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In our work together, experience understanding of your authentic being while receiving insights concerning personal life story and how you operate on a chemistry level.

In life transitions such as divorce, job changes, moving from one environment to the next, grieving a loss or coping with changes in the home, you will find the methods that we apply in our work together to successfully provide you with the insights required to navigate these important life changes.

Including, greater acceptance of who you are and the resulting compassion that comes with this understanding naturally increases your self-love and larger forbearance and trust in others. This new awareness gained ultimately brings a wonderful sense of relief and relaxation into your being.

Experience through this two-part reading process, a pathway for you to realize your idea of a perfect reality, in a practical and realistic way.


While in session with me, there are two windows of software that I look at to interpret your cosmic blueprint: Vedic astrology and the Human Design system using ancient I Ching interpretations – not HD translations. With those two methods coupled with the ancient I Ching, a precise and accurate overview of personal psychology and special life skills, are revealed as well as how you relate in love and interact socially.

With Human Design, we stay very basic in our exploration. Using Vedic astrology, we venture deeper to uncover insights on how to navigate your reality into a more conscious, aware state. A third component shared is my psychic, intuitive sight, which reveals layers that are hidden from your immediate view and resting deep inside your system blocking your ability to enjoy a peaceful existence. These three methods used in our session enlighten, empower and strengthen confidence in who you are and how you are designed to operate.

We also take a look at your current major life cycle such as Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition or Kiron Return and then, a brief exploration of last year, this year and next year influences and how they are shaping your current reality. First, this validates that the information being imparted is absolutely accurate as we look at recent past experiences as they are outlined through astrology and with my intuitive abilities. Through that validation, greater confidence and receptivity is gained in the information that I am sharing with you.

With this two-part reading, you receive a comprehensive, personal booklet that provides details about your life story and how to best plan, prepare and evolve into your highest calling that naturally compliments our first session. The second session is offered to answer questions that may arrive in your pondering of information from our first session and is optional. You can also choose to purchase the personal booklet and forego the in-person session, if you so desire. There are many options here to choose from that best suits your nature and motivation for seeking.

The second session must follow within a thirty-day window while the information is still fresh and in the forefront of your mind yet, it may not be not necessary that you follow-up with this second session. One session with me may be fully adequate to answer all of your questions and concerns about your life path.

You are encouraged to continue your work with me through enrolling in the Astrology and Cosmology course, which takes you into deeper layers of personal information and a powerful, long-term process of transformation.

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Enroll in the Astro & Cosmos, one on one course and bypass introductory session

You are also welcome to skip this first, initial reading and enter immediately into the one-on-one course with me.

Truly, it is life changing and radically transformational as it effectively leads you into spiritual integration and super-human empowerment.

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Once notification of payment from Paypal has been received, you will be contacted with a short questionnaire conducted for assessing compatibility and to arrange a mutually convenient time for your first session. It does not matter where you are located on the planet. For the appointment, we use ZOOM and only the link that I provide you in email before our session is required. It is not necessary to download or install the application.

You are welcome to email my office before making a payment if you have questions or would like further information: 

Sessions are recorded upon request.

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Sessions with Kashi


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Spiritual Lifestyle Designer and Agent of Transformation

Kashi has been born with an unusual intellect and ability to share awareness with others.

Working with a diverse background as a teacher and life counselor, Kashi imparts astrological and spiritual wisdom with a high level of intuition combined with a natural understanding of the human condition. Under the appropriate influence and through the ability to transfer clear concepts while utilizing the capacity to gather together a community environment, higher principles for everyday living are shared.


Kashi is a disciple of H.D.H. Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam and a student of Nithyananda University, a school for learning ancient principles for gaining enlightenment. Kashi represents as teacher and student of ancient Hindu Vedic sciences for daily application of principles leading to conscious lifestyle through the oldest living stream of transformational science in the world today. 


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“I first contacted Kashi wanting a reading for my son, after being impressed with her writing and videos on her website. Since then, I’ve taken classes and also had a number of sessions with her which are all best described as guidance or counseling, as they have been uniquely responsive to the moment. Her insight is rooted in years of experiential study as well as a psychic sensitivity and her non-critical spirit has allowed me to feel truly seen. The benefits of working with Kashi are subtle yet transformational—I feel like I know better who I am and where I want to go. ” ~ Colleen Chen 



Students and Returning Clients

Soul Design University students, returning clients
and webinar participants

This special offer is available for those who are currently enrolled in SDU program or have recently attended an event or online webinar with me or are a returning, on-going client.

Through completing the PayPal transaction below, an email is sent to me indicating that you would like to schedule your appointment. Within 24 hours, you receive a confirmation indicating I have received your payment with a request for birth details and a selection of available days and times for your session.

 “Student rate” must be reserved within 30 days of attending seminar

Sessions with Kashi


Once notification of payment from Paypal has been received, you will be contacted to arrange a mutually convenient time for your session. It does not matter where you are located on the planet. For the appointment, you can use Skype, FaceTime or ZOOM. You are welcome to email my office before making a payment if you have questions or would like further information:


Lovers Composite Reading
Parent and Child Relationship Reading

With lovers, a snapshot view of how the two of you blend into one through your blessed love union and become a new, different organism operating from the place of oneness in the couple hood. Most couples become slightly confused and agitated in love unions because they do not understand how much each person changes when they merge and hold unrealistic expectations. Through this special reading, great tools are imparted to educate and enlighten each lover into being a supportive, loving partner in the union of two souls.

Both people do not need to be present for this second reading.


Children enter into a heavy conditioning field that requires maintaining healthy boundaries as they grow into young adults

As we explore each astrological imprint: Parent and Child, gain better understanding as the tools for more harmonious interaction are imparted.

Empower your child through understanding their unique design and life purpose, learn how to interact from a more patient, tolerant stance that reduces stress, confusion and expectations.

In one session, a child is recognized for who they are, taught how their chemistry operates. With the child, you learn what their inherent decision-making process is that protects them and brings the best experiences.  Learning these basic tools is an empowering process that brings a sense of self-confidence for the child as they face life challenges and difficult social happenings.

Understanding the child’s life path gives great insight for how to support the child and the direction to channel their attention and time so that they are enriched by their experiences and inspired to create what is most natural from their core.

This session also sheds light on challenging behavior or difficulties that rise between parent and child in relating and negotiating. Through understanding how each, the parents and the child are designed, greater understanding is brought into the relationship allowing for healing and a rich, rewarding, trusting relationship.

Session is conducted one half-hour with child and remaining half-hour with parent(s) and child.

“LOVERS” compatibility reading follows an individual reading.

Relationship Reading: $125.00
Reading Booklet: $50.00
Recordings are no cost / Please request before session begins

Relationship Reading