Transformation with Kashi



A one-time, two-hour session that provides an overview of romantic relationships or challenging family
connections; struggles with work, confusion regarding life purpose or primary concerns that are impacting your quality of life. Including, intuitive reviews of health problems while discovering solutions written in your astrological codes and the I Ching.

A comprehensive, personal booklet follows session depicting annual cycles, current planetary cycles and overview of current life cycle: Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition or Kiron Return.

A complimentary second session is offered, if necessary.

A powerful opportunity is at hand for clarity, healing and confidence in life direction.


  * student readings and returning clients: $225 (see drop-down menu) 

Sessions with Kashi


Once I receive notification of payment from Paypal, I will email you to arrange a mutually convenient time for your session. It does not matter where you are located on the planet. For the appointment, you can use Skype, FaceTime or ZOOM. You are welcome to email my office before making a payment if you have questions or would like further information:



Child Soul Reading


Children enter into a heavy conditioning field that requires healthy boundaries as they grow into young adults.

In one session, a child is recognized for who they are, taught how their chemistry operates, and learn what their inherent decision-making process is that protects them and brings the best experiences.  Learning these basic tools is an empowering process that brings a sense of self-confidence as they face life’s challenges.

Understanding the child’s life path gives great insight for parents on how to support the child and in what direction so that the child is enriched by their experiences and inspired to create. This session also sheds light on challenging behavior or difficulties between parent and child in relating and negotiating. Through understanding how each, the parents and the child are designed, greater understanding is brought into the relationship allowing for healing and a trusting relationship.

Child Empowerment sessions by  DONATION

Session is conducted one half-hour with child and remaining half-hour with parent(s) and child.



“Both Kashi’s written content and how she does her sessions provide the clearest and most practical way of interpreting and applying Human Design System that I’ve ever encountered. I got a reading for my 10-year-old son to try and figure out some of the frustrating and dead-end patterns we get into in our relationship. She spoke to us at length and offered insights, feedback, and explanations of both conscious and subconscious motivators for our behavior. I know that it’s when we understand our patterns that change is easy, and with her suggestions of what to pay attention to, I’ve been able to make small shifts that are making all the difference. The accompanying written report is rich and detailed and I can tell will be good to go back to for many years. Both my son and I loved our time with Kashi, who is so genuine, integrated, and compassionate a person that she in herself is a huge recommendation for the efficacy of her work.”  ~Colleen Chen, California