Introduction to:


YOGA, Science for Uniting Body, Mind and Spirit with Intention



PRANAYAMA ~ Breathing practices to clear emotional body and nervous system

PANCHA KRIYA ~ Daily purification rituals to stabilize and foster mental clarity and clear aura

ASANAS / YOGA POSTURES ~ Increase physical agility while facilitating deeper breathing

BRAHMA MURTA ~ Aligning rhythmically with cosmic forces for greater ease in daily practices

MANTRA CHANTING ~ Sanskrit texts for activation of subtle powers and deity participation

PUJA WORSHIP ~ Imbibing spiritual cosmic forces in sacred space

NIRAHARA SAMYAMA ~ Fasting with specific guidelines for improving bodily functions

SATSANG –  Discussions of sacred texts for mental and spiritual edification

POWER MANIFESTATION ~ Activation of personal willpower for right cognition

AYURVEDIC SACRED LIFESTYLE SCIENCE ~ the six systems of Hindu philosophy

FOUR SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES ~ Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching

SUNRISE & SUNSET BLISS MEDITATIONS ~Dance in bliss to powerful miracle mantra

…….and more


What to Expect

A collective space to grow together in consciousness, explore lifestyle disciplines for generating greater awareness, exercises conducted to clear body, mind and aura, while activating  chakras to connect with higher self.

Including, a powerful yoke is created through our group formation by those who are committed to the process generated inside this program which provides a psychic force of protection for each individual and their layers of aura, form and subtle bodies. This psychic shield is formed through the like-minded nature of those who resonate in the pursuit of spiritual understanding, virtuous character development, sharing of insights and spiritual seeking while developing quality of group tone.  No matter if one is on another continent or hemisphere, the group container protects at all times and sustains beyond what is possible as a single individual traversing life experiences alone. It is a blessing to be a part of this type of formation and group container.

Through our regular group gatherings, we pull awareness out of thought processes, out of emotional processes, out of bodily processes and step into the pinnacle of awareness that is possible in this type of container. Through stabilizing this state of awareness in our group gatherings, we create an intensity that brings great clarity into our daily thinking and decision-making, powerful will-power that is persistent in the right direction for our greatest benefit as one naturally transcends the lower nature and its tendencies.

In this special group encounter one becomes very sensitive to subtle energies. There is a natural initiation that is occurring during our exchanges and meditations, which brings a certain kind of sensitivity with a strength that is able to handle a variety of life experiences while protecting against absorbing disturbing or negative energies. This stabilizing effect helps to nurture the sensitivity that naturally grows with psychic awareness evolving out of spiritual practices for gaining greater enlightenment and powerful cognitions.

Powerful ancient tools are imparted to operate in a more productive, healthy way in a purely experiential process towards real, lasting transformation. 



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Monthly Online Group Gathering



Class Booklet

An overview of all subjects listed above and shared in our online group discussions


Mini-Sessions with Kashi

A half-hour session to answer questions, address relationship or life challenges or a brief shared meditation for relaxation.