Retreat for Transformation

It’s time to activate higher chakras and the possibility of greater human potential. 

This progressive, new program includes activities and curriculum for creating long-lasting, permanent transformation while providing powerful initiations and offering the latest and greatest of ancient techniques for purification, healing, edification, nourishment and activation.

At the same time, the basic tenets of the Astro & Cosmo program are taught and applied for a personal, intimate process that is aligned with one’s most innate inner being as seen through the science of astrology making this a powerful, personal transformational experience above most other offerings available in the world, today.

This is truly a comprehensive program for radical transformation and evolution.

The year-round retreat center is designed to take one through a self-discovery process with a unique way of reading the planets and stars while offering a fast track to evolving and maturing one’s true, inner nature. 

The Group Gathering offering on this website and its activities comprehensively define the activities happening in addition to the benefits that the Astro & Cosmo program provide. You can learn more about the group activities here.

Consider this retreat center a community where people gather with those who are like-minded and with the focus on spiritual development.

Plan and prepare to attend a thirty-day activation ignition and with the effort towards dropping all that binds you, blocks you, stops you and twists your mind into dis-empowering concepts.

Certainly, you can begin with the first steps in this process through enrolling in the Astro & Cosmos educational forum and receive the wonderful benefits including, special offerings at our revolutionary environment opening later this year.           Click here for more info regarding Astro & Cosmo course