Sacred Trinity

The western religious spiritual figure-head: Father, Son and Holy Ghost, actually began thousands of years before the Christian belief system adopted their own interpretation of the holy combination of three.

This ancient, original, Hindu sacred trinity, called Trimurti is found upon the premise of Brahma (Spirit) the creator, Vishnu (Son) the preserver, and Shiva (Father) the transformer, all three together as one force are united through an incarnating avatar recognized as Dattatreya and the representation of consciousness.

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OJAS ~ Life Force

From CHAKRA Course

The Life force known as OJAS is the subtle vehicle of consciousness, which enters the heart, the circulatory channels and is fed and improved through food, purity, cheer and hope. It also supplies the body with fine material for building the senses. It is the part of the brain that operates in memory, intelligence and willpower.

At the first formation of the embryo inside the mother’s womb, OJAS begins working with the tissues and fluids inside the womb immediately after conception to create the form and subtle body, the chakras. By the third month, once the heart organ is fully developed, a spark of OJAS enters into the growing infants heart and positions itself to hold consciousness in form and to live out a life destiny. By the fourth month the hands, feet, tongue, nose, ears and internal organs are fully formed.

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