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In our work together, experience clues and understanding of your authentic being and true life calling while receiving insights concerning personal life story and chemistry blueprint. With the combination of systems that I use, great confidence is imparted for conducting decision-making in negotiating life events, relationships, and opportunities as well as challenging situations. Including, greater acceptance of who one is, understanding of why things happen and the resulting compassion that comes with this understanding naturally increases one’s own self-love and larger forbearance and trust in others. This new awareness gained with the information imparted ultimately brings a wonderful sense of relief and relaxation into your being.

Before we begin, for those seeking to have a reading, a three-part questionnaire process is conducted  to gain true understanding of the nature of your being and how you would like to most create your life, clarifying what is causing you discontent or blocking your efforts from achieving the personal vision and dream you are holding and longing for. Through this two-part reading process, a pathway is created for your next steps to realize your idea of a perfect reality, in a practical and realistic way.

In life transitions such as divorce, job changes, moving from one environment to the next, grieving a loss or coping with changes in the home, you will find the methods that we apply in our work together to successfully provide the insights required to navigate these important life changes. 

You are welcome to schedule a complimentary, 10-minute chat session to discuss these services further and how they benefit you.


Overview of personal psychology, special skills, interpretations in how you relate in love and interact socially

A review of current major life cycle such as Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition or Kiron Return and an overview of last year, this year and next year influences with their themes.

Gain understanding about why things transpired the way they did last year and foresight into next years possibilities as well as insights about the current, major life cycle.

Receive a comprehensive, personal booklet that provides details about your life story according to intuitive insights coupled with Vedic astrology on how to best plan, prepare and evolve.

Two sessions may be adequate, however, you are encouraged to continue your work with me through enrolling in the Astrology and Cosmology course, which takes you into deeper layers of personal information..

Comprehensive work conducted through Astrology and Cosmology course includes volumes of material and booklets with an extensive collection of worksheets for unraveling and decoding your life story and purpose, which you keep with you for the years ahead to refer to whenever you are making big changes or need a reminder of who you are and why you are here.

Sessions are recorded, if desired.

First Time Client / 2 Session Package



Once notification of payment from Paypal has been received, you will be contacted with the three-part questionnaire conducted for qualifying compatibility and to arrange a mutually convenient time for your first session. It does not matter where you are located on the planet. For the appointment, we can use Skype, FaceTime or ZOOM – most often I use ZOOM. For zoom, only the link that I provide you is required, which is copied and pasted as an URL in your internet browser.

You are welcome to email my office before making a payment if you have questions or would like further information: 

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1. First Time Clients


Sessions with Kashi


About KASHI STONEastrological profile

Kashi has been born with an unusual intellect and ability to share awareness with others.

Working with a diverse background as a teacher and life counselor, Kashi imparts astrological and spiritual wisdom with a high level of intuition combined with a natural understanding of the human condition. Under the appropriate influence and through the ability to transfer clear concepts while utilizing the capacity to gather together a community environment, higher principles for everyday living are shared.



2. Students and Returning Clients

Soul Design University students, returning clients
and webinar participants

This special offer is available for those who are currently enrolled in SDU program or have recently attended an event or online webinar with me or are a returning, on-going client.

Through completing the PayPal transaction below, an email is sent to me indicating that you would like to schedule your appointment. Within 24 hours, you receive a confirmation indicating I have received your payment with a request for birth details and a selection of available days and times for your session.

 “Student rate” must be reserved within 30 days of attending seminar

Sessions with Kashi



Once notification of payment from Paypal has been received, you will be contacted to arrange a mutually convenient time for your session. It does not matter where you are located on the planet. For the appointment, you can use Skype, FaceTime or ZOOM. You are welcome to email my office before making a payment if you have questions or would like further information: