An introduction to the ancient seven-chakra system connected with primary, internal organs and glands in the physical body as it relates to the human process of evolution.   Alternative, ancient methods of purification combined with emotional and internal organ transformational process that naturally develops improved health, emotional stability and self-confidence.

Enjoy an in-depth overview of Solar Plexus, Root and Sacral with Spleen and Sun and their combining influences.

Gain greater understanding in function of the Monopole, the aura, emotional body and how it relates with the process of environment and ascension.

An introduction to cleansing and purification methods for addressing emotional blocks and physical organ health. Discover how environment, relationships and psychology influence reality.

Healing herbs and natural methods for restoring physical body vitality and emotional equanimity while enduring the maturation process of form.

Introduction to daily regimens designed for the four main types: Kapha, Pitta and Vata and their combinations of constitutions as taught in the ancient science of Aryuveda. Bridge the four types as taught in Human Design with the ancient teachings for greater clarity and understanding of the mechanics of form.

An emotional clearing process is conducted throughout the course designed to assist in clearing self-defeating patterns. Strengthen protective shield of one’s own aura.



ONLINE two-way video environment from any place in the world with internet connection.

CHAKRA Soul Design self-mastery program and workbook, CHAKRAS a comprehensive overview in pdf booklet form, Yoga postures / Part 2, chakra coloring book.


One day each week for sixteen weeks. Classes last approximately three to four hours, one day each week.

Day of week and time is determined before classes begins by the group in an effort to coordinate international time zones.

Your PayPal donation initiates your commitment and the process of enrollment. Once our office has received your gesture of intention, you are contacted by email with confirmation and further instructions. Please allow 24 hours for response.

Course Value: $2200




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