A comprehensive introduction to the basics of astrology and cosmology combined with esoteric and ancient tools working with modern perspectives – defining what you require to be fully empowered doing what you love and experiencing life in good health from a satisfied, fulfilled space.


One day each week. Classes last approximately one to three hours.  

Students work one-on-one, alone with Kashi so that the process of understanding self is grasped fully as delicate, personal information is shared in a private environment. However, monthly group gatherings are offered to provide the right kind of environment for special initiatory activations, which provide multi-dimensional ascension in one’s being.


Course begins with first level divided into three phases with one month break (4 weeks) between phases 1 and II:

Phase I      (3 months)
Exploration of life design through basic astrological knowledge, abstract, multi-dimensional logical ancient I Ching interpretations and Vedic Astrology.

4-week break to integrate information and in preparation for Phase II

Phase II     (3 months)
A deeper perspective of astrology and cosmology in alignment with one’s own spiritual process of maturation.

Phase III (6 months)
Continued maturation while learning advanced levels of astrology and cosmology.



Hands On Chart Clinic and Mentoring Program (6 months)

Final Exam and Certification



“I first contacted Kashi wanting a reading for my son, after being impressed with her writing and videos on her website. Since then, I’ve taken classes and also had a number of sessions with her which are all best described as guidance or counseling, as they have been uniquely responsive to the moment. Her insight is rooted in years of experiential study as well as a psychic sensitivity and her non-critical spirit has allowed me to feel truly seen. The benefits of work with Kashi are subtle yet transformational—I feel like I know better who I am and where I want to go. ” ~ Colleen Chen 



In the same way as receiving a personal reading yet, on a much more comprehensive level, our work together provides clues and understanding of your authentic being and  powerful insights concerning your personal life story and chemistry.

Each week, we look at different components of your personal chart, from birth to major life cycles to annual, progressed and early root pattern development that contributes greatly in the development of your inner nature and the tendencies towards emotional habits and expressions.

We uncover hidden astrological imprints that work against your empowerment  or continue to create health problems that weaken your life force and destroy your personal power and discover solutions for managing them.

We look at natural physical or emotional tendencies in your DNA and cosmic design or karma that is in your system that creates health issues and then, discover ways to address them so that they are not emphasized or given power in your body and mind. 

We explore your romantic nature and how it is strategizing to fulfill your desires or working against your ability to experience fulfilling, healthy relationships. At the same time, we research and study those who are in your environment, such as partner, children, parents or housemates and the nature of your relationships and the ways that you impact each other. In this process, we discover tools for assisting in creating more harmony in your relationships with those people. 

We look at your natural skills and tune into what you have incarnated to share with the world and how to identify those who are in alignment with you for collaboration and shared empowerment.

Regarding your spiritual growth, understanding is gained of where you are in your maturation process and how you can better improve your connection with Divine forces, naturally, in your personal way.

All of this information and more is managed through a private, online portal where we work together developing information that you have available at your fingertips anytime you want to review it. You also have the ability to download and save information as we are creating it. Pdf booklets are distributed almost weekly with articles for supporting your process of transformation while developing a higher level of intelligence for navigating your life. 

At the same time that we are deep in this exploration, a subtle initiation is occurring inside your being for activating higher chakras, all in alignment with dedication to our process. 

With the educational methods, the activation of higher chakras and the expansion that naturally occurs in our work together, your reality improves considerably with great skills for managing your life while assisting others. This new awareness gained with the information imparted ultimately brings a wonderful sense of relief and relaxation into your being with an improved state of health, truly.

Coupled with your growing self-awareness gained through attending this course with me, over time, an unusual technique for decoding  astrological information is imparted that allows you to read charts at a basic level, simply and intuitively, which helps others to navigate life with greater ease and awareness  ~ just like you are learning to do and continue to do.



Introduction to Transformational Astrology  / Volume 5 / SOUL DESIGN
The Breath of Cosmology / Volume 6 / SOUL DESIGN and companion coloring book

Astrology Translator / Volume I

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Participants completing a two-year, full-time course with SDU receives certification for teaching Astrology & Cosmo course and becomes eligible for enrolling in residency at SDU transformational living center.

Your payment transaction initiates your commitment and the process of enrollment.

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Monthly Fee /  One on One: $200
Sessions conducted once a week