Integration Maximization

The most powerful ancient scriptures are the Vedas and Agamas and the Upanishads. There are hundreds of thousands of volumes of scriptures preserved regarding the process of human perfection: integration and the maximization of human potential. One could spend their entire lifetime deep in the study of manuscripts and various translations. Truly, each interpretation of the original context written in Sanskrit and Tamil requires a master of the language to interpret properly. Even the word: “beautiful” has over 104 translations in Sanskrit alone based on whether it is an adjective, a noun, plural, singular or otherwise. 


The ancient meaning of the Upanishads is considered as the “Secret Word” or “Secret Doctrine”. Through these teachings of antiquity we find the mystic in the pursuit of eradicating ignorance and discovering Atman, the ultimate Cosmic Creator. 

Including, a popular set of books written by Madame Blavatsky, hailed as the “godmother of the new-age movement”, in 1885, the founder of the Theosophical Society adopted the same title for her body of work fashioned on the original translation of the Upanishads: The Secret Doctrine. After visiting with Hindu Sadhus in India, on and off, beginning in 1849,  she returned to Europe where she remained for a period of time with Annie Besant and wrote many of her sensational novels. 


Much of her literary work is commonly known to the western student of esoteric philosophy and serves as an introduction to the ancient Hindu teachings although to a Hindu scholar, it may sound like “rubbish” as it is full of intellectual chatter missing the essence of sacred wisdom that is felt in an enlightened transmission, like what we receive from a fully realized master. It was highly inappropriate in her attempts to own this knowledge and transfer it without the traditional, formal acknowledgement of her qualifications. A commentary based on her experience would have been sufficient and probably more effective in making a substantial impact on the climate of western religion.

In 1875, Madame B. and Colonel Olcott, co-founded the Theosophical Society creating what many have referred to as esoteric religion. Shortly thereafter, in 1880, Madame B and her partner the Colonel,  moved to India and allied with a Hindu reform movement founded by Swami Devananda Saraswati. 

Second in line to Madame B’s influence in bringing ancient Hindu teachings to the western world is Alice Bailey, also a member and author of the Theosophical Society.

Again, we have an interesting assortment of ideas shared with the western world. Many of her writings are a rewrite of Madame B’s books with an emphasis on Tropical astrology, which positions her as an esoteric spokesperson and channel of spiritual knowledge of her own design. Through this significance, she divorces her alignment with eastern spiritual sciences and Vedic astrology, which is a component of the Vedas and is considered the most accurate method for interpreting a life design. Obviously, this switch to Tropical, ensured an audience already familiar and conditioned by the European method created by the Roman Empire for managing the matrix and its currency.

These facts are of important consideration because both of these women are recognized as major representatives for ancient Hindu teachings in the western world above any other individuals even though both of them were not formally recognized as initiated, qualified teachers of the ancient science through traditional Hindu practices. Nor did either woman live the lifestyle of a spiritual leader or guide in accordance to the principles that both of these women propose to support. 

Traditionally, Hindu sciences are passed through a lineage of teachers that is an actual living stream intended to bring legitimacy to the teachings of Vedas and Agamas, Upanishads, sutras and other important shastras. Through these ancient teachings a human applies the principles and sciences for achieving the extraordinary space of consciousness that fosters bliss and super-conscious human powers. This is the flavor of integration animating form and celebrating life on this planet as a divine being. 

Through these great, ancient teachings we find the ultimate truth, we realize the absolute reality of a super-conscious principle; we learn the Vedic rituals for firmly placing the awareness of superconscious reality in our lives; we practice all forms of meditation, and witness the results leading to Brahma-loka, which can be considered “heaven” by the western mind. In the traditional ancient Hindu Adi Shaivite teachings: ShriKailasa, an enlightened eco-system; a space and place with no borders and found wherever an enlightened being resides.



Ultimately, the spiritual seeker attunes to the source energy that is conscious, independent intelligence, the Source of the Universe who manifests, maintains, rejuvenates, and pulls one out of delusion as it liberates. This causes one to evolve into the highest possible divine human manifestation expressing extraordinary powers.


