Breaking the Egg

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Introduction to:

PRANAYAMA ~ Breathing practices to clear emotional body and nervous system

PANCHA KRIYA ~ Daily purification rituals to stabilize and foster mental clarity and clear aura

ASANAS / YOGA POSTURES ~ Increase physical agility while facilitating deeper breathing

BRAHMA MURTA ~ Aligning rhythmically with cosmic forces for greater ease in daily practices

MANTRA CHANTING ~ Sanskrit texts for activation of subtle powers and deity participation

PUJA WORSHIP ~ Imbibing spiritual cosmic forces in sacred space

NIRAHARA SAMYAMA ~ Fasting with specific guidelines for improving bodily functions

SATSANG –  Discussions of sacred texts for mental and spiritual edification

POWER MANIFESTATION ~ Activation of personal willpower for right cognition

AYURVEDIC SACRED LIFESTYLE SCIENCE ~ the six systems of Hindu philosophy

FOUR SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES ~ Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching

SUNRISE & SUNSET BLISS MEDITATIONS ~Dance in bliss to powerful miracle mantra

…….and more



A collective space to grow together in consciousness, practice lifestyle disciplines for generating greater awareness, clear body, mind and aura, heal from emotional trauma and refine the mind and its purpose while activating  higher chakras to connect with higher self.

“Breaking the Egg” because if we are allowing life to break our egg from the outside, we are living a life in constant destruction, thwarting our ability to thrive. If we are breaking the egg from the inside, life is expanding, growing, evolving.

In this class, we address our emotional aura while using powerful ancient tools, we re-condition our mind and body to operate in a more productive, healthy way outside of a logical, mental process. This group gathering is purely experiential towards real, lasting transformation. 


Monthly Fee

Your gesture of payment creates a subtle, subconscious decision that causes you to commit to a process while keeping you in the flow of a transformational current created by this special group.  

Unique exercises and pdf booklets are imparted with information relative to how we are growing as a collective and offers the exact type of insights and tools for our process and evolution, as needed.

Please transact the monthly fee of $50 for this weekly class to indicate your commitment and dedication to your process. Once notification is received, an email will be sent to you verifying your enrollment and details on how to prepare for attending our online class.

Days and Times:            

Saturdays: 8:30 am / Pacific Time

Be sure to add to your email address book so that you do not miss important communication regarding our gatherings.


Time and date conversion



All participants must engage in a ten-day, three-part, written essay exchange in preparation for course. Three email exchanges take place prior to the start of course addressing emotional issues concerning love, trauma, blocks and limitations, health issues and primary relationships. This essential first step initiates a process of completion, an ancient, spiritual emotional clearing and healing practice that is systematically conducted throughout the entire SDU program. All exchanges must be completed before entry into course.