LECTURES & WORKSHOPS offered by Kashi Stone


Through workshops, lectures, videos and private sessions with Kashi, hidden keys for understanding love, life purpose, life-changing events and more are uncovered.

While in session, meditation, workshop or lecture with Kashi, mutative activity and transformation of the emotional body occurs as powerful tools are imparted with the facilitation of ancient initiatory forces.

Through understanding the basic precepts of human evolution shared in these unique gatherings, participants gain tremendous self-confidence and empowerment designed to initiate a powerful transformation for ever-expanding awareness leading towards a lasting state of enlightenment and self-realization.




Lectures range from one hour to three hours, depending on event and the need. Participants attending enjoy slide-show presentation, distribution of pdf booklet and exercises.


Discover your DOSHA Type: Pitta, Kapha, Vata and learn how to balance the chemistry through decoding the elements using ancient Ayurvedic astrology, while applying spiritual lifestyle practices, which ultimately create a higher, better quality of life.


YOGA, Science for Uniting Body, Mind and Spirit with Intention

Through the teachings of the eight-fold path of Yoga, secrets are revealed offering a clear, concise overview of where to begin in the process of integration, merging all parts of the being: body, mind, emotions and soul, which ultimately leads to enlightenment.

In this workshop, learn the eight departments of the ancient science of Yoga as revolutionary exercises and powerful initiations are imparted for instant awareness and activation of the higher chakras.

A brief overview of all topics covered in the weekly, online group, provides comprehensive details of the introductions shared in this two-hour lecture.


As one matures in their spiritual process, so do the 5 senses refine and alter one’s cognition. Discover the magical transformation that takes place inside the body through the process of growing awareness. 


Since the beginning of time, the love affair of Shiva and Shakti has portrayed the dance between the masculine and feminine energies of the universe. One could consider Shiva and Shakti the original Adam and Eve for the western mind. However, the story of these two lovers contrast greatly from contemporary biblical interpretations yet contain many similarities and hidden messages that the orthodox Christian religion imposes or fails to impart. 

Through this lecture we unravel the true interpretation of Adam and Eve as we delve into the ancient portrayal of the original male and female, Hindu iconic symbolism of Shiva and Shakti. In this special presentation, the hidden message behind these two original lovers providing the most extraordinary dance of love and devotion possible in a relationship is revealed.


In this lecture, we learn the purpose of having a guru, how one finds and determines the correct guru and what are the advantages to enjoying the relationship of Master and disciple. We explore the mechanics of puja and its powerful influence when applied in gratitude towards one’s guru or favorite deity on a daily basis and the magical benefits of subtle powers imparted and enjoyed with an enlightened teacher.

A contemporary translation of the GURU GITA imparted and shared in pdf and printed booklet form.


Discover how thought-currents are created, what makes a busy mind and how to manage this unruly, overwhelming aspect of being human that often, drives life experiences and moods.


Kashi Stone

Teacher, Writer, Agent of Transformation
and Lifestyle Designer




Workshops are three to four hours in length providing ample time for interactive exercises and student engagement with breaks.

Workshop participants receive slideshow presentation, individual and group exercises, tools and props for exercises and group interaction, distribution of material: booklet, images, worksheets, and throughout workshop mini-readings are conducted.


In this workshop, we explore diet and its relation to physical appearance and emotional nature, what types of foods feed the lite body where vitality is held, an investigation into what is true nutrition, an overview of foods that heal the body and how to use and prepare different types of foods.

Recipe booklet included with workshop. Test kitchen used in workshop, when possible.


In this workshop, participants are introduced to each chakra on a basic, primary level. Workshop exercises are conducted for healing and clearing each chakra, an introduction to the connection between chakras and consciousness; a review of lower mind, higher mind, and an introduction to the two systems evolving into three with growing awareness.


Create your own personal deity for empowerment.

In this workshop, we review the history of idols, gods, shrines, mythology and devas and their significance in the process of cultivating awareness, while creating our own personal deity.

Participants are encourage to bring items to create with such as fabrics, jewels, ornaments, crystals and gems, flowers and more, allowing intuition to guide the gathering process for creating one’s own personal empowerment tool.

A modest selection of craft material is provided for workshop. 


Brief Introduction to Kashi Stone

Kashi Stone is a revolutionary artist and voice of change for the future, living as a yogi and mystic. An uplifting and inspirational public speaker, teacher, author and disciple of Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, Kashi offers a profound channel for spiritual transformation through her ability to impart golden keys for awakening that are hidden in the ancient, Hindu teachings designed for achieving enlightenment. Woven throughout the eight limbs of yoga and the ancient texts of the Vedas and Agamas are the essential, progressive steps towards full integration of spirit with matter. This process is a life-long pursuit for Kashi, beginning with her initiation in 1992 with Swami Rama.

Kashi shares spiritual lifestyle teachings through the founding of Soul Design University intended for providing wisdom to navigate life according to the ancient science of the Vedas and Agamas, the ancient Hindu shastras for evolving into super-human form.

Kashi lives her life as a Brahmacharya, sharing her perspective of healing, maturation and spiritual practice in accordance to the principles of this unique and rare, spiritual lifestyle path imparted by her Master Guru H.D.H. Bhagwan Sri Nithyanandan Paramashivam. She continues her ongoing pursuit of spiritual studies as a student of Nithyananda University, a school for achieving enlightenment through ancient principles.

A unique, life-long path of devotion and spiritual seeking, Kashi offers solutions for overcoming the struggle between living spiritually and materially in a world filled with challenging and difficult contentions, yet full of wonder, magic and multi-dimensional realities.

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