An introduction to the ancient seven-chakra system and primary organs in the physical body related to the human process of evolution with methods of purification and total body, emotional and internal organ health.

Enjoy an overview of chakras and their location in the physical body bringing greater understanding of aura type, mental definitions and physical body connection. Emphasis on Solar Plexus, Root and Sacral with Spleen and Sun.

Gain greater understanding on the function of the Monopole, the aura, emotional body and the process of ascension.

An in-depth view of the 8 rungs of the ancient science of Yoga for gaining self-realization.

An introduction to cleansing and purification methods for addressing emotional body blocks, state of health and physical organs related to environment, relationships and psychology.

An overview of healing herbs for restoring physical body vitality while creating emotional equanimity for maturing the three-part system.

Introduction to daily regimens designed for the three main types: Kapha, Pitta and Vata constitutions, as taught in the ancient science of Aryuveda. Gain understanding of the elements to coordinate physical body and emotional health while strengthening protective shield of aura.

An emotional clearing process is conducted throughout the course as we review  mental tapes that are created from misalignment or conditioning.

A natural de-conditioning process occurs through course exercises, class discussions and meditation practices.



ONLINE two-way video environment from any place in the world with internet connection.

CHAKRA Soul Design self-mastery program and workbook, CHAKRAS a comprehensive overview in pdf booklet form, Yoga postures / Part 2, chakra coloring book.


One day each week for twelve weeks. Classes last approximately two to four hours, one day each week.

Day of week and time is determined before classes begins by the group in an effort to coordinate international time zones.

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Course Value: $675

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Evolution of form through surrender