The Vedas and Agamas are the oldest collection of literature in the world and are the highest source of authority for Hindus and those aspiring for enlightenment. Many of these ancient scriptures originate from Sri Lanka and are considered eternal with an everlasting applicable quality to the human experience.

Their unique attribute is that they were imparted through a cosmic source to enlightened rishis who passed on the supreme knowledge through a lineage of teachers qualified to represent. They have no author specified as the creator of the ancient texts, which holds the integrity of the transmitting quality. From a space and place of experience, each teacher who is initiated to impart this secret knowledge is naturally cultivated with the wisdom necessary to convey the true meaning of these hidden secrets and significant information for humanity while blessed by a higher cosmic force of divine power animating through their chosen form.

Usually, the interpretations by modern teachers, Indian or western, have a slightly distorted context of the messages written in these ancient texts. One must be very careful when embarking on the pursuit of understanding these magnificent ancient teachings as to who is imparting the knowledge and translating the flavor of wisdom that gradually sinks deeply into the core of one’s being. 

For instance, my Guru, Sri Bhagwan Nithyananda Paramashivam points out that many translate the meaning of  Yoga as “union”. However, it actually translates as a continuous process of merging in the true definition of the Sanskrit syntax. Through the process of yoga, there is no final, ultimate destination. We are in a continuous process of evolving and merging, growing towards integration. This is an important distinction that automatically brings a different perception to the mind. Where one may consider a final destination, we have a continuous, on-going experience, accurately translated, which naturally fosters a space of relaxation in the process of evolving as this understanding gracefully removes the pressure of what may seem as a daunting task with a destination.


A technique for properly determining if the source is clear and reliable is through the ability to see the level of integration expressed through the eyes. Using the eyes, one can determine the authenticity and integrity of the messenger and what they are imparting. Truly, the eyes tell just how pristine their teaching and transmission is for your own process of spiritual unfolding.

Keep in mind that there is a chance that the level of integration can change as one becomes less stable through contracting a disease, through environmental factors such as an ill person in the environment impacting the one who is integrated and forcing them to take on their karma. Environmental poisons can be a problem and many spiritual teachers, particularly Hindu teachers have been deliberately poisoned, such as Osho, for instance. Even Mira, The Mother, representative of the Sri Aurobindo movement considered that she had been poisoned in her later years.

Of course, the more integrated and powerful the being, the more the ability to hold space and transform those who are near and far. This is why it is helpful to know how to see and determine the extent of integration that the spiritual teacher holds within.


You will find below a collection of photos of famous spiritual teachers and celebrities with the state of integration revealed through their eyes. Some reflect the loss of integration through an illness, with drastic imbalances inside or they express examples of perfected integration. Some may even exemplify a mind that does not match actions or speech communicated to others does not match thoughts and actions. We can see this through someone telling others what to do yet, not doing it themselves. 

The eyes, as a window of the soul, clearly indicate the condition of the nadis (nerve meridians), emotional blocks, illnesses and condition of internal organs, the quality of the aura, the relationship with higher principles and so on. Do keep in mind that this is not the science of iridology. This is a surface indication of one’s state of integration: spirit merged with matter and living as a balanced, equanimous, emotionally and physically healthy person who is relaxed and very satisfied while living in a profound state of truthful awareness.

First, look at how much the right and left eyes differ from the other and then, take a closer look at how the iris of each eye rests on the lower lid – this will indicate in the most clearest way, who is integrated or slightly off. Also notice if the eyes are in alignment across the face. On some, one eye will be much lower than the other when looking straight ahead.

A true spiritual teacher will be speaking what they live, experience the teachings and have deep understanding of what they are sharing. This is all revealed in the right and left eyes. 

The most qualified spiritual teacher displays a perfectly symmetrical presentation in the reflection of right and left eyes and  completely level across the face, in a straight line.

You can check your own level of integration too, through taking selfies on occasion to view your process of becoming integrated.






















Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam
























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