Certification for Esoteric Studies and Teaching

  • Exploration of the three-part human form from an esoteric perspective
  • Clarification of emotional versus non-emotional according to ancient sciences
  • Maturation and evolution of the senses
  • Three Paths towards enlightenment according to individual psychology
  • Addressing difficulties in life and points of crisis
  • Purpose of Mantras and how to apply for transformation and protection
  • Introduction to Integral Yoga for transformation and enlightenment
  • Microcosm to Macrocosm and the Art of Self-Perfection
  • Exploration of Ida and Pingala
  • Overview of Mayan, Egyptian and Hindu history and culture, ultimately shaping modern religion
  • An esoteric introduction to Rahu and Ketu according to Jyotish
  • The state of Venus

Discover your unique pathway towards integration of body and Higher Self.
Remove confusion that is slowing down or blocking your transformational experience.



Ten Weeks
One day each week for ten weeks. Classes last approximately three hours.

Saturdays / Pacific Time

10 weeks / 1 day a week / 3 hours ~ each week



Volume VIII: Esoteric, Modern and Ancient Teachings

An introduction to the basic components of how one builds their own reality of environment and experiences in real-time, moment to moment. The fundamental principles and the mutational experience influenced by religion and tradition; a fabulous experience in expansion while a gentle, guiding force provides insights and an introduction to optimum spiritual, mental and physical well-being.


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Course Value: $1275



“Kashi unfolded the knowledge with great detail and made it very simple to comprehend … “
“The classes are so healing for me and I love our Group……..”
“Our class yesterday was so lovely.
How rich and different it feels each time we come together.
It’s quite fascinating observing, sharing, and learning from you, Kashi,
and the other girls and their process.”


Thank you for the wonderful class today. 🙂
I learned so much from everyone and it felt good being able to express myself within our container.
You have beautiful and lovely energy and I’m looking forward learning from you.


Kashi, this was such a fantastic class. I am so excited for the next few weeks. Thank you so much!