrender, Raja Yoga is the way to freedom and out of the grips of the Maya.

May your chosen path lead you into a blissful, healthy state of integration and wholeness. 

In The Beginning

Where do I begin?”


That is a good question.


In the ancient tradition, the very first place that a seeker begins is through clearing the imprint of the unconscious mind.

We can observe this imprint through the thought-currents that play in our mind throughout the day.

Sitting still for a moment, listen to the conversation that is currently running through the back of your mind. Truly ~ it is an extension of how your body is feeling in this moment ~ in its environment and based on the past with its memories still inside your system, playing over and over, repeating and processing incomplete experiences.

It is understood in ancient science that old age and disease are a result of thought-currents. It is a scientific fact that the physical, human body is capable of rejuvenating and living an average of 300 years. In this modern time, most humans are fortunate if they live to the age of seventy-five or eighty years of age. There is something that is short-circuiting the potential of a greater, more vital life experience.

Could it be innocent ignorance?

As my Guru explains ~

Many people turn towards repeating positive affirmations to correct or change the thought-current that is flowing through the mind. The challenge with this method is that it is purely intellectual, replacing the negative with positive. In the mental plane of reality, life is duality. There is a “shadow” potential, as the law of the universe allows for ego, in all interaction. .

One must become authentic, true, compassionate and real. We begin by aligning our thoughts, our actions and our words.

It is that simple.

If there are too many problems, challenges, issues and broken promises, then there may be too many lies told to self or to others.

Become truthful with thoughts, words and actions in all that you do then, the noisy thought-currents begin to fade.

How to Quiet the Inner Chatter.

Pondering, processing, reviewing, formulating, analyzing, deducting and opinionating are all expressions of the lower mind. This type of mental activity is devitalizing and can quickly lead one out of a compassionate state.

Watch your mind when it starts to evaluate and judge.
There is no compassion. This you can see.



1) Compose a list of words that you have used often, to describe your day, the events that are occurring or how you have described yourself to others.

2) Select three words from your list

Take each word, one-at-a-time, describe how the word makes you feel, what kind of picture comes to mind and if it is pleasant or not.

After writing and experiencing the results of the words, observe what is true and what is not true with each description that you wrote.

Where there is un-truth, there is lack of manifestation, lack of vitality and chaos ensues.

Can you see this?

Through observing and becoming conscious of where truth and un-truth are created, one can gain greater ability to effectively create the reality that one is living.

This is the process of becoming authentic, honest, effective and responsible for our own reality in a state of graceful, peaceful silence.

It begins here.


Written by Kashi Stone, May 2018